Saber Alter at the Beach

I’m back! That’s right, after two five hour car trips(there and back) and lots of fun in the sun, I’m ready to get back to blogging. It’s been ages since I’ve been able to go anywhere, and I’d almost forgotten how long the days can be when you’re on a trip. Not only was this my first trip in years, it was my first time travelling with a good camera and taking a figure along.

We had a room that was walking distance from the beach. I was happy to see the ocean again, but will admit that I’ve seen better beaches(not that I’m complaining). The beach could only be accessed at low tide(late morning to mid afternoon) and was full of creepy crawly things like crabs and slugs. Also since this was the Atlantic Ocean, there was no shining white sand or clear blue water. It was more gray. But I was still happy to be there!
beach 1
When we first arrived. High tide, so there was no accessible beach.

http://beach 6
A nice little place to walk on though.

This being my first trip to the beach(or pretty much anywhere) with my camera, I realize how sorely unprepared I was for caring for it. For instance, I did not even think about sand or salt. And within minutes of bringing out the camera onto the beach, the lens was covered in salt from the sea breeze. It was so covered that I had to stop taking pictures. Good thing I brought my trusty microfiber cloth, right? WRONG. With nothing good to wipe the lens off with, I had to resort to using a very clean t-shirt. I felt so bad for that poor camera.

But let’s get on to the figures. Like I mentioned before, the friend I went with is not into anime. Not wanting to freak anyone out, I only brought one small figure and made sure it was the simple and beach appropriate Beach Queen Saber Alter. I was afraid that I would not get a chance to sneak in any photos, but found some time on the second day when we were exploring the beach.
saber 6
Doing the setting for the beach was an interesting experience. I had to balance between ultra super bright which made it hard to make out any detail and dark which made Saber’s face seem shadowy and ominous.

saber 11
Being able to bring Saber Alter to the beach was awesome. I recall mentioning in her review(which was done in December) that I couldn’t wait to photograph her in the summer, but never imagined I’d be able to take her to the beach! It’s just perfect for a Beach Queen!

saber 12
The popsicle face is my favorite, so I used it for all of these shots.
I think her black bathing suit looks great on the beach too!

http://saber 14
I have a whole new respect for anyone who takes pictures on the beach. It’s hot, sandy, and there’s the potential risk of being stared at, so I really commend amazing beach photographers!

Not wanting to really mess up my camera or meet another crab, I did not take Saber any closer to the water. Being on time constraints prevented me from being super artistic, but I think Saber Alter’s cuteness makes up for it!

But Saber Alter wasn’t the only thing on the beach! While looking for seashells, we encountered this slug!
beach 16
My first time seeing one of these alive

There was also a lizard on the walkway!
http://geko 2
I’m surprised he let us get so close to him. The ones near my house run away very quickly.

Once nighttime came, I took the poor old camera out again for some sunset shots. Much to my disappointment, we were facing east, so I could not photograph the sun setting into the ocean, but there were still some pretty colors to see!

http://beach 21
Giving long exposure photography a try. It’s so nice to be able to experiment with these things!

http://paki at the beach
Of course Saber Alter wasn’t the only one to come along! Looking back, I should have brought a hat for him >_<

http://saber 15
My last picture of Saber Alter. There wasn’t much sunset left, but I wanted to have one of her at night.
There was an annoying yellow light in the gazebo we were in, so I had to do some photoshopping to eliminate the color cast.

And that concludes Saber Alter’s Beach excursion! I’m even happier that I decided to keep her and hope I can visit the beach again with Ika Musume and Sun Seto!

http://jekyll 5
Goodbye, beach!


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