Project DD: the Eyes

Yippee! Yet another piece of my beloved Dollfie Dream is here! Due to unforeseen financial setbacks, this project is taking longer than usual, but I’m glad to be at least making some progress(although having to wait until I can buy the next thing is killing me >_<). But let’s talk about the eyes!

For me especially, faces are very important. One of the things I love in a figure is an accurate face, and if the face isn’t to my liking, I’ll easily pass on the figure. But looking at preformed figure faces is a lot different than planning out a Dollfie Dream. Although I’ve had a vague idea of what my character looks like from the beginning(why can’t Usagi draw?!), the process of converting her into a DD forced me to think about a lot of things I’d not previously considered such as face shape. And even once you’ve settled on a head, there are still so many different aspects to consider in order to make the doll as close to your vision as possible. One of these aspects is the eyes. I already knew that I wanted my Dollfie Dream to have brown eyes, but browsing pictures online showed me that there are countless styles each with an effect of their own. I also wanted there to be a decent amount of black in the eyes since I often find that eyes with not enough black give Dollfies that yandere look and I really don’t want a murderous doll in my bedroom. Following this criteria, my first choice was Volks’ Animetic G type eyes in Apricot. I liked the color and oval anime look which I felt would help to convey the kindness in my DD’s personality. But although the eyes were ok, they’re fairly basic and easy to come by, so I wanted something more unique and with more pop for my DD. Stumbling around online eventually led me to the place: Twin Snow. Not only did Twin Snow have a good reputation with doll owners, their eyes are lovely. Browsing their store, I saw many eyes that were not only beautiful in color, but had the unique shine and pop I was looking for. And now, after much waiting, my eyes are finally here!

eyes 1
The eyes I chose are Starust 05 in 24mm! One of the things that made me uneasy about purchasing these eyes was the high shipping cost for eyes that are already on the pricey side. But this is an expensive hobby and seeing how beautiful Twin Snow eyes look on dolls, I finally bit the bullet and got them. I was hoping to get some DD underwear as well, but by the time I was ready to purchase, they were all sold out. Darn.


Now let’s get these out of the package!
eyes 2
Tada! Aside from a small nick on the surface of one of the eyes(it’s so small that I don’t mind) they arrived in perfect condition and are just lovely! One of my concerns was that they would be more orange than brown(which would make my DD really scary since her hair is orange-ish), but they’re just the right color.

eyes 3
On the other side, you can see that they’re hollow. The eyes are basically domes.

But the best way to judge a pair of eyes is to try them on, so I pulled out the ‘ol 06.
eyes 4
Get ready to see for the first time, my little head!

eyes 6
One step closer to completion!(although it looks like I put the left eye in wrong ^^’)
I jammed some Sculpey in her head for these photos, but have since bought some Mack’s Silicone earplugs since many online have judged them to be a great alternative to eye putty(and they are!).

http://eyes 5
Installing the eyes, I’m quite pleased with them. They’re just what I was looking for and look darn good in pictures. And although my DD looks a tad creepy with eyes and no faceup, I’m just happy to have another part of her! Like I said before, things are going slow, but whenever I’m able to buy another piece, it will be the wig. I can’t wait!


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