Kagura’s Ice Cream Party

Although they’ve settled some of their differences, Tamaki and Kagura are still far from friends. Is there anything that can change that?
s 1
Me: Tamaki, what are you reading?
Tamaki: Something that appears to be a summoning from the witch.

s 2
Me: Eh? What does it say?
Tamaki: *Ahem* “Dear stupid fox and goat, Kirito kun and I will be eating ice cream today in the garden at five o’ clock. We have extra ice cream, so I thought your goat might want some. Please remember to bathe. -Kagura”

s 3
Me: So, are you going?
Tamaki: Of course not! Why would I even consider interrupting my Master’s busy schedule for a lousy party in a garden? It’s not even close to the splendor of the Emperor’s gardens!
Me: I think you should go! Kagura isn’t perfect, but neither are you, and I think you’d benefit from having someone to talk to. Besides, you two are the only dolls in the house, so it wouldn’t hurt to get to know each other better! Besides, Paki would never turn down free ice cream…

s 4
Tamaki: Silence, Large One! I’ve no time for your incessant ramblings! Besides, my darling Master has something to say~

s 5
Tamaki: What’s that, Master? Kagura isn’t perfect, but neither am I? And you think that I’d benefit from having someone to talk to and might as well get to know Kagura since she’s the only other doll in the house? And you’d never turn down free ice cream? Ok, then let’s go!
Me: Sigh…

At the Garden
s 6
Kagura: Oh, hello fox. I see you came.
Tamaki: Yes, we did. It just so happened that Master and I had some free time.
Kagura: Fine, then take a seat.

s 7
Kagura: So…do you eat ice cream often.
Tamaki: yes, quite. My Master only requires the best, but this will do.

s 8
Kagura: I’ve got to keep cool and not seem desperate or else that mangy fox will find out that I’m lonely

s 9
Tamaki: Focus is crucial in this situation. One slip up, and that nasty witch will find out that I’m lonely

It was awkward at first, but after a few bites of ice cream, the silence was shattered and the two girls were able to open up to each other

s 10
Wild stories were told and many laughs were had

s 11
Indeed, it was the most fun anyone had had in a long time. The joy continued for the rest of the afternoon.

s 13
Kagura: Ahh~ I’m stuffed!
Tamaki: Yes, that’s the most I’ve eaten since the great palace feasts held in my honor~

s 14
Tamaki: Hmmm, but the sun has ventured below the horizon. Master and I will need to be wary of burglars on our way home.

s 15
Kagura: Oh, don’t worry about that! You can spend the night at my house!

Later, at Kagura’s house
s t 1
Kagura: Ah~ It’s so refreshing to put on clean pajamas at the end of the day. Tamaki is getting ready for bed in my room; I wonder what she wears to sleep in~

st 2
Kagura: Eh?! Tamaki, isn’t that what you always wear?
Tamaki: Of course, it’s all I have.

st 3
Kagura: B-but it’s important for a girl to have all kinds of clothes! Why don’t you have anything else?
Tamaki: In my day, I possessed a wardrobe fit for royalty! I was showered with gifts of fine clothing from my many admirers and was loved by many! But that time is long past, and although I would gladly wear traditional clothing from my native land once more, it is hard to come by in these parts. Modern clothing doesn’t suit me, so until I can find something proper, I’ll just do without.

st 4
Tamaki: Well, good night, Kagura. I’d stay awake longer, but my foxy senses require sleep to function…
Kagura: hmmmm

The next morning
st 5
Tamaki: *Yawn* What a refreshing sleep! I feel ready to take on a Berserker!

st 6
Tamaki: Eh?! But where’s–

st 7
Tamaki: Kagura! Have you been there all night?

st 8
Kagura: Oh, sorry for dozing off! I ended up pulling an all-nighter so I could finish.
Tamaki: A-an all-nighter?! What were you in such a hurry to finish?

st 9
Kagura: This! Since traditional Japanese clothing is hard to come by in these parts, I decided to make you something! I couldn’t think of anywhere you could buy some, and since sewing is my hobby, I thought it would be a nice surprise–

st 10
Kagura: Um, Tamaki…Why are you shaking?
Tamaki: This…is…the…

st 11
Tamaki: Greatest gift I’ve ever gotten!

And that’s how Tamaki and Kagura finally became friends

Just because it was so pretty outside, I took some extra pictures of Tamaki and Kagura with the hydrangeas~
tama h 2

tama h 1

kagu tama h


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