Tamaki’s Watermelon Mini Yukata

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my sewing projects. This time I’ll be showing off a brand new mini yukata I made for Tamaki! Although I’ve found very few pictures of real people wearing them(perhaps it’s just an anime thing?) I really like the look of the mini yukata. A normal yukata reaches to the ankles, but a mini yukata is only half the length and I think it looks super cute! Seeing characters like Tsukihi Araragi pull off the look so well made me want to sew one for Tamaki, but I was unsure of which fabric to use. Then, while digging through the fabric box, I noticed some fabric that we’ve had for years. Not only did the fabric have a watermelon theme that is perfect for summer, there was very little of it left which made it the perfect specimen for what I wanted to make! Soon enough, the outfit was all finished and Tamaki was ready to model her new summer look.
I suppose it’s unfair to call this a watermelon yukata since there are hearts and apples as well, but I added the green obi just to reinforce the watermelon theme. Besides watermelon is one of the best things about summer!

Sewing for Tamaki has helped me to see what she looks good in, and although I don’t think red and white are her colors, I’m still pleased with how this came out. Since Tamaki’s first kimono was white as well, her next one will be more colorful.

Too bad I can’t change the bow in her hair…

What bothered me about the original kimono pattern was a lack of fold at the waist. So for my first kimono, I made it longer than specified in order to make my own fold like they do on a real kimono. But soon this method proved to be a pain as it made Tamaki very difficult to dress and I often had to redress her during photoshoots. So for this kimono, I decided to test out my new method! Instead of having to fold the yukata over, I just sewed a fold on! This makes dressing Tamaki a breeze and I think it looks way better. I’ll be doing this for the rest of my kimonos.

But Tamaki can’t just model her new outfit in a boring way, she needs to move around in it! So I took Tamaki around the yard for more photos.

Here she is sprawled out on a bench. It had just rained when I took these photos, so everything outside was quite damp.

Sitting in a Tree
I was hoping to have more of a summery shoot, but the humidity had me thinking of wetness instead of dry summer heat.

mini tama tree
Since Tamaki has a lot more kimonos on the way, I really should think of more creative shoots. Perhaps I can build some props!

want a bite
Want a bite?
The short yukata made me think of summer festivals, so I skewered some little berries on a toothpick to make a kebab snack for Tamaki.

chomp chomp
This is one of my favorites XD I like how her hair looks here too. I wish I could get it to look more like the prototype…

So there’s Tamaki’s new yukata! I’m happy with it and have started working on one that’s more her color. Seems I’ve become a kimono sewing addict XD.


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