Figma News Fridays 4/5/13

Is it Friday already? This week has been nothing but rain for me. So much rain. But that doesn’t stop the figma news from coming in! We got our regular delay at the beginning of the week, and I wasn’t expecting much more, but as the week neared an end, Anime Expo came around! This year, GSC was in attendance, and not only brought newly painted figmas, but even made announcements regarding others! I suppose I should have expected this, but I really was not thinking there would be anything new from Anime Expo. So let’s get started!


Guts The Hawks ver. Delayed
berserker hawk preview page
Mr. Guts is delayed to August.



Chariot Announced
GSC talked a bit about incoming figures during their panel, and an announcement for Chariot was mentioned! Chariot has been mysteriously missing from the BRS anime lineup, so it’s great to see her finally being made. I’ll be keeping an eye on her, but have to admit that since it’s been so long, I’m not super excited about her. Still, I think she’ll make a good figma, and will have to wait and see.

Okabe Painted
okabe thursday
I mentioned last week, that I’d wait until Okabe was painted to make my final decision, but didn’t realize it would be this soon! I think he looks much better now! We’re still not sure about his other accessories, but I’ll most likely be getting him!

Strength TV Animation ver. Sculpted
strength thursday
With just a sculpt, Strength has been in figma limbo for a while, but has finally emerged with a fresh coat of paint! I prefer the design of the previous Strength(white knee socks, why?!), but might consider her as a buddy for my first Strength.

Since joining the figure collecting world, I have long heard tales of the forgotten hero. He appeared to the world like a beautiful plastic angel, but was quickly snuffed out with no explanation. Dramatic narratives aside, I’m of course talking about figma Archer. Figma Archer first appeared in 2010 as an unpainted and joint-less prototype. But for unknown reasons, he was just scrapped. Max Factory missed every good opportunity to release him, and with every Wonderfestival since then passing by Archer-less, many thought he was gone for good. But the fans did not forget Archer because he placed high on the list of Goodsmile Company’s figure request poll! Now it appears that the company has acknowledged the missing hero and mentioned at Anime Expo that he is being sculpted(re-sculpted I assume). This is the news many have been waiting for, but there are still skeptics. Does sculpted mean this is an improved sculpt or are we mistaken and this announcement is for the Archer of Fate/Zero? I’m sure we’ll find out eventually. I’m intrigued, but won’t get my hopes up until I see him!

That’s all for this week! Are you upset about Guts’ delay, or did all of that AX news make up for it?


4 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 4/5/13

  1. Jeez Well I’m. Here 2 ask wheater I’M. Grived or dissapointed 2 why U won’t. Put It At the polls or maybe ever 2 give out a petition about The second time Just 2 Get Saiyuki Goku Figma line manufacturing At no time Only right Before my very Own eyes could this come. When Its shown Till this has been made.could I consider This Brought had’nt I Been appeal under This? Ill recomend this at the Next Figma Line 4 my next concent


  2. Okabe looks great! GSC, if you make an Archer, Stay/Night, Zero, or Other, I will preorder him and I will buy him. >:)

    Off topic, the times I’ve photographed figures I’ve wound up with a surprisingly huge amount of image files! I’d love to request a post about how you choose photos from your shoots – not so much for aesthetic concerns, but how you take a folder full of pics and narrow it down – do you limit what you keep following a shoot so you don’t wind up with massive amounts of image files, do you keep “maybes,” and how do you keep your archive under control. Do you have a system for naming files to help you manage them? That kind of stuff, the annoying file management stuff post-shoot. You do a lot of shoots and have a lot of great photos so I figure you’d have some good advice. Anyway, just a request 😀


    • I’d also love to have Fate/Zero Lancer. My collection could use some muscles *_*

      Ooh! I do organize my photos but have never thought of doing a post on it. I’ll happily give it a shot! ^^


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