Figma News Fridays 7/12/13

Time for more Figma News Fridays! Wonderfestival is inching closer, but there are still new figmas to look at! We have release date, and preorder, and even rereleases! So let’s get started!


Nanoha Takamachi Excelion Mode ver. Release Date
nanoha excelion preview pic
Nanoha will be out on July 20th

Fate Testarossa Blaze Form ver, Release Date
fate blaze preview pic
Fate will join Nanoha on July 20th

Lady Release Date
lady preview page
Lady will also be released on July 20th


Okabe Rintarou Preorders Begin
okabe preview page
From the popular anime Steins;Gate and recent movie Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu, is a figma incarnation of the mad scientist himself: Okabe Rintarou! With his scientific gadgets, Okabe has everything he needs to operate his lab, and his wide array of emotions is perfect for posing him alongside figma Kurisu. Okabe will be ready for your collection in December and retails for 3810 yen.

Okabe looks great! Not only am I happy to see another good male figma, I think they did a great job with his accessories considering how few possibilities there are. The faces really make this figure. I preordered him (even though I really shouldn’t have >_>), and will be happy to feature him in comics and alongside Kurisu!

Kurisu Makise Rerelease Preorders Begin
kurisu preview page
Due both to the new figmas of Okabe and Lab Coat Kurisu, the original figma of Kurisu in her casual clothing is making a triumphant return. She oozes personality and has a unique outfit to boot! Kurisu will be joining the lab in December for 2666 yen!

With the movie and new figmas, a rerelease of casual Kurisu was imminent. This is especially nice to see since the price of the original 2011 release has risen quite a bit. And what’s even better for those who missed out the first time is that Kurisu retains her 2011 price. 2666 yen for a figma(and that’s before store discounts)? I miss those days!
I have the original release, and although I am tempted to get another since mine has not fared well, it would be best for me to resist.

Egashira 2:50 Rerelease Preorders Begin
Egashira 2:50 preview page
The popular comedian-turned-figma is making a return! Use your imagination and his quirky accessories to create whatever funny things you can imagine. Egashira will make his return in November for 3619 yen.

I-I didn’t realize there was demand for another release of him!

That’s all for this week! Did you go Steins;Gate crazy, or are you just excited to see some release dates?


4 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 7/12/13

  1. I have to admit, the Egashira figma creeps me out a bit… whenever they do “real people” ones they always are a bit too much for me… which is weird since I have Hot Toys, LOL!!!

    I can’t wait for the Wonderfestival girls!!!!


    • Me too. I try not to be biased, but Egashira is rather creepy. I’m into figmas for anime characters, so I don’t ever see myself getting one of a real person.

      I’ll be getting my wishlist posts ready soon ^^


  2. Ah, I am definitely gonna get myself a figma Okabe as well! And probably the original Kurisu too.

    And with the new Fate coming along soon, I can finally assemble the long-awaited “Fate-ranger” squad~ XD


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