Review: figma Asuna

Time for another figma review! This time it’s on someone newer– figma Asuna by Max Factory.

Known for her speed with the rapier, Asuna is the a high ranking member of the Knights of the Blood guild and one of the top players in Sword Art Online who is devoted to clearing the game thus freeing those trapped in it. Having researched many flavor combinations within Sword Art Online’s database, Asuna is also a master cook, and because of her sandwiches, personality, Asuna and Kirito eventually marry within the game and date in real life.

I’ve mentioned before that SAO disappointed me in several aspects(see my nendoroid Kirito review for a little more on that) with one of these being it’s tendency to tell rather than show. Often details that would help the viewer become attached to characters or better immerse themselves in the world of SAO were left out which really lessened the impact of important events. Although I did not feel this way while watching SAO, looking back, I’d say that Asuna suffered from this a lot. As mentioned earlier, Asuna is a good cook. I have no problem with this, but what’s left when you take it away? She’s fast? Pretty?…She likes Kirito? Honestly, there are very few traits that compose Asuna’s character, and looking back, she feels like less of a truly interesting character and more like a perfect wife designed for Kirito. Although there were instances that began to define Asuna(when she fought recklessly because she felt her life was being stolen and her argument with Kirito over whether or not sacrificing NPCs is ok), I don’t think there were enough of them to really make me want to care about her. I do like Asuna and think she and Kirito are a nice couple, but wish that the show gave me a genuine reason to feel that way. Sometimes I wish I could go over SAO episode by episode just to point out what bothered me.

Now on to the figure!

asuna box
Like Kirito’s, Asuna’s box bears a cyber theme, but it is reddish orange and white to match Asuna’s color scheme.

asuna front
Asuna is wearing her Knights of the Blood, uniform which is her attire for the majority of the anime.

asuna side
With a flowing coat of sorts and a medieval cross motif, this outfit is quite regal actually. And it conveniently compliments her hair! Can’t go wrong with that.

asuna back
The knightly uniform aids in contrasting Asuna’s position of an admired team player to that of Kirito who is seen as a solo cheater. If Asuna is a knight, then Kirito is a highwayman.

stand connector
Because she has long hair, Asuna comes with a connecting piece to make fitting the stand into her back easier.

Looking up close, we can get a good look at Asuna’s flowing hair. Although Asuna’s hair is often interpreted as orange, it is actually chestnut brown which the figure did it’s best to show.

From the side, Asuna’s signature braid can be seen, and I can’t help but notice how smooth the sculpt is. The paint job too!
Asuna also has some extra soft PVC in her hair. Normally the only soft PVC is on the hair that flows in front of the face, but in Asuna’s case, both her scalp with the braids attached and the side strands of back hair are soft PVC.

Asuna’s braid is fitted with a joint that allows her hair to rise up and down. For figmas with hair of this length, the joint is usually nonexistent or paired with another joint which splits the hair in two(Princess of the Crystal has this), so I was happy to see Asuna’s joint so well hidden and logically placed. It shows that the sculptor took Asuna’s design into consideration!

Asuna’s top possesses many lovely details. Crisp white only serves to emphasize delicate scarlet lines, and her chest is covered by a shiny metallic plate. The lines are not perfect as there are places where it can be seen that the brush was refreshed, but they still look quite good. And just look at how finely the metallic edge on her belt is painted!

The armbands are made of soft PVC which allows Asuna to do things like raise her arm. But if Asuna’s arm does not go up all the way, do not force it. Figma shoulder joints often twist around in the socket, so make sure the joint is facing the right way before pushing her arm upward.

arm bands
The armbands also feature metallic gold paint which really brings the detail to life. And I love the feminine effect that the lace on Asuna’s shoulder and hand adds.

The soft PVC band continues to the back where we can see the figma stand hole.

Farther down is Asuna’s pleated mini skirt. The color is somewhere between orange and red. Sometimes I decide that it’s red, and others, I’m positive it’s orange.
One thing interesting about this skirt is that it’s not layered. The majority of figma skirts are split along the sides or back to allow for better leg movement, and to make this split not so obvious, either the top or bottom layer extends beyond the split. Strangely, Asuna’s skirt is without this which means that with just one move of the leg…

skirt side
You can see her underwear! I suppose they thought the coat would cover this, but even Kyoko Sakura, who has a similar outfit, utilizes the skirt split. In fact, Asuna’s underwear are all around very easy to see.

Just by looking under her coat, Asuna’s underwear are easily spotted. This skirt is too short…
And in case anyone was wondering, her underwear have a bow on the front which makes them show accurate. …Yay?

Moving on,
hand covers
The “hand covers” are made of soft PVC and are actually a separate part from the arm. This means that every time you remove Asuna’s hands, you are at risk of losing them. I make sure to leave them inside during outdoor shoots with Asuna. And although they are tight at first, I noticed that the covers eventually begun to loosen and spin around on her wrists.

Two pieces overlap to create Asuna’s flowing “coat”. They are sculpted with a windblown effect.

coat joints
The pieces are jointed which allows you to give Asuna more dynamic poses.

Last is Asuna’s white boots.

boot fronts
Painting is decent, but I can’t help but notice the rough seam line. Such a noticeable leg seam is uncommon on a figma.

boot side
From the side, the crosses can be better seen.

boot covers
The foot of the boot is pure white, but has some sculpted lines. The ankle guards are soft PVC which gives her some ankle movement.

boot back
Sadly Asuna lost her heels. Figmas usually have flat shoes, but it is unfortunate that this happened to Asuna since without the heel, her shoes resemble something you’d seen in a hospital.

Now that we’ve seen Asuna, let’s look at what she comes with.
First are the obligatory figma accessories.

Three faces:
asuna faces
Default, angry, and pouting

I like the default face. It shows Asuna as sweet and kind. I also like the pouting face because it gives her some personality and allows for interaction with Kirito. But because I cannot convince myself to like gritted teeth on a figure, the angry face is my least favorite.

She also has five pairs of hands:
asuna hands
relaxed, open, fists, jointless for holding her sword, and gripping to hold whatever you can think of

Now let’s move on to what makes figmas really fun: character specific accessories!

First is Asuna’s sword: Silveric Rapier

first sword
Silveric Rapier has a greyish purple sheath.
This sword was Asuna’s starting sword in the game.

first sword handle
The hilt is metallic with matte grey details. The handle itself is hard PVC, but since it’s not attached to the rest of the hilt, the handle can easily be slid into Asuna’s open hand.

But a sword hilt needs to be worn somehow, so just how is it attached to Asuna’s body?
sword hole
That’s what this little hole is for!
Simply slide the white round area on the back of the hilt into the soft PVC of Asuna’s clothing, and the sword is attached!

sword in sword hole
The sword slides in easily, and is secure. I do wonder about it over time though.
Also, when pulling the sword out, be sure not to scratch the paint near the hole. It can come off!

Silveric Rapier is constructed well, but it’s honestly not a very pretty sword, and I don’t even remember seeing it in the anime(and if it was her starter, she wouldn’t have had this outfit). I’d have easily traded in this accessory for something more useful or relevant to Asuna like a picnic basket, sandwich, menu, health bar, or potion.

The next accessory is a sword Asuna’s better known for.
second sword
Lambient Light!

second sword close
Lambient Light was forged by Asuna’s good friend, Lisbeth the blacksmith.

second sword handle
A close up shows that Lambient Light is a much prettier sword and makes a great figure accessory.
There are four different shades of blue in use just on the hilt!

To make things better, Lambient Light is housed in a lovely cherry red hilt.
The hilt even has shiny metallic adornments on the top and bottom.

Asuna’s final accessory is an effect part.

sword effects on
Because she uses a rapier, Asuna’s sword skills involve piercing the opponent multiple times, and once slid onto the sword, the effect duplicates this action quite well. My only issue is that because this is not the typical slashing motion, how Asuna is posed is very important to make the scene look convincing. So if, like me, you are not good with action poses, this could be a problem for you.

Sadly, this is the last of Asuna’s accessories. They’re fine, but nothing exceptional. I feel that the figma lacks a lot of the things that are reminiscent of SAO. I almost forgot that Asuna is supposed to be in a game.

But let’s put that aside for a moment, and take Asuna outside for some pictures!

frolic 1
Some generic warm up images.

frolic 2
Will you take her hand?

hand holding
Oh, never mind. Kirito has it.

Lovely couple.

You want food, don’t you?
Kirito, you need to work for your meal!

Giant leaves, or tiny Asuna? You decide!


White background is back!

But it was cloudy outside, so white background didn’t work as well this time…

happy couple
Happy couple.
Now that I see them together, Kirito’s face sculpt does look off.

you said I wasn't heavy
You said I wasn’t heavy.

Don’t argue with the Asuna

Final Words
As far as execution and quality, Asuna is great. Her paint work is both smooth and clean, and she poses well. Asuna also pairs well with Kirito, but I feel this could have been improved on. More fun accessories to promote interaction between the two would really take Asuna to the next level. But I do think she’d make a nice figma for a beginner or someone who just wants a cute knight. Hopefully I can have more fun with her in comics!


11 thoughts on “Review: figma Asuna

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  4. Asuna is a nice figma, lots of cool little details in her outfit. Max Factory always does such a good job even though figmas are relative small. Glad I bought her.

    The indoor shots look nice, you should do more of them.


  5. hello, may i ask a few questions please?

    does your asuna have a flimsy upper half?

    the soft things on her shoulders, are they starting to tear around the upper breast area where they connect?

    thanks, i hope to hear good news 🙂 i would like to get her for myself but i had some concerns.


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