FNF: Summer Wonderfestival 2013 Edition

Gather around my friends, and let Usagi impart some of her age old wisdom. Even if you are busy, tired, or just not in the mood, always watch your anime. Does nothing appeal to you? Do you have other things to watch? Do you just need a break? None of that matters because you need to watch your anime. Why is this so important, you may ask? Because if not, what many call the best Wonderfest ever will be nothing to you. Nothing but unfamiliar faces.

As I mentioned in my wishlist, I have neglected to watch anime for about two seasons. I didn’t think this mattered since I could always watch new shows later, but it did because much to my horror, when Wonderfestival began, I had no idea who anyone was. And for the first time, I can say that there’s almost nothing new that I want. Although disappointing, I suppose it’s all the better for my wallet.

With that out of the way, let’s look at what you all came here for: new figmas! And in terms of volume, Wonfes never fails to impress. Figma News Fridays is a little Friday tradition, but to celebrate this massive showcase, FNF is leaving it’s usual spot to show everybody what’s new. This bunch of figma goodness includes everything from new sculpts, announcements, and painted debuts for many. And although I sadly know little about many of the characters figmatized this time around, I’ll do my best with my commentary. So let’s get started!

uno uzume
Series:Fantasista Doll
Character: Uno Uzume
With a head of bright shiny hair and an equally unique uniform, Uno stays within the figma comfort zone while keeping things fresh. She looks fairly exciting!

girls und panzer
Series: Girls Und Panzer
Characters: Hana Isuzu, Saori Takebe, Mako Reizei, and Miho Nishizumi
takebe saori

reizei mako

nishizumi miho 2
nishizumi miho

isuzu hana

girls und panzer 2
Miho was part o the Wonderfestival teasers, but what was really revealed at the event was not one, but four panzer girls. It’s a whole tank full of them! Since all of the girls are in the same outfit, I’m curious to see what accessories they get.
And sadly there is currently no word about the tank being for sale. I’m doubtful that it will ever be since the tank would be difficult to manufacture, but I suppose there’s always hope!

shimakaze figma
Series: Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~
Character: Shimakaze
Kantai Collection had a slew of figure announcements. Based on my quick internet research, the series appears to be a game about girls who are based off of battle ships. It sounds like pure fanservice to me(an assumption that is only supported by Miss Kaze’s obvious undergarments), but the design is refreshing, so I’ll be at least interested to see her completed. Her striped socks actually remind me of that Mana Miyuki figma that never saw the light of day.

Series: Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb
Character: Sae
Like the other Hidamari girls, Sae is cute, colorful, and has cute proportions reminiscent of Lucky Star. And with those glasses, she has a nice Yuki Nagato vibe!
But with the way the Hidamari figma line is going, her accessories will most likely consist of something generic like shoes.

racing miku 2013
Series: Goodsmile Racing
Character: Racing Miku 2013
As has become the trend, the new Racing Miku that was announced at Winter Wonderfest was shown off completed in the summer. Although I do miss 2010’s cute pit crew(words I never thought I’d use together) design, I don’t dislike the space princess vibe that has gone on for the last few years.
The figma itself looks quite nice(with the exception of those awkward pigtail joints) and makes Miku look mature as always. Although the cute stubby look of Racing Miku 2012 remains my favorite, this is one of the few figmas from the event that I’m looking into ordering!

Speaking of ordering, this Miku has already gone up for order! As usual, she’s part of Goodsmile Racing’s sponsorship course. The courses can be ordered from GSR’s online shop and there are four to choose from!
miku c 1
Course A
Includes: figma Racing Miku 2013 Ver, Personal Sponsor Card, Ticket Holder, and Nendoroid Racing Miku 2013 Ver. Rubber Strap
Price: 7000 yen

miku c 2
Course B
Includes: figma “Racing Miku 2013 Ver.”, Personal Sponsor Card, Ticket Holder, Nendoroid Racing Miku 2013 Ver. Rubber Strap, and #4 Design Folding Parasol
Price: 10,000 yen

miku c 3
Course C
Includes: Racing Miku 2013 Ver.”, Personal Sponsor Card, Ticket Holder, Nendoroid Racing Miku 2013 Ver. Rubber Strap, and #4 Design Folding Parasol
, Large Racing Miku Sticker, GSR Original Backpack, GSR Original Director’s Chair
Price: 30,000 yen

miku c 4
Course D
Includes: Racing Miku 2013 Ver.”, Personal Sponsor Card, Ticket Holder, Nendoroid Racing Miku 2013 Ver. Rubber Strap, and #4 Design Folding Parasol
, Large Racing Miku Sticker, GSR Original Backpack, GSR Original Director’s Chair, GSR Original Military Jacket (M・L・XL・XXL)
Price: 50,000 yen

The preorder period lasts until September 11th(my birthday!), and payment is required upon ordering rather than before the release date. Miku will be available in January of 2014

If I’m able to order, I’ll be going for the Course A package for obvious reasons. The only thing holding me back is the upfront payment. Oh well, we’ll see.

Series: Ninja Slayer
Character: Ninja Slayer
How interesting! Yet another figma with an American origin! Ninja Slayer a series of novels about ninjas who slay…or slaying ninjas, I’m not sure. Still, everybody loves ninjas! Except the people who slay them…

marth 2
Series: Fire Emblem: Kakusei
Character: Marth
Marth is one of the figmas that was announced last year, but has not been seen again until now. Progress is painfully slow but at least they look good!

mikasa ackerman
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin
Character: Mikasa Ackerman
Yet another popular character who I’m ashamed to say I know nothing about. I do like her clothes though. Especially that tiny jacket.

eren jaeger
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin
Character: Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger. I hear he has moves…moves like Jaeger.
Yet another member of Team Tiny Jacket! I’m loving their weapons, and it’s great to see a figma boy!

Series: Shingeki no Kyojin
Character: Levi
And another male figma from Shingeki no Kyojin!

colossal titan 2
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin
Character: Colossal Titan
Did you think we were finished with Titan-tastic figmas? So that the Tiny Jacket Crew has something to beat the tar out of, we have none other than a Titan! Although he currently lacks joints(they used a 3D printer for the prototype), Mr. Titan is indeed a figma, and although I was honestly terrified of him at first, I’ve warmed up to this giant enough to say that he does look cool. Size is definitely something to question since even at 1/12 scale, this Titan would have to be huge, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

kisaragi chihaya
Series:iDOLM@STER 2, The Idolmaster (TV Animation)
Character: Chihaya Kisagari
Although Idolm@ster came about long before it’s popular mobile version, Cinderella Girls, this is it’s first figma! Not being a an of the series, I find her rather generic, so accessories are sure to make a difference.

indiana jones
Series: Indiana Jones
Character: Indiana Jones
Another surprise! I do wonder how Max Factory chooses their western characters to make into figmas.

honda futayo
honda futayo 2
Series: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
Character: Futayo Honda
Is it me or does Futayo’s sculpt not look much like a figma? She looks more like a Fraulein Revoltech to me.
Also those thighs are huge O_O’

figma plus
Series: Figma Plus
Gakkou 1

In a vague response to the nendoroid plus line, we now have figma plus. There’s not much information about it now, so all we have to go by is some desks and a school room background. If this really is all the set includes, I’ll gladly pass since I already have enough desks from the Hasegawa model kit. I’d much prefer an entire figma playset.

figma plus 2
Series: Figma Plus

The other entry in the new figma plus series is street themed. Street signs admittedly are not my first thought when it comes to figma display, but I’ll keep an eye on these at least.

Series: Black Rock Shooter: TV Anime
Character: Chariot
It’s at this point that words from my own wishlist post come back to haunt me. I joked, “This one is pretty much guaranteed. Figma Chariot was finally confirmed at Anime Expo, and now that Strength is up for preorder, there’s nothing to keep them from sculpting Chariot! …Except everything else for the event.“. Seems like I was right. Oh, of all the things to be right about! So, there’s no Chariot prototype, but the poster above confirms her. Good enough?

Series: Berserk
Character: Casca
The third Berserk character to be made into a figma. Casca is noticeably less muscular than his companions, but his armor is just as cool(and is that zettai ryouiki I see?!). I’m actually interested in how he’ll turn out!

archetype 2 she
Character: Figma Archetype 2 She
To celebrate figma #300 and show off the new joints, we have yet another Archetype figma. This one returns to the original clear plastic, and will most likely be a GSC shop exclusive.

archetype 2 he
Character: Figma Archetype 2 He
Although he sadly did not receive a glamour shot like is female counterpart, there will also be a second He archetype. I wonder if he’ll have as ample a chest as the flesh colored version.

Series: Fate/Stay Night
Character: Archer
Behold! Archer has risen from the ashes! This is his new sculpt, and he’s looking especially muscular. I’ll be looking forward to ordering him!

Series: Suisei no Gargantia
Character: Amy
I have no idea who she is, but I like Amy! She’s colorful and looks especially cheerful. I’m sure she’ll be up for order soon~

akane pallet suit
Series: Vividred Operation
Character: Akane Isshiki Pallet Suit ver.
I have to say that Akane’s Pallet Town Suit is much more exciting than her usual outfit. She looks like a marching band member with a Duel Disk. What fun!

And that’s Wonderfest this time around! It may have not been the most exciting event for me, but what about you guys? What are you excited about?


19 thoughts on “FNF: Summer Wonderfestival 2013 Edition

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  2. Oooooh! So many new Figma announced!!! Even if there aren’t many characters I want, but who cares xD I can’t wait anyway.

    Oh… And Casca is a girl 🙂


      • No problem 🙂

        I’m really hoping to see a Shu and Mana (Guilty Crown) figma someday or something at least more amazing than these. 😦 All of the latest ones are… I don’t know… Common? The accessories aren’t all that great.
        What do you think about it?


        • Shuu drove me crazy, but I liked Mana. She was crazy, but in a tragic way.
          I was really impressed by the Cinderella Girls exclusives, but yeah, there hasn’t been much I’ve wanted lately. It could just be because I’m trying to cut back though >_>


  3. Wow! I didn’t hear about most of these. Thanks for sharing!
    I’m very intersted in the figma plus thing. Too bad they played it so damg safe. I’llget the classroom set but only because I have such a hard time finding 1/12 scale accessories… I don’t even have figma that make semse to be in a classroom!
    … I want that tank…


    • No problem! A lot of these would slip past my radar, so I’m glad to write these posts XD

      Safe! That’s what it is! Max Factory has a division for R rated figures, but they’re being coy with figma accessories? What is this?! XD
      orz I could fill up a school with my uniform figmas… =_=’


  4. Stubby 2012 racing Miku FTW X)

    Said it before but Girls und Panzer is my highlight, I knew there was a market for its goods but I like that it’s come to the figma line. The Miho nendo was compatible with the Platz model tank kit, I almost got that kit until I saw a shoot of the components – I’ve never built a scale model and a Platz tank kit is not the place to learn. I really hope they give us non-model, pre-assembled ex:ride Panzer like in the display. What are the odds?

    Also, I liked their school uniforms better than these team jackets. And a few of the other teams had more interesting/varied appearances.

    IMO SnK is a great series and I don’t even usually like that type of show. I don’t want three SnK figmas tho so I will have to choose one or two. Levi is Eren’s antagonist in the anime right now, he has tiny pupils so you know he’s a mean dude in spite of his bad haircut. He will be a must-get.

    The colossal titan figma would have to be 16 1/2 feet tall in order to be 1/12 scale.

    I don’t know Shimakaze but her design would make a unique figma. And I kind of like what they’re showing with Futayo Honda in spite of no interest in the series.


    • Haha When I saw all of those Panzer figmas, I actually thought of your comment on the wishlist. Glad to see your wish came true! 🙂
      Hmmm I don’t know enough about the poularity of the series to guess if it would warrant an ex:ride tank since there is already a kit available. The closest thing to a tank I can think of is the Daihatsu Midget which was cool but too pricey for my taste ^^’ . They must be rare now, I haven’t seen one on forever!

      I’ve been seeing a lot of SnK lately, so I do intend to watch it now. It was the same way with Madoka. Seemed popular so I decided to watch it. I’d say it was a good decision XD
      I had a feeling Levi was a bad guy since his expression on the poster just screams D****bag

      And the tallest figma award goes to…..


  5. You know, I have no idea who most of those are either -_- Being more of a manga reader than an anime watcher, I’ll have to see if any of those have manga as well!!


  6. I watch currently airing anime and I’m still not familiar with most of these figmas. I don’t see it as a bad thing, though. Come next year I’ll be moving to NYC into an apartment with my girlfriend. Between art college and my PTSD a part time job probably isn’t something I can get, and even if I did the money would be spent on other things. I’m at the endgame of this hobby, or at least being this involved in it, so less stuff that interests me is a good sign that I won’t be missing much.
    ANYWAY, I’m upset about how long Marth and Chariot are taking to get produced, especially since there were so many figmas that popped up painted and sculpted already.
    SNK figmas aren’t a surprise to me, but where’s Armin?
    The Idolmaster figmas are a disappointment to me, I really wanted casual clothes! Or at least interesting idol gear that differs between the characters like the CG petits… I guess I’ll still get Miki, though.
    Pallet Suit is making me regret preordering the first Akane figma… Maybe she’ll come with mayo?
    Figma Plus is exciting to me!! It’d be nice to have cheap, ready made figma accessories and backgrounds. I hope they do more with it, maybe series related things?


    • Well, good luck in…life then! ^^ I’m happy to not be interested in much either since college is coming up soon. I’m surprised by how many things I’ve convinced myself to not preorder XD

      My Idolmaster knowledge is virtually nonexistent, but the first figma does look bland whereas the Cinderella Girls figmas are always really awesome.

      At least you’ll get that cool hover bike!

      The Figma Plus idea is nice, but considering how much nendos get, I was hoping they’d do more for figmas. MF seems more interested in making dioramas for display rather than something you can use like a nendo playset. Or…maybe you’re not supposed to play with the figmas XD


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