Review: figma Mami Tomoe

And now for another older figma~ Let’s look at figma Mami Tomoe by Max Factory!

Mami Tomoe comes from the genre-shattering magical girl anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. After saving Madoka and Sayaka from a witch’s deadly labyrinth, Mami becomes the girls’ mentor in the admirable yet dangerous world of fighting witches as a magical girl. Mami is a year older than the other girls which combined with her hospitality and grace, makes Mami perfect for her role. Sadly, her time in the anime is short for reasons I will leave out for the sake of spoilers. And as the show progresses, we also learn that although powerful, Mami proves to be unstable when faced with the truth.

I’ve never had a favorite Puella Magi. In fact, my feelings always drift from one to another, and reviewing the girls reminds me of just what I like about each of them. What I like about Mami is her class. She looks very sensible, and is always calm and collected(never mind episode 10). She gives off the ojou sama vibe while still appearing warm and approachable. And I really think that Mami was the perfect character to swing the show into motion.

mami box
Mami’s image color is yellow, so her box is bright yellow to match! It’s also covered in magical swirls and stars and is red on the inside. As with most figmas, the red backing contains a Di;stage punch out that can be used when displaying Mami.

Mami’s costume is unique for its having clearly been inspired by the old west.

Her outfit incorporates elements of both a classic cowboy and a saloon girl which creates a tough yet feminine appearance.

Please excuse the crooked pictures…

I really do love the western influence in her costume. It’s a great change of pace since most magical girl outfits are either frilly and pink or based on sailor uniforms.

Moving in closer, we see Mami’s lovely yellow bangs which frame her face.

And on the side of her head is a small gold hair clip along with her signature swirly pig tails. The clip is painted a metallic gold, and I feel that it’s size adds a pinch of charm to Mami’s hair without clashing with the larger pin on her hat.

And let’s not forget those drills! As with most figma hairstyles like this, the hair is jointed. But movement is limited since because a figma joint would be too large, each pigtail uses a small ball joint instead. This joint is rather fragile, so care should be taken when moving them.

The back of her head which has a sculpted part.

Of course the jewel of Mami’s head is her hat which bears her soul gem.
The hat is a plum purple and has a fluffy white feather coming from it. The seams are obvious up close, but not so much when viewed from far away.
Her orange soul gem is encased in a gold flower, and both are painted with metallic paint. Rather than paint, a transparent orange soul gem would have been a nice touch, but I suppose that’s a detail to be expected on a scaled figure, so a painted soul gem is fine.

The front of Mami’s costume has many details to admire.
First is the cheery yellow ribbon which is able to be unraveled and aide Mami while she fights. There is also a fine yellow line which runs down her bust and into a brown corset which accentuates her waist. Notice how well the yellow lines and corset details are painted!

Breaking from Mami’s puffy sleeves are detached sleeves and fingerless gloves. Painting on the gloves is a tad messier than I’ve seen on other figmas with similar gloves. The detached sleeves have creases sculpted into them.

Here we can see the hole for Mami’s stand. My Mami also has a rough spot on her back.

The skirt has a lovely flow to it’s sculpt, and is made of soft PVC to maximize movement.
The colors remind me of chocolate and banana~
The brown hem is painted decently also.

Not just the material, but the sculpt of the skirt improves pose ability. With it, Mami is able to have a decent amount of leg movement. Not enough to sit, but better than if the skirt had been hard PVC.

At Mami’s waist is a white bow. The bow’s rope like texture adds to her rustic theme. It is made of hard PVC, so be careful not to break it off!

The ribbed thigh high socks play into the saloon girl influence and add texture to the outfit.

Yet the shoes are more like cowboy boots! More of that delicious banana and chocolate coloring~

White and yellow details in the side.

Now let’s check out some of what makes Mami shine. Her accessories! First are the figma necessities.

Three faces
Mami faces
standard, winking, and psycho

I really love Mami’s droopy eyes, and I think that her gentleness is well represented with the first face while her charm(especially when fighting) comes out with the second. The third is a must for recreating pivotal Mami scenes, so I’m glad it was included.

Next is five pairs of hands
mami hands
open, fists, trigger, for holding a gun, and gripping hands to hold whatever you can think of!

Now for Mami’s character specific accessories.
mami and gun
First is her weapons!

Mami fights with an endless supply of pearly white muskets. And since infinite muskets cannot be included with the figma, we get six which is still a good amount!

Since each musket is the same, I’ll pull one from the bunch.
gun close 1
They feature a molded handle and orange details.

gun close 2
The barrel has a black and white vine like design.

gun close 3
And there are more molded designs at the tip.

Anyone who has seen Mami fight would be familiar with the image of her surrounded by unused muskets. To help us create that, clear stands for the muskets are provided.

gun holder
Each gun slips easily into the holder.

gun held
Once placed in the holder, they are able to stand up by themselves. But most likely because of their height, the guns are not very stable on slanted or textured surfaces, so you do have to be aware of where you place them.

Next is a separate soul gem since the other one is attached to Mami’s hat.

hat and pin
To insert this pin, you first need to remove Mami’s hat and other soul gem. Her hat is easy to remove, and I have no fear of breaking it.

hairpin side
All you need to do then is plug in the new gem to give Mami her new look!

hairpin side
It’s clear that the separate soul gem was included to recreate the scenes where Mami removes her hat while fighting. The problem is that with a soul gem on her hat and on her head, Mami would then have two soul gems which isn’t possible.

Mami’s final accessory is none other than her best friend forever the Dessert Witch, Charlotte!

charlotte 1
Why did you have to be so cute, Charlotte?

charlotte 2
All of Charlotte’s details from her colored cheeks to spotted head are present.

charlotte 3
And on her dynamically sculpted cape is a little surprise~
Charlotte comes with her very own stand and has moveable arms as well as a slightly moveable head.

Although it is unfortunate that Charlotte’s second form was not part of the package, considering the sixe it would need to be to be accurate, I understand why it did not come with Mami. The same can be said for Tiro Finale.

Now that we’ve seen Mami, let’s take her out for some pictures!

The good thing about reviewing older figmas is that I already have some pictures!


tea with mami
Tea with Mami

witch hunting 2
Witch Hunting~
This is from my Mami Tomoe Uniform ver Review. Making use of uniform Mami’s faces gives Mami even more playability. I feel that Mami’s faces are sufficient, but having uniform Mami as well is really the icing on the cake.

witch hunting wee

kyubey sit mami
Uniform Mami can also use faces from magical Mami!

But having Mami pictures already on hand isn’t an excuse to not take more! Having so many figmas around, it does certainly feel like a lot of the older ones get neglected, so I like going back and giving them new life with another photo shoot. After browsing a few reviews, I realized that I’ve neglected to utilize Mami’s muskets in any action shots. Action shots have never been my forte. Aside from not being able to create any convincing fighting poses, I often struggle with choosing a background since many of my plain backgrounds do not do justice to epic poses. I lack the materials to construct a super cool background, so ended up going with plain white. I placed Mami in front of a sheer curtain with some paper underneath, and lengthened the exposure while increasing the ISO to give me a super white image. Even is it is very plain, I’m just happy to be able to work with a set up like this and it will take every fiber of my being to resist recycling it for every review of a fighting character.

l m 1

l m 3

l m 4

l m 5

l m 6

l m 7

l m 8

l m 9
No Mami shoot is complete without the psycho face!

l m 10

l m 11
Mamis side by side! Here you can see differences in their hair colors.

l m 13
A cup of tea for Mami!

l m 14

l m 15
A black and white one for good measure!

l m 16
Fly Charlotte! Fly!

Final Thoughts
Going back to play with Mami made me notice something that I’d failed to notice previously– she has a lot of personality! With a unique and well-executed outfit, Mami certainly looks different than the average figma, and her well-chosen faces add to that. Mami is a must-have for Puella Magi collectors, but I think she would work well on her own as well, and wouldn’t be a bad figma for someone new to pick up. And if you do have Mami, getting her uniform version as well isn’t a bad idea. Having more faces along with a tea cup is wonderful!


17 thoughts on “Review: figma Mami Tomoe

  1. I really love all your reviews! Just a question, I’ve only recently started collecting figures seriously (and by recently, I mean like 2 weeks ago) and I received my first figma which is Levi, who also has a Di;stage punchout. What is it for, and how is it used? I would appreciate some posts that would possibly illustrate this. Thanks in advance! 😀


  2. I recently got this figma, and when I took her out of the box I noticed she has two identical hands. They’re both left trigger hands. I emailed Good Smile Company about it and they said they couldn’t help because they don’t have any extra parts. What do you think I should do? Thanks!


  3. >Got both Mamis on the mail today! God she´s gorgeous! They came with Magical versions of Kyoko and Madoka; I was really impressed with the latter, it is very well engineered figure. Now I´m a Sayaka and Godoka away of completing Figma PMMM lineup. Please write a review on Magical Madoka. Your review are so minute and fun, I love reading them!


    • Awesome! Glad you like your Mami duo~ I had a lot of fun photographing her compared to some of the other girls.
      Thank you! I’m happy that you enjoy my reviews! >///<
      Alrighty~ I'll add magical Madoka to my list. But it does take me forever to do things once fall/winter hits, so even if it does take a while to get to Madoka, just know that I haven't forgotten ^^'


  4. Aaaaaargh… I didn’t even think about the fact that school outfit Madoka girls might have different faces than Magical outfit Madoka girls, bah… ball dropped on my end.


  5. I thought you had already reviewed her! Anyway, those Mami on White photos are inspiring – that’s all foreground-lit, right? It’s good to know you don’t need some lightbox setup to get that nice a shot.

    I always thought her outfit was a bierhaus frau/Black Forest maiden costume but I can also see the cowboy Western influence you point out.

    Anyway, thanks for this review. I only have school uniform Mami but I have to say I love her magical girl look.


    • It’s background lit actually. Mami is in front of a sheer curtain that has light shining through it. I also have some paper facing her to reflect come light back on to her face. I’ve tried doing this a couple of times, but figured out for this review that I can only get results like this early in the day when there’s a lot of light shining through the window. The only editing was to remove the white colorcast since Mami was pretty whited out. If you’d like to see the closest to how the images look raw, the picture of both Mamis was only slightly edited. Oh, and you will need some kind of manual camera settings for this!

      I didn’t even notice the Western influence, until I read about the designs on the Pulla Magi wiki ^^’

      No problem! I had a ton of fun reviewing them both! ^^


      • Daylight through a curtain? (*takes notes*) … that makes more sense, I read it really wrong and thought the light was in front but was intense enough to bounce back off the white background onto Mami. Anyway, it looks good! (My camera isn’t SLR but it has some exposure/ISO/depth of field settings, I play around in post-editing a lot anyway. Someday if I get serious about photos, I’d love to have an SLR.)


        • Yeah, SLRs are great but, definitely for if you’re into photography. I’ve known people who spend hundreds to get one so they can take pictures of their kids on automatic. I’m like WHY?! I guess that’s a pet peeve of mine XD
          But once you reach the level that you’re ready to upgrade, it’s so amazing!


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