Kagura’s Secret

And now the thrilling conclusion to last time’s story. Yes, “thrilling.”
s 1
Tamaki: Sigh~ It’s been over a week now since I heard Kagura’s cry from outside.

s 2
Tamaki: But when I came to help, she only became angry. Ever since then, Kagura has been acting differently. She spends most of her time alone in her room–she even eats there. I think she’s been eating more than usual too.
I know she said not to, but…

s 3
Tamaki: Master, let’s go check on Kagura!

s 4
Tamaki: Er, K-Kagura? You don’t seem like your usual self, is everything ok?
Kagura: Eh?! Oh, I’m fine! It’s nothing!

s 5
Tamaki: Are you sure? I’m worried that something might have happened to you. Please tell me what’s wrong!
Kagura: I’m FINE! I told you already…just leave me alone.

s 6
Tamaki: Understood. If those are your wishes, my Master and I have no choice but to honor them. But please, just tell me this one thing.

s 7
Tamaki: What’s with that lump you’re sitting on?

s 8
Kagura: L-lump? I don’t know what you’re t-talking about! There isn’t any lump! You must be crazy!
Tamaki: You’d have to be crazy not to see it. That lump rises above your blankets and propels you into the air as a majestic mountain does to a humble goat.

s 9
Kagura: What on earth is that supposed to mean?! Didn’t I tell you to g-go away already?

s 10
Kagura: ACK!

s 11
Tamaki: Score! I’d expect nothing less from my cunning Master. Now let’s see what’s under this blanket~
Kagura: NO! Don’t! You’ll scare hi–

s 12
???: Goo!

s 13
Tamaki: AAAGH! What is this freakishly deformed creature you’re hiding?!
Kagura: It’s a baby…

s 14
Tamaki: Gosh, Kagura! I knew you loved that pillow, but didn’t think you loved it that much!
Kagura: Oh quit it! That baby followed me home the day I went to see what was in that package. I thought the box was empty, but he must have been what was in it.
Tamaki: Then shouldn’t the figmas have claimed him?
Kagura: Of course not. He’s clearly not a figma. In fact, I’ve never seen anything like him around here before.

s 15
Tamaki: Well, then did he have any form of identification?
Kagura: All I found attached to him was this.

s 16
Kagura: That’s why I’m thinking of calling him Jeff.
Tamaki: Wait, why not Kazu–oh never mind…

s 17
Tamaki: well, he can stay here tonight, but tomorrow morning we’re taking him downtown.

s 18
Kagura: Tamaki, no! You’ve got to let me keep him!
Tamaki: Kagura, all you do is eat ice cream and watch cartoons–you can barely take care of yourself! I wouldn’t trust you with a goldfish, how do you expect to raise a baby?
Kagura: No! I’ll take good care of him! You wouldn’t take him away from me, would you–

s 19
Kagura: Big sister Tamaki?

s 20
Tamaki: Big S-sister?

s 21
Tamaki: Well, what kind of big sister would I be if I did?
Kagura: Yippee!

And that’s how Kazuto came to live in the house


7 thoughts on “Kagura’s Secret

  1. Hahahahaha, Sparkle Magic Transfer!!!! Kagura has mad skills!

    And… haha, she’ll call him “Jeff”
    Very nice.
    It will be interesting to see how she goes about caring for a baby.


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