Tamaki’s Funky Red Kimono

I thought the rainy days were finally gone, but it seems that isn’t so. I’ve been hoping to make a comic, but wasn’t able to get outside today at all. We even had hail! But at the very least, I managed to photograph Tamaki in one of her new kimonos the day before.

I’ve yet to visit a dedicated fabric store and have only been able to scrounge what I could from the local hobby store’s fabric section. Although just about anything will look good as a kimono, I really wanted to find something with a Japanese vibe. This red fabric was the closest thing I could find and reminded me of lining I’ve seen on Volks kimonos. I got a yard of it(so much extra ^^’), and the girl who cut the fabric even said it was one of her favorites. All right!

rk 1

The kimono is predominately red, but has pops of other colors in the form of flowers.
To compensate for the short neck of Pureneemos and that I’ve had to widen the collar to make it easier to sew on, I’ve began shaving fabric off of the neck area.
And I have finally figured out how to sew the sleeve corners so that they are round. I’m very happy with them.

rk 2
I love all of the colors in this fabric. Tamaki is wearing a yellow obi for now, but I think light green and baby blue will look good too.
Wearing the obi so high almost obscures her giant chest. Almost.

rk 3
Such wonderful colors! I want to use this fabric to make a furisode as well(since I’ve finally learned how to do lining). And since I have most of a yard of it left, expect to see this fabric again after that.

Photo shoot time! It was so hot that day. Heat + rain = humidity T-T
rk 4
I just love that grassy hill!

rk 5
She looks especially foxy here~

rk 6

rk 7

rk 8
I tend to dislike photographing Tamaki in black and white since her pink hair does not translate well, but to salvage this picture that was taken in shade, I converted it to black and white, and am quite pleased with it. The kimono helps to make the image more bold.

rk 10
My favorite picture from this shoot! I’ve been wanting to build a tatami room diorama to pose Tamaki in, but haven’t figured out what to use for the floors yet. So to improvise, I placed her on a sushi mat just as the sun is setting. Shadows from leaves usually interfere with my pictures, but in this case they helped to create mood. Thanks leaves!

rk 11
I made the pinwheel myself. It’s too small to work, so is glued together instead, but if you’d like to make one, it’s very easy since there are many tutorials out there!

Even if it rains often, I love the summertime. It makes me sad that it’s already mid July.


4 thoughts on “Tamaki’s Funky Red Kimono

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  3. Oooh, I love this fabric too! It’s so graphic! I always think of Lichtenstein when I see it! XD

    Actually, that sushi mat background is just wonderful! That is a great pic…
    and yes… it has been MISERABLE weather-wise.


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