Tamaki’s Yellow Polka Dot Kimono

Yet another addition to Tamaki’s blossoming wardrobe! This time I used some fabric that I picked out with kimono making in mind. Part of what makes kimonos so pretty is all of the beautiful patterns and how they can be combined to create different looks. Buying kimono scraps from Japan is always an option, but since I’m still in the beginning stages of sewing, I’d hate to spend so much on fabric to make something very amateur. So until I improve my skill, I have to stick with what can be found at the hobby store. I wanted to pick fabrics that not only had a Japanese flair but reflect the colors of summer. My quest for Japanese style fabrics came up short(they barely even had anything with flowers), but I did find some nice summer colors. The fabrics I picked were a soft green, rich patterned red, and polka dot yellow. Since polka dot kimonos can be really nice, I decided to give it a go and sew one for Tamaki.

yk 9
It came out better than expected as the yellow compliments her eyes~

yk 11
I used the blue obi for this shoot, but think silky purple will look nice too(once I get around to sewing it)

yk 10
Need to focus on keeping my stitches together ^^’ Even so, I think this is the best kimono I’ve sewn so far!

Time for a photo shoot!
yk 1
Styled her hair with some water for this photo~

yk 2
The blue hydrangeas are so pretty! I wish we had them in more colors.

yk 3
Tamaki has weak knees, so making her stand is not easy.

yk 4

yk 5
I need a bigger umbrella…

yk 6

yk 8
I’m thinking of building a set for future kimono shoots so the photos won’t be redundant. Perhaps a tatami room of sorts?

yk 12
Another problem with the kimono is that it sometimes makes Tamaki look neck less. Hopefully I can find a solution for that ^^’

That concludes Tamaki’s yellow kimono. I’d like to make the red one next!


4 thoughts on “Tamaki’s Yellow Polka Dot Kimono

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  2. I have that problem with a lot of Neemo clothes, the “Neckless” thing. -_-

    You are on a Kimono making extravaganza!!! I agree, this one matches Tamaki’s eyes in a very lovely way 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the next one!


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