Figma News Fridays 6/14/13

It’s time once again for Figma New Fridays. This week offered a good amount of figma news. Not only was there information on release dates like I’d hoped, a new figma went up for preorder and we got a sneak peek at one in the works. So let’s get started!


Asuna Delayed
Asuna preview page
As expected, Kirito and Asuna will not be coming out in the same month. We can now expect Asuna in July.

Egashira 2:50 Release Date Announced
Egashira 2:50 preview page
Egashira and his tights will be out June 22nd

Gon Freecss Release Date Announced
gon preview page
Gon will also be out on June 22nd

Killua Zaoldyeck Release Date Announced
killua preview page
Killua’s release date in June 22nd

Kirito Release Date Announced
kirito preview page
Kirito will be release on June 22nd
He’s my only item for this month ^^’


Kurisu Makise: White Coat ver. Preorders Begin
kurisu lab coat preview page
From the popular game Steins;Gate which has been adapted into an anime and recently a movie, comes the genius scientist Kurisu Makise! Rather than her casual jacket, this figma features Kurisu in the white coat she wears in the lab. Equip Kurisu with one of her three brand new faces, crossed arms, or Future Gadget #12 for more fun. Her slippers are even removable! Kurisu retails for 3619 yen and is scheduled to be released in November.

I’m happy with the figma itself, but as for everything surrounding it, not so much. For starters, she barely comes with anything. The faces are just what I’d hoped (way more fitting than those of the first figma in my opinion), but could they really not think of anything else to include? Maybe the microwave, headphones, a metal oopa, or a manila envelope(maybe Okabe will some with some of these things?) The other thing is her price. Figmas are definitely becoming more expensive because 3619 yen is a lot for a figure with so few accessories. BUT none of this matters because I’m totally getting her. I’ll be waiting for you, Christina!

Okabe Rintarou Sculpted!
okabe back preview
Okabe? Oh yes! To go along with Kurisu, the Mad Scientist is now sculpted. We’ll see him at Wonderfest at the very least, and he better come with some good stuff! And I better get a job…

Well, that’s all for this week! Do you have any figmas to look forward to on June 22nd or are you happier to see the zombie go up for preorder?


5 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 6/14/13

  1. I kind of wish I had ordered Asuna, I have no interest in the show or her medieval look, BUT the details look great and her expressions are really, well, expressive. She looks like a good figure.


    • I LOVED the show at first, but it got really ehhh as it progressed. I still love Asuna and Kirito because of those few good episodes XD
      As for the figure. The nendoroid sold pretty well and has gone up in price since release and this is one of the few good figures of Asuna who was fairly popular herself. If you’re not 100% sure, I will be reviewing Asuna, but, my reviews aren’t the quickest to go up ^^’ She does look like a great character to be made into a figma! I wonder why they didn’t make more characters from the series…


      • I just got Saber Alter (she’s great!) so I have no idea why Asuna’s knightly outfit bothered me. Asuna’s sold out now at amiami (I already have some stuff preordered there, that’s where I’d have ordered her from). TV BGS never came back in stock so I bet Asuna’s gone too, seems like fanboys like her. But I’ll look for your review and maybe I’ll be persuaded into getting her used.


  2. I am totally getting the new Kurisu figma, as well! She will make a really suitable science teacher for my school setting, haha. And Okabe better be sold, and not become one of those unfinished prototype figma.


    • I’ve been meaning to get Adult Mikuru to use as a teacher instead of Casual Saber. One of these days…XD
      Oh, I doubt he’ll go unfinished(Archer WHY?!). That hasn’t happened in a while and there’s tons of money to be made because of the new movie!


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