Figma News Fridays 7/19/13

It’s Friday! And just like on every Friday, it’s time to see what wonderful figma news the week has given us. This week we had not just release dates, but an unusual three figmas go up for preorder. I’m interested in at least one of these figmas, so let’s get started!


Hayate Yagami: The MOVIE 2nd A’s ver. Release Date Announced
hayate preview page
Hayate will be ready to join your collection on July 27th.

Miyako Release Date Announced
miyako preview page
Miyako will be released on July 27th


Strength TV Animation Ver. Preorders Begin
strength TV ver preview page
From the television retelling of Black Rock Shooter’s story, comes Strength: the ogre armed menace. Included with Strength are her giant arms which are fully pose able down to every finger. Equip parts to transform her fingers into guns and arm her with any of her three remarkably expressive faces to have the ultimate showdown! Strength retails for 5800 yen and will be ready to smash her way to victory in January 2014.

There’s no denying that Strength is a cool figma. Not only does she have gigantic metal arms, those psycho faces *cough Sayaka cough* are to die for. Yet I have no desire to own her. In the past, I most likely would have gotten her just because I watched the show, but I do not collect that way anymore. Although her faces surely did make me like her more, I think that what is holding me back the most is that I was not satisfied with the original Strength figma. I bought OVA Strength for the reason mentioned earlier, and partially due to my inability to make action poses, found her boring. The ogre arms were clunky and I found relatively few things to do with her. I still have my Strength, but kept her for cuteness purposes. I also vastly prefer the original design to the anime’s. Those white socks just don’t have the same appeal. So if I were to buy this Strength, it would be for the psycho faces, but at 5800 yen retail, that’s unlikely. A pass for me.


Spider-man Preorders Begin
spider man preview page
Swinging from the theatres and straight into your collection is The Amazing Spider-man’s hero: Spider-man! Complete with a metallic finish, amazing pose ability, and realistic webs, Spider-man looks just like a hero. He even has a backpack and smartphone to aid in his crime stopping escapades. Spider-man will be released in December for 4800 yen.

I prefer to collect anime figures, so Spider-man is a figma I never would buy. But I can still appreciate him! He looks freakishly pose able and I like the more pedestrian additions to his accessories. Especially the smart phone. Kurisu and Okabe are behind the times! It’s also bizarre to be seeing non Japanese characters being made into figmas, and even more so that I have no interest in them. The only American show that I’d definitely buy figmas from is Avatar the Last Airbender. I love that show. But the chances of that happening are virtually nonexistent…
Oh, and as much as I hate to show that I think like this, I’m afraid of what combinations there will be with Spider-man’s webs and Revoltech Woody.
A pass for me.

Miku Hatsune 2.0 Preorders Begin
miku hatsune 2.0 preview page
miku 2.0 D stage
With number 200, the figma series has reached yet another milestone. And what better way to celebrate than with a greatly needed upgrade of the famous virtual diva, Miku Hatsune? With more lively sculpt, cute new faces, and original accessories, Miku has everything to continue her career as the one who’s captured the hearts on millions. But this update isn’t just for Miku, it’s for the figma series as a whole! Being number 200, Miku is the first to feature new posing options such as ball jointed wrists as well as a jointed neck. This enhances her pose ability to make figmas more life like than ever! To further celebrate this occasion, all orders made from the Goodsmile Shop or Café will include a special checkered di:stage as a present! This brand new Miku retails for 3900 yen and will be available in October.

3900 yen. How clever, 39 is Miku’s number! I’d rather she be 39 yen though
Being a fan of any new Miku figma that comes out(I think the figma line is lacking in Miku compared to nendoroids), I’ve been watching this blue haired cutie since she was announced. Although I was impressed by the new accessories(even though those angel wings do seem random), she failed to wow me when put up for preorder. But now knowing that this Miku features updates to the figma design which I definitely was not anticipating, I am considering her once again. There’s no question that I will get this Miku, the question is how. Having nothing else for October, should I order her via amiami for a discounted price, or should I toss frugality out the window to combine Miku with nendoroid Yukata Miku, nendoroid Maiko Madoka, and possibly Tsukihi Araragi all in favor of flat rate shipping but at the expense of paying full price? Decisions decisions.
Oh, and I wonder if the figma line will receive a new box design as the nendoroid series did.

That’s all for this week! Did you preorder any of these lovely figmas? Or did you dislike them? And what do you think about my Miku preordering debacle? XD


25 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 7/19/13

  1. Already have Strength and Spiderman on preorder 😀 I wish Figma would make all Marvel characters. They’d do a better job than what Revoltech has done with Ironman (in my opinion).


  2. I want Miku but I’m broke -.-
    I am also among those hoping for a Len 2.0 Figma (Or maybe a Append version? ^.^)
    BTW I barely found this blog about a month ago. I love all of your posts! ~<3
    I have a lot more to say but I feel I should refrain for now ^.^;


    • Me too! But why stop there? I demand a Len Racing King! XD

      Yay! I’m so happy that you enjoy reading! That’s so encouraging that it’s hard to describe ^^’
      Might I ask how you found the blog? =P


          • The instant I knew that the Kaito Figma was up for preorder I ordered him. My cousin converted me to Vocaloid recently and Kaito became my favorite ^-^ At first I looked him up to see if a figure existed, figuring that like many other figures I want, he would already be out on the market and possibly overpriced. When I learned he was barely announced I flipped, I was (and still am) very happy that I still had a chance to get him. So yes, I am a very happy fangirl ^-^


            • A lot of people have been wanting Kaito for a LONG time. He was actually made because he topped GSC’s fan request poll. A lot of male figmas like Okabe Rintarou have been figmatized lately because of that. Have you seen nendoroid Kaito? My favorite vocaloid is Len. I really hope he gets a figma resculpt along with Rin.


              • Yes, I have seen Nendoroid Kaito (He’s on my wish list -.-; ) Len’s definitely my second favorite. I would really love to see a figma re-sculpt of both of them (although I’m silently hoping it’s when I have a little more money ^.^; )


                • Haha having enough money is always the problem! I really want the nendoroid Maiko Madoka and Yukata Miku, but am not sure if I want to compromise and future must have figmas in favor of them since nendos aren’t my priority. ^^’


  3. This Miku is super cute, I say preorder her! (One way or another… I feel I’m not one to give advice on which way, since the way I would choose would be the way that gets you more stuff XD)
    I should also note, I did preorder this Miku, I agree that compared to Nendo releases, figma is getting shafted on the Miku releases (and OH HOW I WANT A LEN! This is all your fault, btw 🙂 )
    I have Append Miku and I love her, I’d love more of them… I would especially love a winter and sakura Miku in figma form!!!

    I agree with you on Spiderman… I looked at him, thought, “Wow, awesome posing” and then promptly forgot about him. I also, 100% agree with you on Avatar the last Airbender…. Oh how I’d love figma of those guys!!!! (Korra too) If they’re going to make American series based characters, let it be those!!!


    • I’ve decided to hold out until Wonderfestival for my Miku decision. If there are a bunch of awesome things, I’ll get her on amiami. If not, then GSC shop here I come!
      Wahaha join the Len clan! XD I’m really hoping for a Len and Rin 2.0 since they’re both outdated compared to Miku and Kaito.

      Avatar would be so perfect T-T But all it got were actual kids toys. There weren’t even that many =/


  4. I have to agree about the lack of Miku figmas compared to Miku nendos, I would love to have a Snow or Sakura Miku figma…
    I had no idea about those improvements! I guess that also explains why her shoulder joints look better… But I don’t know how I feel about ball jointed wrists. It looks ok on Miku but I’m scared that it’d look clunky on a figma with bare wrists.


    • Every time a Miku figma comes out and people complain, I’m like NO NO! We need more! I especially like the Racing Mikus since they fit the designs so well(much better than the nendos imo). Racing Miku 2012 is pretty high on my wishlist! Too bad we never got a figma of the 2010 ver =/

      Ah! I didn’t think about that on the wrists! Mikatan said they look like small nendo joints. I hope they don’t end up looking like Dollfie Dream wrists. I really don’t like those =_=


  5. Ironically watching TV BRS is *keeping* me from ordering Strength. Colors. Tiny birds. 😡 The potential that she might also be another cast-off (or am I hallucinating seamlines?) is a second deterrent – too young! Saying all that, TV BGS is one of my favorite figma purchases and is exceptionally pretty and well-made. Got her in spite of the anime and do not regret, her oversized hands are adorable in person and remind me of Felicia from Darkstalkers. I think Strength looks amazing and much prettier than I expected (except the ankle cuffs). Just *really* not a fan of the TV anime.

    What are the odds that her arms will pose without extra support and a di:stage?


    • Haha I forgot about the bird book! That poor bird.
      OVA Strength was never intended to be a cast off(you have to pull her chest joint off to do it). It was just the inevitable opportunistic minds of collectors who made her cast off XD
      I do have to say that TV BRS is my favorite figma of BRS herself. She poses so well and her aesthetic even overrides some design flaws. I can overlook my issues with the show, but the designs are my main problem with the figures. DM had too many ruffles. Totally looking forward to Chariot though!

      If she’s anything like OVA Strength, pretty good actually. Strength’s arms are hollow, an since there are two, they balance her very well. Things get a little tricky if you try to put her in a dynamic pose, but for regular display, she’s fine. The only figma that I insist on using the di:stage for is Ultimate Madoka.


      • I’m glad she wasn’t cast-off, I don’t mind it with most figures but really for Strength it’s a little weird. Like you I didn’t like the way TV DM came out either. I got BGS to go with my BRSB (similar streamlined aesthetic) and regretted after until I had her in hand and saw her in person, the big hands looks kind of lame in photos but they’re actually really moe. Anyway, I bet Strength will sell out in preorders, they really went all out.


  6. Yay! figma STRength, and Hatsune Miku 2.0 is already a sure by for me. For me, I like the TV animation series of BRS much better than the OVA, actually I consider it to be one of the better anime of 2012, just much darker in tone, angst, psychopath characters, and of course that lovely 3D animation of the “other world”, it is also responsible as why I collect figmas from BRS universe (all the 5 figmas of BRS herself and all the other characters). I guess it’s all about personal perspective here.

    As for Hatsune Miku, I’m glad I haven’t bought the original figma, but I do have the Miku Append ver. though.


    • Although neither were admittedly perfect, I prefer the OVA. I liked that the BRS characters were used to portray a symbolic battle between Mato and Yomi, but felt that the anime took it too far. The angst was very over the top in my opinion, and I often found myself being annoyed by it rather than relating to it. I think that if the characters’ plight was more understandable, it would have created more attachment. I like the OVa character designs more, and it also sort of hurt to see the characters I did like go psycho. (Hair bracelets?) I also felt that the other world crossover near the end was kind of trippy. Since there was little to no prior indication of a physical connection earlier on, it felt far fetched. The OVA wasn’t gold either though, so I still don’t think there’s been a perfect BRS adaption. As much as I like Mato, my ideal BRS storyline wouldn’t have school girls at all. We need awesome fights and gothic architecture all around!

      I intended to collect all of the BRS ladies, but had to abandon that because so many were coming out XD. Right now I have OVA DM, OVA BRS, OVA Strength, WRS, Game BRS, Anime BRS, and Yomi. I still want to get Mato, Insane BRS, and Chariot. ^^
      Too bad they never made a figma Yuu!

      I have Live Stage Miku, but have never loved her sculpt. Append has such a cute standard face >_<


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