Kimonos for Tamaki

Story time! Tamaki and Kagura are friends now, but will this be an idyllic friendship or one tirelessly shaped by the scaly claws of life? As they learn what life is like together, we see that it’s probably the latter…

s 1
It’s a hot summer day. The afternoon rain has just fallen, leaving the air moist and sticky and the grass damp. But instead of the sound of birds tweeting or children at play, a sharp wail fills the air.

s 2
Tamaki: Oooohhh Kaguraaaa! Can’t we go inside? It’s hot!
Kagura: Quit whining, and stand still!

s 3
Tamaki: *Hmph* We’ve been out here all day! It’s hot and I’m tired of being your mannequin. Why don’t you make clothes for yourself? I’m almost certain that’s the second time you’ve worn that dress.
Kagura: Why would I want to sew for myself when you’re perfect for these kinds of things? Besides, you have something I don’t have~

s 4
Tamaki: I understand your jealousy over my magnificent tail, but that is no reason to insist on creating an entire wardrobe in an afternoon!
Kagura: I wasn’t talking about your tail…

s 5
Tamaki: Hrrrr This really has gone to far… All I asked for was another kimono to wear in the summer. Why on earth do I need a furisode?
Kagura: A furisode is the ultimate in formal clothing! You can wear it for special occasions like get-togethers!
Tamaki:…But no one ever invites us anywhere.
Kagura: That’s not my fault. I blame you and your goat.

s 6
Tamaki: Well… I guess it was nice of Master and your pillow to go out so we could spend the day together.
Kagura: You know, this furisode really is a prototype.
Tamaki: She’s not even listening…

s 7
Kagura: For instance, I sewed the lining all wrong

s 8
Kagura: And we still need to measure your waist so I can make a proper obi

s 9
Kagura: And I bet we could make you some kanzashi too if you take out those pigtails! I already know how to make the next furisod–

s 10
Kagura: Hey! Where are you going?!
Tamaki: To get away from you!
Kagura: But you don’t even have shoes on!
Tamaki: Shoes are for the weak!

s 11
Tamaki: *pant* *pant* I finally got away from her. She’d have me standing there all day!
Ohhh but now I’m hot and my feet hurt

s 12
Tamaki: Good thing I wore this underneath! I can already feel my power recharging!

s 13
Tamaki: But that crazy won’t let me get away for long. I better find a place to hide. Maybe behind this glorious gate…

s 14
Tamaki: Ahhh! The cool wind tickles my ears~ I’ve never been back here before.

s 15
Tamaki: Eh? Someone beckons to me from the hill!

s 16
Tamaki: So it was you, my precious Master! I was wondering where you went with that dirty pillow.

s 17
Kagura: Hmph! That rabid fox just had to run away and make me look for her

s 18
Kagura: Maybe I really should have her tested for rabies…

s 19
Tamaki: Oh, hi Kagura!
Kagura: So you were with the goat and Kirito kun!

s 20
Tamaki: My Master was just showing me this Japanese tree he found. It’s bright red like the string of fate, isn’t that cool?

s 21
Kagura: Wow! This tree really is beautiful. I’m amazed by how red the leaves are!

s 22
Kagura: …Hey Tamaki, do you like red?
Tamaki: Of course! Red is the color of passion, danger, and the courageous blood that flows through my Master’s veins. Why do you ask?

s 23
Tamaki: Me and my big mouth…


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