Loot: June 2013

June loot? It’s almost July, so isn’t it a little late for that? True. In fact only one of the things listed in this loot was technically released in June, and it was reviewed long ago. I initially was not going to do a loot post for June, but seeing that the other two things I ordered came fairly quickly(my July stuff isn’t even in stock yet XD), I decided to go ahead and group them together.

Here’s everything!
loot 1
figma Kirito, DD wig, Hell Girl print, Kirito strap.
And special guest: a plant.

loot 2
Of course, Kirito(review here) was my first acquisition. I’ve still yet to display him properly. Poor Kirito.

loot 3
Next came my Dollfie Dream wig! Previously I mentioned that the whole bottom of the wig was stiff from wig spray, and I’m happy to say that I was able to get most of it off! I like the wig much better this way and it’s texture is uniform throughout.

loot 4
And now for my impulse buy. I’ve mentioned it before, but my appreciation for art(most anime style >_>) has exploded recently, and with the walls of my bedroom already plastered in prints and posters, I take every opportunity I can to get more. I like posters with a more traditional appearance rather than generic key visual images, so buying from artists online is a great option for me. Hitsukuya is someone I follow on DeviantArt(and have actually bought from before), so when I saw that she had opened a shop on Storenvy, I bought something without a second thought. And although I’ve never actually seen Hell Girl, a quick look at what she’s wearing should give anyone who knows my scaled figure and nendoroid preferences an idea of why I chose it.
The print is 8.5X11, and for whatever reason, I mistook it for the next size up, so it is smaller than what I expected(my fault of course). I display smaller prints/posters near my desk, but considering that my last few posters have been small, I really should look for some larger ones.

loot 5
The second item in my impulse order was this Kirito strap! He’s so cute, and will make a unique addition to my Kirito shrine collection. It’s laminated plastic, but I’m surprised by how sturdy the strap is! There was an Asuna too, but I was on super saver mode and decided to pass on her. Sorry Kirito.

loot 6
A little business card that came with the order~

loot 7
Couldn’t resist~


5 thoughts on “Loot: June 2013

  1. Love it when people share stores on esty/society6/storenvy/etc, because I’m a huge print and pin hound! Ended up ordering the Botoru Miku print, which shows off my own design biases: water, black and red, and cute surrealism (which i hope becomes an actual art history/critic term someday)


    • Glad you were able to find someone new! I deliberately try to stay away from print shops because it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll buy something XD
      I mention another artist who I bought from in my May loot. There’s a link to their DA page which you can use to get to the store. ^^


  2. Oh my! Hitsukuya’s stuff is great!!! Now you’ve got me ogling the storeenvy shop 0_0 XD

    That’s some pretty cute loot! I’ve never thought of doing a loot post before.
    … I’d probably be ashamed of the number of Neemos and Neemo related things in it, LOL!!!


    • haha Whenever a new shop shows up, I’m like WHYYY! There’s one artist I want to buy a large poster from, but they’re $30 >_>

      That’s the fun of a loot post! You get to show off your new stuff while lamenting at what you’ve become XD


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