Package from Littlebearries

Everyone is out enjoying an afternoon on the porch

Tamaki: *Yawn* Nothing feels better after so many rainy days than the warm sun on my ears. It’s like a kiss from heaven~
Kagura: Isn’t it nice to be outside, Kazuto?
Me: Hey you guys! I’ve got something for you!

Tamaki: Ah~ Today is truly a wonderful day! After a long absence, the Large One has finally realized our importance, and has come to shower us with gifts!
Kagura: So this is what love feels like!

Me: Actually, this isn’t from me. Littlebearries sent it!
Tamaki: I understand…
Kagura: And to think we though the Large One cared about us!
Me: Just be grateful and open it!

Kagura: Kazuto gets to open it for us! He’s so good with blades!
Tamaki: This isn’t right.

Kagura: All right, Kazuto! Now let’s see what’s inside~

Kagura: *HRRRF* This is heavy!
Tamaki made sure to read the card first. At least someone still has manners

Me: How cute! It’s a tea set that’s the perfect size!
Tamaki: AH! Thank goodness! No more eating ice cream with Kagura.
Kagura: Hey! You told me you liked our daily ice cream parties!
Tamaki: *mrrrmmf*

Kagura: And look Kazuto, here’s someone for you to play with!

Tamaki: Tea~ tea~ tea~
Me: I know you’re happy about that tea set, Tamaki, but don’t you guys want to open the rest of the package?
Kagura: There’s more?

Me: Of course! Here’s a little bag of goodies!
Tamaki: Ooh~
Kagura: What a cute bag!

Tamaki: And look! There’s even a special sticker! Is that Carrot?
Kagura: Large One, we’ve got to get some of these!
Me: Don’t I see you two enough?

Kagura: *wriggle wriggle*
Tamaki: If you get stuck, I’m leaving you there.

Kagura: A puppy! She would be perfect for Kazuto!
Tamaki: A dog! My arch enemy!

Kagura: See, Kazuto? It’s a Chihuahua, I think we should call her Jeff.
Kazuto: Cassie!
Tamaki: I have to agree, Cassie is a better name.

Me: Let’s move on.

Kagura: *gasp* Are these what I think they are?!
Me: Yep, a pair of shoes for the winter! I picked them out for you actually…

Kagura: AH! It’s a perfect fit! I’ll have to make an outfit to go with these!
Me: They look good on you!

Tamaki: But Large One, does Tamaki get a special gift?

Me: Of course, Tamaki. That’s what these are for!
Kagura: Hair bands?

Me: Yep. Tamaki’s hair has been getting messed up, so we’re going to untie and fix it with these new hair bands.

Tamaki: But, Large One, you can’t do that! To soil a maiden’s hair is to lessen her dignity!

Tamaki: I refuse to be treated with such disrespect!
Me: I had a feeling you’d say that.

Me: Hold her down, Kagura!
Kagura: Roger!
Tamaki: EH?!

Tamaki: Somebody help me!
Me: All right, everyone, now what do we say?
Kagura: Thank you, Littlebearries!
Tamaki: Shouldn’t this have ended with a cute photo of us drinking tea?!

Thank you so much! I love everything and wasn’t expecting such a cute care package! >///<

How Tamaki wanted this story to end


2 thoughts on “Package from Littlebearries

  1. Haha! I’m so glad everyone liked everything!!
    There will be another package soon 🙂 I am going to go through fabric this weekend!

    Poor Tamaki, her hair will be defiled… alas! XD
    (and, that *IS* Carrot on that sticker!! I order my stickers from … if you wait, they have sales and you can get stickers pretty cheaply)


    • And you hit the nail on the head with that Chihuahua!
      I lo– *cough* I mean Kazuto loves Chihuahuas!
      Th-thank you so much. That should help me get back to me sewing XD. I was working on a dress for Kagura, but haven’t touched it in a while since the pattern wants me to do a bunch of gathering. Bleh it’s such a pain with tiny clothing =_=’

      I already untied the hair, and she’s only rooted on the top and bottom of her head. The rest is bald. Poor Tamaki!
      Must not buy Sunny stickers.


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