Figma News Fridays 6/28/13

Hooray for Figma News Fridays! This week wasn’t bad! We have scans from last Saturday(they went up right after last week’s FNF), a preorder, and some lovely previews that are determined to get you to part with your cash. So let’s get started!


Miku Version 2.0 Appears in Scans
new miku saturday
This Miku is turning out better than expected. The faces and sculpt are much more lively than the original Miku which had that robotic feel since it was based on box art and I think the guitar is a better instrument for her than the keyboard live stage Miku came with. The wings are a cool touch too.
But I do have to wonder whatever happened to Miku’s leeks. They were an important part of her for a long time, but seemed to fade away as Miku became more popular. Wouldn’t nendoroid of Miku in a leek covered yukata be adorable?
Still, I’ll be keeping an eye on her.

Okabe Rintarou Appears in Scans
okabe scan saturday
After giving us pictures of his back for months, Max Factory is finally ready to show Okabe from the front. I wish I could say I love him, but he looks a little off right now. His faces don’t quite seem right. But I’ll be waiting for the painted version to make my final decision.
Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll buy him regardless.

Amy Appears in Scans
saturday amy
Amy from Suisei no Gargantia was announced back during last year’s Winter Wonderfestival, but was not seen afterwards. Until now. Amy is now sculpted and has her accessories along with her! She looks very cute(like of a combination of Lisbeth and Silica from SAO) and that glider is something we’ve never seen included with a figma. I probably won’t be getting her, but I’d still like to see her colored.


Hiro Preorders Begin
hiro preview page
Presenting the newest figma to join the Hidamari Sketch line: Hiro! Hiro is a kind girl, but an optional face is included in case anyone upsets her. She also comes with a second head and necktie to transform her into Nazuna! You can enjoy switching between theses two lovely characters for 3810 yen and have them both in your possession in November.

First the good news: I love Hiro’s hair. Now the bad news: Max Factory has reached a new low. Last week they dazzled us with the limitd Cinderella Girls figmas, now they bring us back down to earth by offering a figma with no accessories other than one optional face and pieces to make her into a different character without lowering the price. This is something I would’ve expected a few years ago, but to see this now is crazy. A this trend is mainly affecting the Hidamari girls which is dtrange because I’m sure there are many good accessories that could have come with them.


Rin Shibuya Released

Anzu Futaba Released


Cinderella Girls Previewed
Have you been successfully resisting the Cinderella Girls figmas? Maybe you like them, but just haven’t convinced yourself that you need them. Well, this photo shoot is for you. The folks at Max Factory must have known about people like you and me and responded by assembling the girls for a wallet tempting bonanza.
The boxes for Anzu and Rin who were released this week.

Looks like Rin came out great.

Anzu too

That yorkie!


thursday 2
THIS! Oh they’re so perfect together >_<
I really do want Rika…

That’s all for this week! Did you preorder Hiro? Or are you bracing yourself for what’s to come?


22 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 6/28/13

  1. I’ve got the two Cinderella girls coming, I’m just waiting to be charged for them XD I couldn’t resist, and I’ll be getting those two vibrant IdolMaster girls too… which means I should probably check out the anime? I have a terrible habit of ordering figma based on how cute I think they are, not on the character itself -_-;;


    • Lol, I do the same at times… but I mostly buy if I can use the figures. I make little comic strips with the figures I get, and I will admit, I love Figma. I love the detail and how flexible they are for posing.
      I wish they had more male figures though…


    • They’re actually all from Cinderella girls which is a mobile game and has no anime!
      I used to do that a lot too XD I even got into Type Moon stuff because I wanted to buy figma Saber. But now most of my figmas are from stuff I know. The only that aren’t are the Se Kirara girls and Aya Shameimaru and Reimu Hakurei. I have Index too, but have been trying to no avail to sell her off >_>


      • If I don’t know the characters, I look them and the series up. I try… try, to keep their personalities intact when doing what I do. Just to keep fans and fanatics pleased 😛


        • Same for me. I used to mess around with their personalities when I didn’t have many, but now that I have a bunch it’s easier to keep everyone in their original state~
          Besides, it’s weird to see a character you know acting differently ^^’


  2. What’s up with Hiro, I hate the headswitch since it makes a separate character – haven’t watched HS but unless Hiro and Nazuna are alteregos, it’s annoying. Maybe that’s just me. AND it counts are Hiro’s third expression?

    The Amy figure is pretty great, the glider is awesome-looking altho I bet Max Factory will find a way to make it hard to pose.


    • I don’t like it either. And they’re separate characters, so if you want both, you have to buy two Hiros and be left with extra parts and no accessories. It just isn’t good.

      I’m just happy to see the glider XD It can’t be heavier than Ultimate Madoka…


  3. I’m still waiting for Anzu Futaba to arrive. GoodSmiles takes too long to ship their items. But it’s the only site that had her and the other Cinderella Girls available for Preorder. Well, beggars can’t be choosers, right?


      • This is my first order from them… I don’t like their slow work, but oh well. Every company works differently, right? (I order mostly from AmiAmi, and I get my box 3 days after its release). GSC won’t even let me track my package D: lol


        • You should be able to track since it’s EMS only. Did you receive a tracking number in any emails?
          Both of my packages arrived quickly though(although the packing on one was a little iffy) and I’d much rather get it from them than have to go to a proxy or Mandarake!


          • All my account says is that its been paid for (paypal confirmed it), order number, when it was ordered and “shipped”. I hope it sends.. I’m always a bit nervous when making first time orders on different sites.


  4. If the new Miku doesn’t come with leeks, I’ll have a reason to buy the support version… Oh no….
    Yeah, I haven’t seen anything like what’s going on with the Hidamari girls since the Lucky Star figmas… I don’t watch Hidamari Sketch but my heart goes out to the figma collecting fans. What a ripoff, even if they are pretty cute…


    • I have leeks from my old Miku, so I just want to know why they have been forgotten!

      I watched one episode and the show looked pretty fun. And if there were enough faces to fill up a sheet of stickers on the nendo, surely there are enough for a figma.


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