Figma News Fridays 6/21/13

Welcome to Figma News Fridays! This week was an average week for figmas. We had previews, release date announcements, and…WONDERFESTIVAL EXCLUSIVES! So let’s get started!


Cryska Barchenowa Release Date Announced
cryska preview page
Cryska will be released on June 29th

Lady Release Date Announced
lady preview page
Lady will be released on June 29th


Gon Freecss Sample Preview
Since Gon will be released on the 22nd, there are some final preview images of him!
Those eyebrows…





Killua Zoldyk Sample Preview
Killua is also being released on the 22nd, so he has a sample preview alongside Gon






Mika Jougasaki Announced
mika friday



The time has finally come for Wonderfestival Exclusives! And whoever gave GSC/Max Factory the Cinderella Girls license must be happy they did because both companies are doing amazing thing with it! As with last year’s winter Wonderfestival, Max Factory has chosen two Cinderella Girls(a mobile Idolm@ster spinoff) characters as their exclusive figmas(a slight relief for me). Mika is just amazing! I love everything about her from her wonderfully unique outfit to those cool gold eyes. She’s a great example of how good a figma can be! As with all Wonderfestival exclusives, she will be available for preorder on Goodsmile Company’s online shop after the event.

Rika Jougasaki Announced
rika friday




Rika is the other Wonderfestival Exclusive! Although I prefer her sister, Rika is yet another immaculate figma. Her design is funky, each face is different and exciting, and she has fun accessories. My only question is why aren’t more figmas like this? Seriously, why not?
Since my admiration for both her and her sister is from a collector’s point of view(I do not know their characters) and I’m no longer in the position to buy things just because they’re pretty , I will have to pass on both. This Wonderfestival will be painful…


Egashira 2:50 Released
Egashira 2:50 preview page

Gon Freecss Released
gon preview page

Killua Zoldyk Released
killua preview page

Kirito Released
kirito preview page
Mine has already been shipped. I’ll be reviewing him when he gets here!

Well, that’s all for this week! Are there any figmas on their way to you? And what do you think of the Wonderfestival exclusives this time around?


10 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 6/21/13

  1. I’m going to get the wonfes girls… I’ve never properly played Cinderella Girls but I like Idolmaster and have been reading up on the C-girls… I really like their character designs and the figmas they’re making of them are great. I wish they’d make STANDARD figmas like this though… Not quality wise (though that would be nice) but accessory wise! At least the new Miku figma has some really great accessories…


    • I know what you mean. Accessories on the last few figmas to go up have been frankly pathetic, and I’d like to get more bang for my buck since the price of a standard figma has almost reached 4000 yen. I wish I’d been collecting when they were around 2500 yen T-T


  2. Dammittttt. I knew skipping on the previous Cinderella Girls would eventually bite me back, now that two new girls make their appearance in figma form. >_<

    And looks like come end of this month I will need to pay up for Kirito, Killua, and Gon. <– I actually forgot about their release dates. haha


    • I was eventually ok with skipping the others, but gosh these are amazing, and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping. At least they haven’t made Kaede(my favorite) or any of the stage outfits yet.

      What a pleasant(?) surprise! This will be my first time in forever getting just one figma in a box. Reminds me of the good ‘ol days before I went figma crazy…


      • Yea, I know right? My favorite Cinderella Girls would be Ranko. But with so many of them out there, I wonder when she will get her turn as a figma, if ever. Both Kaede and Ranko have puchi nendoroid forms, so my guess if they are going to follow up with more girls, we will eventually get to them too – hopefully. ^_^;


        • The Ranko petite is so cute! She’d make a really pretty figma! Especially with that parasol.
          True. It seems there are Cinderella girls falling from the sky. And they always give the moe ones the figure treatment first =_=


  3. Mika Jougasaki is amazing. Like you my appreciation of her is purely from figma collector POV – I don’t know Cinderella Girls besides the figures – but she puts me in a tough spot since she’s SO beautiful, lots of details and pose possibility. Also Max Factory’s SP and EX figures seem made with extra care. I don’t know if my will is as strong as yours.

    Are you getting Yukata Madoka nendo?


    • Special figmas really are made with care! It’s just unfortunate that figmas like Yuno and Kurisu lab coat version went up with ridiculously few accessories. I bet that if standard figma accessories had been better, more people would be tempted to buy them just because.

      I’m really hoping I can get both Maiko Madoka and yukata Miku, but it’ll be a matter of whether or not I can afford them.


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