Review: figma Kirito

I’m back with another review! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve changed my personal posting requirement from one a day to one every other day. I was hoping this would give me more time for things like sewing, but in fact it has decreased my productivity ten fold. Oh no! So even if it results in a doll kimono post every other day, I’m going to get back on my one post a day schedule! And what better way to start up again than by reviewing something I’ve been waiting for for a long time: figma Kirito by Max Factory!

Kirito is from the fairly recent anime Sword Art Online. Kirito is a player in the virtual reality MMO known as Sword Art Online that he and several thousand other players were unknowingly trapped in. Partially by choice and also because of an accident he was involved in early on, Kirito is a solo player throughout most of his time in the game. This allows him to achieve a high level and master sword fighting.

I’ve always loved Kirito(my laptop is named after him >_>). Even before the show started, I decided to watch it just because I thought he was cute. And whether it be because of his cool black coat(you all know I love those) or his wittle chubby cheeks, my love for Kirito has driven me to purchase things I really don’t need just because they have his face on them. Aesthetically, he’s everything I could have hoped for, but sadly it stops there because after intently watching SAO, I have to report that he just isn’t that interesting. Although there was potential in his character(like just about everything in SAO), he comes off as very bland. From the start, Kirito is set aside as the hero of Sword Art Online, and whereas most stories see their heroes grow, Kirito just never does that. He’s trapped in an eternal state of perfection not because he is perfect, but because the story says he is, and this honestly becomes laughable after a while. In the ALO arc I could even say I dislike him, but unless we end up getting an ALO Kirito figma, I will spare you of that rant. As with all Sword Art Online related things, I like to pretend everything past those first few episodes was a bad dream.

In spite of my disappointment regarding Sword Art Online, I never could turn my back on Kirito, so I still gleefully collect his merchandise. My most recent review was on his unbearably cute nendoroid, and now I’m happy to finally be back in my element with a figma. Will figma Kirito be everything I want him to be, or fall flat like the anime version? Let’s find out!

Due to several consecutive rainy days, I was unable to review Kirito outside like usual. This review was photographed inside with the piece of equipment I’m most reluctant to learn to use: the off-camera flash
Kirito’s box is dark blue with a digital theme. The stray pixels and honeycomb pattern reinforce the cyber context of the anime while making the box appear quite masculine.

k 2
Kirito is wearing his signature long black coat with a simple black shirt and pants underneath. They match his black hair and grey eyes. I bet he wears bright red underwear just to fool us all.

k 3
There isn’t much color to him, so precision and technique in painting are very important on this figma.

k 4
When the prototype was first previewed, there was some concern over his skin being too tan, and although he is definitely more tan than the nendoroid, I’m happy to see that Kirito’s complexion turned out ok.

From here, all you see is black, so let’s get a look at those details!
k hair 1
The sculpting on his hair is very smooth. Just look at those luscious black locks.

k hair 2
There are some bizarre seam lines from the side, but that is excusable since he’s 1/12 scale.
Also notice the overall lack of gradient. His hair is pretty much straight black. This isn’t necessarily bad, just something to notice.

k hair 3
But I do like the details on the back of his head. The sculpted hairs add texture and I just love how it flows along with his scalp!

kirito chest
Now get a look at those muscle–oh sorry, Kirito. He is rocking that “V” neck though.
The lines on his coat were hand painted and are fairly precise. The metal part of his scabbard strap does not utilize metallic paint like usual, but is plain grey. Interesting.
And although this is a bizarre critique, I wish that instead of sculpting him with a tucked in shirt, they’d have made it free flowing so that his stomach could be seen a little underneath(figma Kirino is like this). I’m not exactly after Kirito fanservice, but I think this would have added additional dynamics to his all-black outfit, and if you look at official Kirito artwork, his shirt is sometimes depicted this way.

kirito side
The collar is made of soft PVC to allow for better head movement and his shoulders have little cuts in the soft PVC to let him move his arms. This is essential for a sword fighter!
Also notice the folds around the metal plate oh his sleeve. It’s like the metal is displacing the fabric! I love these subtle details~

kirito back
Aside from the usual stand hole, Kirito has another hole on his back which is for holding his swords. I’ll get to those later.

kirito pants
Care must be taken when posing Kirito because due to the way he is sculpted, he is highly susceptible to “crotch bulge” for lack of a better term.

kirito side coat
The upper part of his coat is soft PVC while the rest is standard hardness.

k back coat
Sculpting on his coattails is…lacking. They’re very stiff looking and do not look as impressive as if they’d been sculpted with a windblown effect.

The coattails are jointed, and although I do like how well-hidden the joints are, they’re not as effective as they could be since the coat’s sculpt is so stiff.

His boots are very Edward Elric.
The ankle area is soft PVC which is quite helpful when posing. But I do find the flat feet strange. A heel would have made the boots look better.

With Kirito himself thoroughly scrutinized, let’s move on and see what he comes with!

First are his three faces!
kirito faces
neutral, angry, and embarrassed

The neutral face took some getting used to. It’s definitely neutral, but I find it almost too neutral. The face is completely void of emotion and is actually quite womanly if you stare at it for a while. Just a slant of the eyebrows to convey some emotion would have made this face more versatile.

When looking at the prototype, the angry face was my least favorite. But seeing it now, I think it resembles anime Kirito the most. I’ve found it to be most useful for fighting scenes or comedic purposes. Sadly it doesn’t work so well for “cool guy standing” poses which I find myself doing more often.

The embarrassed face is what I like to see on figmas since it brings out personality in the character beyond the obligatory happy and serious faces. This face is great fodder for abuse and will make Kirito much more fun to combine with Asuna. I can’t wait!

Next we have the hands of which four pairs are included.
kirito hands
fists, open, sword gripping, and gripping.

Just because Kirito has gloves and is limited to using the hands he came with, I’d have liked to see one more pair. Maybe pointing?
It’s also helpful to know that his sword gripping hands(they’re pointed down more) are very tight and to avoid breaking the sword, need to be loosened up a bit before inserting it.

These accessories are standard figma fair, so let’s see what makes Kirito different: his character specific accessories!

k sword 1
First is his rare black sword, Elucidator! It will elucidate you in half!

Elucidator looks good, but I did have a problem with it. Remember my warning about loosening up the hand before inserting the sword? Well, I didn’t do that…and Elucidator broke. The snapped handle was easy to fix with crazy glue until it broke again. The second time, my hand slipped and Elucidator became Egluecidator. The sword is ok now, but it’s handle is weak and needs to be handled(ahaha) with care.

The sword is more grey than black, but has good detailing on the hilt.

k sword 2
And although the silver blade is present on the figma version, the small cross at the tip is still missing. But I’m probably the only one who cares.

k sword 4
Like all hardworking swords, Elucidator deserves a place to rest its weary blade, so a scabbard is included.

And since Kirito needs to be able to put the scabbard on his back, we have this little piece.

Simply slide the scabbard in and put the piece into the top hole on Kirito’s back! I really like this way of doing things!

To make displaying Kirito with the sword on his back easier, there is stand extension. It’s not necessary, but still good to have.

Being the protagonist, Kirito eventually becomes the only dual swordsman in the game, so he also has his second sword.
dr 1
Dark Repulsor! Contrary to it’s name, Dark Repulsor is neither dark nor repulsive.

dr 2
Like Elucidator, Dark Repulsor has it’s own scabbard.

And to aid in displaying both swords on his back, there is a double version of the earlier piece. The scabbards slide easily into their respective places and one side can be twisted to ensure the placement is correct.

Dark Repulsor didn’t break, but I’m leaving his hand there just to be safe.

Kirito’s final accessory is a pair of effect parts to recreate the sword skills he uses in the show.
They are slightly transparent near the edges.

dr efect
To avoid breaking anything, I’ll just show one of the effects which still looks cool!
But do be careful not to push the sword too far into the part or it could get stuck. I had to break out the hair dryer.
These swords gave me a lot of trouble which is unfortunate since they are very important accessories for Kirito and I’d like to use them without fear of breakage.

His accessories are fine, but there could have been more. Why was there not a menu screen or teleportation crystals? And where’s that sandwich?! He has the bare minimum, but could have been better.

Now that we’ve seen Kirito and everything he comes with, let’s take him out for the fun part: his photo shoot!

I’ve been waiting for Kirito for a long time, so I wanted to do my best on this shoot. But I’d really like to start putting more effort into my photo shoots overall, so I made sure to test myself to do the best I can!

black and white trail
Kirito traversing the savage place that is my backyard.

I wanted to give water photos another try. I’ve still yet to find a peaceful place for water photos. I’d like to try with some pretty figures.

swept away
Because of all the rain, there was a lot of water in the flowerpot. The next day I found a dead bird in it T_T

Somebody get this man boy a towel!

solo player
Solo player

rock slicing
Slice dem rocks, Kirito!
For once I’m happy to have red soil! It contrasts quite nicely with the effect part~

daddy and me
The fun thing about having a figma and nendoroid? You can put them together and take adorable photos!
I call this one “Daddy and Me”. I think the matching scarves really cement their relationship. Yes.

story time 1
Story Time
This is where the effort came in! I took a similar photo way back with different figures but wanted to do it better this time. At first I just set Kirito and baby Kirito up in the playset with some stuffed animals and the same blanket I always use. But then I thought “No! I’m going to try this time!”. So I sewed the quilt(not doing that again for a while) and curtains and gathered more props. This is the most time I’ve spent setting up a picture, and although I wish the light was more sophisticated, I’m pretty happy with it!

story time 2
Close up! I wanted little Kirito’s room to look more like a toddler’s room, so I added the trophy and green monster but kept babyish things like the fairy curtains and stuffed animals.

kirito book
Why hello, Papa Kirito!
Why do children in anime always say “Papa”? Why not “Daddy”?

kirito book 2
He must be reading his own book. When baby Kirito is older, he can read Chapter 16.5!
…Or maybe not. Nobody should read that.

baby kirito
I’m so glad I got the nendoroid XD

toy car
Quality time. Were it not for his coat, little Kirito would have fit in that car. So close…

hide and go seek
Hide and seek

true love
We all know who he really loves.
I didn’t anticipate it, but this is fast becoming one of my favorite photos from the shoot.

so much ice cream
So much ice cream!

too much ice cream
Too much ice cream!

fight 1
Then I remembered that I should take more serious pictures.

fight 2
Anime BRS is still the coolest figma I have. I just love how she poses >_< Her review can be found here in case anyone is interested.

fight 3
Kirito really would make a good male Black Rock Shooter.

fight 6
I bet he’s the secret lovechild of BRS and Kiritsugu Emiya

fight 4

fight 7
Cool people standing is what I fall back on.

fight 5

fight 8
Color or black and white; which do you like better?

Final Words
Quality wise, Kirito is a great figma. He’s solid, well painted, and poses well. But when it comes to playability, he’s what you make of him. I had a lot of fun because I’ve been wanting him for a long time, but I could easily see him being boring for someone who is less entranced. I’m looking forward to bringing him back for Asuna!


37 thoughts on “Review: figma Kirito

  1. Hi,

    I just recently got a figma kirito, and the sword broke at the handle just as I imagine yours did. I used Krazy Glue on it and I hope it works. To prevent this from happening again, how can I “loosen the figma hand” as you mentioned?



    • Hello~

      To loosen my Kirito’s hand, I gently pried it open a few times. Doing just that helps loosen the hand. You can also use heat from a hairdryer to make the plastic more pliable. Since I’m worried taking the sword in and out of the hand will stress it too much, never took it out of the sword holding hand after I glued it back together.

      Oh, and since Kirito was just released, you may be able to email GSC and ask for a new sword. Their email is on their website 🙂


  2. Hey, first of all lemme start by saying this figure is just awesome, and your review makes me want to get my hands on one, which leads me to my second point, considering this figure sold out almost immediately, is there any chance we would get a restock on it? I’ve tried posting on Figma and Good Smile Company’s Facebook page asking for a restock…but as expected I get no answers. The current price on this figure is $130us at minimum, do you think I should get it at that price or should I wait for a ‘possible’ restock in the future?. Thanks for your help, btw, your awesome reviews have led me to buy many figures, keep up the great work!


    • Thank you ^^
      And yes, I checked Kirito’s prices recently and was quite surprised by how much they’ve risen! They’re even that high on the Japanese second hand market which is rather uncommon for a standard release.
      Excuse me if you already knew this, but what we would need is not a restock, but a second release. Figmas are produced one big release at a time rather than in staggered batches, so stores will not be getting a second shipment unless Max Factory makes him again. Usually to warrant a second release, the franchise would need to be having a revival of some kind. Luckily, SAO is getting a second season this year, but Kirito will have another look, so I am not sure how high our chances are of seeing Aincrad Kirito again–that is, unless they totally want to milk the hype by re-releasing the first versions along with any new ones. Long story short, the chances of a re-release are not totally zero thanks to the upcoming second season, but they’re not high enough that I could confidently tell you to look out for him.
      I’d say that the best thing you could do is continue to let GSC know via Facebook or email that you want him because if enough fans want something, they do take it into consideration. But it’d be best to concentrate on the GSC page because the figma Facebook page is not official. It’s actually a very well run fan page, so they won’t be able to help you with anything XD

      Thank you for following, and if anything ever happens with Kirito, I’ll be sure to post it in my weekly figma updates. 🙂


  3. I just love all the photos that you took of Kirito XD some were so funny! I have the Nendoroid version of Kirito and wanted to get the Figma version as well but wasn’t sure if it was worth my money when I saw it in it’s box at a Con. After seeing your photos and review I’m totally going to buy his Figma now! ^o^


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  5. cool action figure!! the prototype look so awfully fugly but it turned out to be pretty neat action figure 😀 im glad they changed kirito’s skin color because you know,kirito isnt what tan lol
    anyway excelent review sist(?)!


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  7. Figma Kirito and Nendoroid Kirito is the cutest thing ever ~<3
    BTW I have never seen this anime…… Sorry if I'm clueless about the characters ^.^;


    • I love them together >///<

      Haha don't worry, you got it right ;D
      And don't worry about not having watched it. If it weren't for a couple of characters, I'd forget about this show XD


  8. Now I feel a little better now that I know that other people had the same problem with the Elucidator. After mine broke, I got my trusty pin-vise, drilled out the handle and a portion of the blade, stuck in a sanded down toothpick for support, and super-glued it back together. Way more durable now!


  9. My figma Kirito just arrived, and like you I managed to break Elucidator (it does make me feel like less of a doofus knowing it wasn’t just me breaking it). Other than the broken sword, I am a fan and its always nice to have more male figmas.


  10. Oooh, I should be getting mine today! This review has me very excited! Plus I just love the combo pics, I think you’re right, that scarf totally cements everything.

    … and… are you saying Kirito isn’t beautiful? (referring to water photo comment, lol)

    I’ve heard the same thing about SAO that you said, that it fizzles, which is sad… I’ve seen the first two episodes and was really excited about it. 😦


    • Yippee! I hope you like him then ^^ Will you be getting Asuna too?

      Haha he’s gorgeous XD But I don’t think Saber Alter would look as good in that brown water. >_>

      I was so upset that SAO went sour. A lot of people accused it of otaku pandering, and as the show progressed(later on they resort to tentacles and shameless boob shots), I really have to agree. But I really grew attached to the characters in those few good episodes, so I can’t really join the SAO hate train ^^’ I’d still never recommend it to anyone though without the “It wasn’t that good” caveat XD


      • Blarg… that’s so sad to hear! So… how far in *should* I watch? XD

        I am getting Asuna too… she was just too cute.
        Kirito is actually my first boy figma!

        Oh, and my Nendo Len arrived today…. although I suspect he won’t live up to the awesomeness of your figma Len, LOL.

        Are you on


        • Hmmm That’s tough to determine since even though it got weird, I’m happy to have watched the whole thing just for completion purposes. This is a mini spoiler, but I’m sure you’ve already seen the artwork, figures, or dolls of the characters as fairies? That’s because a new arc starts after episode 13. That arc is in a different game and when it started, the show really went downhill imo. So you could probably just watch up to the end of the first arc, but with the way it ends, it’s kind of hard to stop watching. I thought the show would get better, but it didn’t =_=. They do some horrible things to Asuna >_>. Or you could do what I did and watch all of it then promptly erase all of the horrible things from your memory!

          Boy figmas are so nice to have for a change! I find that they’re always more special to me just because they’re so hard to come by.

          Oh figma Len XD He was my second figma boy, but sometimes I forget to count him with the others >_>
          Is it Append Len or normal Len? I had normal nendo Len for a while, but eventually sold him.

          Yes, I am! Here’s my profile same name lol


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