Tamaki and the Truce

After what happened last time. Tamaki finds herself in a less than desirable position.

Tamaki: Day 12. For almost two weeks, we’ve been in the witch’s custody. We’ve survived on meager scraps

Tamaki: And been kept in deplorable conditions… Much worse is the sight of my Master in a cage.

Tamaki: *Snivel* It’s more than I can bear!

Tamaki: And just look at that witch over there! She’s out enjoying herself with her filthy pillow while my precious Master and I waste away in the dust!

Kagura: Can it, fox! Kirito kun and I are trying to enjoy the summer!

Tamaki: *Hmph!*

Kagura: Ah! It’s five O’ clock! That makes it ice cream time!

Kagura: Hey! Where are you going, you mangy fox?
Tamaki: Oh, I just though I’d move out of the way and watch from afar~

Kagura: Watch from afar? What on earth is she talking abou–

Kagura: AAAAH! A lion!
H-how can that be?! Aren’t we in a neighborhood?!

Tamaki: Why anybody would know that modern day neighborhoods are teeming with lions. And nothing attracts neighborhood lions more than the scent of ice cream!

Kagura: Ahhh! Get over here and help me, you stupid fox!

Tamaki: *jingle jingle* Sorry, I can’t hear you~

Tamaki: Oh, and I forgot to mention: the one thing neighborhood lions like more than ice cream…

Tamaki: Is pillows.

Kagura: Kyaaaah! Kirito kun!

Kagura: Oh please help me, foxy fox! I’ll feed your goat anything it wants if you rescue Kirito kun!
Tamaki: Why would I help you? All you’ve ever done rob my Master of his right to freedom! In fact, people like you are the reason Master and I never associate with anyone! Isn’t that right, Master?

Tamaki: M-Master?!

Tamaki: AAAH! Master, come back!
Kagura: The goat escaped from its cage and is chasing the lion! They’re going to fight!
Tamaki: NOOOO! Master please don’t!

Due to issues with the lion’s agent, this fight cannot be shown. Thank you for understanding

Tamaki: That fight was amazing! Forgive me for underestimating you, my dear Master!
Kagura: Oh Kirito kun, I’m so glad your safe! I don’t know what I’d have done without you!

Kagura: That settles it, mangy fox! To thank your goat for saving Kirito kun’s life, I’m letting you both go! We may not be able to become friends, but we can at least form a truce!

And that’s how Tamaki and Kagura settled the first of their differences


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