Project DD: The Wig

It’s finally time for another entry in Project Dollfie Dream!

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For whatever reason, I’ve come to love natural red hair. Perhaps it’s because of characters like Mikuru Asahina who delighted me in my early anime watching days, or maybe it’s the models and actresses who I’ve seen pull it off so well, but I just love it (Oddly though this preference does not reflect itself in my collection or to the point that I would want red hair myself). Proceeding with my Dollfie, the character of mine who the DD is based off of just happens to have wavy red hair, and wanting to replicate her, I began searching for the perfect wig. I first decided to look for a wig that wasn’t carrot orange, but chestnut brown. My reason for not wanting an orange wig is because I thought the color would be too harsh and destroy the natural look I want to achieve. With this in mind, my first choice was Dollmore’s Junsa in brown. The Junsa wig had a lot of what I wanted. Not only did it sport wonderful waves and a mature cut, it’s color is brown without being too orange. I would have bought this wig if it were not for the fact that I did not yet have the money for it. The wig is my third DD acquisition, so while waiting for a proper time to buy it, I had a lot of time to browse other shops and eventually change my mind. It was while checking pictures of red haired Dollfies that I began to worry that the Dollmore wig was not red enough and would look pure brown instead of having that slight reddish tone I wanted. And seeing how lovely those red haired Dollfies really did look, I decided to pursue a carrot orange wig instead. Of course it turned out that most wig stores do not regularly carry orange DD wigs(although it seems popular for resins), and notable places like Leekeworld only offer it as a seasonal limited color. After searching the aftermarket for one with little success, I eventually found myself at Cancan(thanks to a member who suggested it). Cancan carries wigs in a reddish tone called rust. Based on the few customer images I could find, I was worried(seems I worry a lot XD) that the wig would have a shiny metallic tone, but seeing that this was my only option, and Registered SAL was a shipping choice(to compare to Dollmore’s EMS only), I swallowed my hesitation and bought the wig.

Cancan is a good store, but it’s downside is that in spite of saying “An email has been sent!”, they never email you. This made me anxious as first, but seeing that the tracking number was updated on the user area, and the wig eventually arrived safe and sound, I’d be happy to buy from there again. And don’t forget less expensive shipping. You can’t beat that.

Now for the wig!
wig 1
Although I can definitely see why the color is called “Rust”, I do not find the wig to be too shiny at all!
In fact, it’s unmistakably but not obnoxiously red. The only thing I had to compromise with on this wig was waviness which it does not have as the Dollmore wig did.
Considering the color, it would be perfect for anyone making a Kirino Kousaka custom!

Now let’s get ready to try it on. Are you ready, head?
wig 2
The head is still without a faceup, but I’m happy to say she is now sporting a wig cap! If it wasn’t obvious, the cap is something I made myself. I used a long neglected pair of white tights for material, and although I could clearly work on my corners, the cap does it’s job and saved me a few dollars. Way to go, cap!

wig 3
There is elastic all around, and although it’s a tight fit, putting the wig on was not difficult. It also fits snugly enough that I will not need to worry about sliding.
The color compliments her eyes, and I’m happy that they manage to stay the center of attention even under all of that hair.
Another thing I noticed is how much more pale the wig makes her skin look in direct sunlight. I’m glad I did not choose white skin, or she’d be blinding!
I plan to style and cut the bangs, but without eyebrows, it’s difficult to determine where to cut, so I’ll leave her hair alone for now.

Looking more closely at the wig, it is reasonably thick and well made. I did have some trouble concealing the built in cap underneath the wig, but I’ll attribute that to my not being sure about placement for now.
wig 4
I’m not sure if this was intentional, but the top looks like a scalp.

wig 5
The cut is layered. Short at the top and long at the bottom.

wig 6
I noticed in the Cancan store photos, that the bottom has styled curls which I did not like because rather than imitating real curls, the hair just looks wet and stiff. Thankfully I was able to wash the styling oil out which greatly enhanced its softness. Now I just need to find a safe way to make it straight.

I’m enjoying the new wig, but without a body and faceup, my Dollfie Dream cannot do much with it. In the meantime, I’ve thought of some other uses for the wig.
wig 7
A penguin nest.

wig 8
Oh? Who’s that beautiful lady?

wig 9
I should have known.

That brings this update to a close. I’m on the home stretch, but remaining on my list are the two biggest things: a faceup and body. Sadly, I have money for neither right now, so it will most likely be a while before the next update. The good news is that I can keep myself occupied by making tons of tiny hair accessories! Horray!

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