Loot: July 2013

A little late for July loot? Never!
Actually, I’d have had my entire loot a tad earlier were it not for shipping problems with a little shiromuku…
But let’s see what was in store for July. Here’s everything:
loot 1
Snow Miku 2013, Kirito pinched rubber strap, and figma Asuna.

Now is not a good time for me to be spending a lot of money, so I’m just trying to wrap up my preorders. For this reason, my loots have been staying small. It hurts passing up preorders, but this will only strengthen my self control for when I can buy figures regularly again. EL PSY CONGROO!

loot 2
First to arrive was Asuna who I’ve already reviewed
This is the face I display her with XD

loot 4
Also in my order with Asuna was another Kirito strap!
I’d been seeing these pinched straps for a while now, and liked them, but most of the characters I wanted didn’t look quite right. The pinched idea is awesome, but sometimes the characters just look like blobs with heads(depends on what they’re wearing), so I didn’t get any. But when the SAO ones came out, they actually looked pretty good, and I(or course) got Kirito. I like how disheartened he looks. And it’s good to see that the final product looks exactly as advertised.

loot 3
Last(she only arrived toady) is my little shiromuku princess: Miku! From the time she was revealed, I liked this Miku, but because that’s the case with a lot of nendoroids I can live without and I’ve never wanted a Snow Miku before, I never considered getting her. But one day when she was mentioned in an article on MFC, I went back to look at Miku and realized that I really like her. I began to pursue Miku at this point, but since the orders were long closed, it was nothing serious. Yet my searching unintentionally paid off when a MFC group order that had an extra Miku turned up. I snatched her up before you could say “Ichigo Shiromuku”, and after a delay and GSC’s shipping debacle(mine luckily did not get caught up in it), she is safe in my hands. I definitely bought her in a moment of weakness, but was it worth it? I’m not sure yet, but I’m working on a review(nendo reviews are hard O_O’) and her photo shoot is tomorrow, so we’ll see!

That’s all for July! Did you all get any of these things, or do you have something awesome from your own loot that you’d like to share?


3 thoughts on “Loot: July 2013

  1. I quite like this design for Miku, when will the review be up? Oh, and if you can, could you on holy angel kamineko and maybe Aya Shameimaru?


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