Figma News Fridays 8/23/13

Is it really already the 23rd? Where has this month gone? O_O This was a decent week for figma news. We have releases, magazine scans, and an update on a figma that is already up for order. So let’s get started!


Amy Appears in Scans
amy thursday
After being showcased at Wonderfestival fully painted and with a glider, Amy now has a full set of accessories to show off. I have not yet seen Suisei no Gargantia, but Amy looks very cute, and appears remarkably tanner than we last saw her.
Right now, Amy is scheduled for January 2014, and preorders shouldn’t be far away.

figma archetype _Next:she Appears in Scans
she thursday
In celebration of the recent innovations in figma articulation, Max Factory is releasing an updated set of figma Archetypes(this time clear like the originals). For now, the focus is more on She than He, but her articulation sure is great! I’m excited to finally be able to do crawling poses!

Racing Miku 2013 Accessories Revealed
As usual, this years Racing Miku went up for preorder on the day of summer Wonderfestival. Preorders last until September 11th, but eager purchasers have not known exactly what composes this pricey elusive figma package…until now! Check out just what you’ll be getting with this speedway diva!
With a cute face but mature body, this Miku is like a blend of Racing Miku 2011 and 2012!
I assume this is to announce what lap the race is on. And just look at that innocent smile!
What a colorful parasol *_*
Exciting pops of color adorn her outfit and the skirt looks like crystals.
A welcoming pose, and the blue insides of the gloves is so cool!

I love this year’s Racing Miku. But that really isn’t a surprise since I always like Racing Miku…
Orders will be open on Goodsmile Racing’s Online shop for a while longer, and as much as I’d like to order her, it’s looking grim for me. One day, Miku. One day.


Akane Isshiki Released
akane preview page

Kyoko Sakura Casual ver. Released
kyoko casual preview page
Waah! The payment request for her is sitting in my inbox O_O’

That’s all for this week! What are you all excited about? Amy’s full reveal? Archetype She’s astounding articulation? Racing Miku? Or either of the two cuties released?


7 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 8/23/13

  1. I will order figma racing Miku 2013, just waiting for the the calendar to turn to September because credit card cutoff is until 30th here.


  2. What figures are you going to review next? I really like Racing Miku 2013.

    I’m worried about Amy’s articulation because of the thing around her neck.


    • Because of a request, I’ll be getting started on figma Black Rock Shooter game ver’s review, and I also have a nendoroid on the way. ^^

      Hmmm I didn’t think of that. Well, there are shoulder cut-outs, and it’s made of soft PVC. Maybe that’ll help?


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