Loot: May 2013

Just what was needed to break up the onslaught of doll posts lately(I hope nobody’s getting tired of those ^^’): a loot post! Since I’m cutting back, this loot(and subsequent loots will be also) was lacking in the figure department, but I did get a decent amount of goodies to make up for it!

Here it is:
loot 1
Pokémon Black and White 2 cast print(not pictured), After Eden by Kalafina, 24mm Twin Snow Stardust 05 eyes, Ronya Donyatsu strap, nendoroid Kirito, Kyubey T shirt.

It was raining off and on all day today. One minute, the sky would be black and the next, it would be clear and blue. I had to pack up and run inside while taking some review shots because it started pouring out of nowhere…

Anyway, let’s start with what wasn’t pictured: the Pokémon Black and White 2 Cast print!
loot 2
This print was one of those things that popped up out of nowhere, but I knew I had to have it.
I’ve been on DeviantArt for four years now. Not only was it the first website that I really became a part of, it was where I began going by the name Yami Usagi and was introduced to figmas, figure photography, and MFC. I mention in my About section that I always wanted to draw, but ended up abandoning that for photography when I realized it just isn’t for me. But what I did not abandon was my love for art(I actually look at drawings more than photos >_>). Strangely, accepting that I can’t draw has helped me to appreciate what other people do more XD! Anyway, there are several anime artists I watch on DA who’s art I really love, and I always freak out whenever one of them is selling prints. There’s just something special about actually having a copy of something you love that really makes me happy, and what makes me even happier is having a large print that can be used as a poster. So when Namie kun announced that they were opening a shop, I immediately headed over to pick something out. Sadly many of my favorite of their pieces were not being sold, but I did get this super awesome Black and White 2 poster! It’s A3 size, so it’s not the biggest poster ever and got a little damaged on the way to me, but I don’t care(you all know how I love Pokémon) and it now hangs right above my lap top~ My picture doesn’t do the image justice(lighting in my room stinks), so if you’d like to see it in better quality, do not hesitate to check Namie kun’s DeviantArt which I linked above.

Next is what was in my Amiami order which starts with Kalafina’s album, After Eden.
loot 9
For reasons I’m not entirely sure of, Kalafina has grown to be one of my favorite groups. I was first introduced to their music by Madoka Magica. I loved the dark tone of Magia and was happy to see them sing To the Beginning and Manten for Fate/Zero. Like I said before, I’m not really sure why I like their music. It’s very different from the typical J pop and has an almost medieval European feel(which I suppose is appropriate since the composer Yuki Kajiura spent time in Germany) that I’ve noticed myself liking in music for a while. I remember liking Ali Project’s music featured in Rozen Maiden for the same reason.

http://loot 10
Since I’m a fan of Kalafina, I of course want to have as much of their music as possible. I already purchased the Album Seventh Heaven and single Kagayaku Sora Shijimaniwa from iTunes, but they do not have After Eden, so seeing that nendoroid Kirito was my only figure for May, I decided to add it to my order.

http://loot 11
Much to my excitement, the album itself is very pretty and has several of my favorite songs like Magia and Snow Falling. I’m sure I’ll have some new favorites as well!

loot 3
Next is nendoroid Kirito! He’s my first nendoroid in a while(and currently my only one) so I’m really happy to have him. I finished his review shots today and will be doing his photoshoot tomorrow, so expect his review soon!

loot 4
Say hi, Kirito!

The last thing in my Amiami order was a Ronya Donyatsu strap!
loot 5
Donyatsu randomly hit the figure market with some vinyls and straps a while back and was surprisingly popular. I got a strap of one of the donut cats back in August 2012, but it turns out there are even more characters! Baumcougar and Kumacaron disn’t suit my fancy, but I thought Ronya was really cute and got her as a friend for my Donyatsu.

loot 6
Awww just look at that little bow and those eyes! Her feet and tail remind me of Meowth too~

http://loot 7
So many edible critters >_<

Next is my Dollfie Dream’s eyes which I did a separate post on
loot 8
KiritoXSevered Head is my new fan shipping. With those eyes, this could very well be Asuna’s head, how nice.

The last thing is a shirt my friend gave me as a graduation present XD
loot 12
Anything you say, Kyubey!

That’s all for May’s loot! Two of my June items were delayed, so that month will be very light, but I’ll get to work on nendoroid Kirito’s review along with reviews of older figures!


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