Cowboy Kirito and the Golden Cow

Behold! One of the most random posts I’ve made! When it came time to take the extra pictures for my nendoroid Kirito review, I wanted to show off the cuteness and versatility of nendoroids by making Kirito a little bag and sending him on an SAO adventure of sorts. While digging through by toy box(yes, I have a toy box…), I found a little hat and bandana which transformed Kirito’s adventure into a cowboy story. I had a lot of fun making the story and ended up liking it so much that I decided to include it in a post separate from the review. So let it begin, the cute photo story of Cowboy Kirito and the Golden Cow.

kc 1
There once was a cowboy named Kirito.

kc 2
Like many cowboys, Kirito lived on a ranch.

kc 3
But unlike many cowboys, Kirito’s ranch was small. He only had an alpaca, a duck, a cow, a dog, and his trusty horse.

kc 4
Kirito was a hard worker and spent long days with the animals.

kc 6
But because his ranch was small, Kirito could never earn much money for food.

kc 5
The most he could do was spend the nights dreaming of fine delicacies like ragout rabbit.

But Kirito’s luck was about to change.

kc 7
One day on his ranch was born a golden cow. Golden cows were rare and sold for large amounts of money. “With this, I will be rich!” said Kirito the cowboy.

kc 8
With this in mind, Kirito the cowboy packed up and began the long journey into town so that he could sell his golden cow.

kc 9
Along the way, Kirito visited places he’d never seen before. Lush greenery greeted him at every turn and the air was perfumed with the fresh scents of summer.

kc 10
Eventually Kirito reached the desert that lay before town. The desert was dry and without the verdant trees to shade him, Kirito was hot. But he took comfort in knowing that the town was not far away.

kc 11
But suddenly there was a rustle in the bushes, and Kirito found himself surrounded by bandits.

kc 12
The bandits lunged at the weary cowboy, but did not notice his golden cow which had fallen into the bushes during the scuffle.

kc 13
Outnumbered by the bandits, Kirito was tied up. He heard that they planned to steal his horse and leave him in the desert. “I never should have left the ranch” Thought cowboy Kirito. What was to become of him now?

kc 14
Then Kirito heard a soft “Moo” and before him stood the golden cow. In the cow’s mouth was a sword black as night.

kc 15
Grasping the sword, Kirito freed himself and bravely fought off the bandits.

kc 16
He then reclaimed his horse and escaped with the golden cow in tow.

kc 17
Finally Kirito arrived at the market where he could sell his golden cow. Excited by the rare creature, the merchant offered him a hefty sum in exchange for it.

kc 18
But when the time came to sell it, Kirito found that he could not bear to do so. “How could I so easily sell an animal the saved my life?” Lamented Kirito the cowboy.

kc 19
But as he turned away to return home with his cow, the merchant recognized his sword and stopped him.
The merchant explained that the sword belonged to a band of outlaws who had terrorized many a town. When Kirito told the merchant that he had obtained the sword by defeating the bandits, the merchant was ecstatic.

kc 20
The story of Kirito’s bravery soon spread among the townspeople, and when the sheriff heard of it, Kirito was rewarded handsomely for what he had done.

kc 21
Now Kirito has the warmest bed

kc 22
and is able to enjoy ragout rabbit whenever he pleases.

kc 23
And he shares it all with the little golden cow.

The End


8 thoughts on “Cowboy Kirito and the Golden Cow

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  2. This is amazing! I can see the love in every crafted scene. I really enjoyed reading it 😀 Really really cute how the golden cow is in a sling.

    I wish for a continuation! With Asuna next time! 😀


    • Thank you so much >_<. I really did love making this and am really happy that other people like it too!
      I tried desperately to get that cow to stay in his arms, but that was impossible. The sling ended up working pretty well!

      Oh no! I didn't plan on a continuation XD I'd love to do one with Asuna, but I don't have her =/


    • It was a very delicious tomato! XD

      I bought it~ It’s a double sided SAO cushion strap(the other side has Kirito; I also use it in my Doll Corner stories). Not meant to be a daki, but I use it that way XD


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