Review: figma Mami Tomoe School Uniform version

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and witches need to be hunted. It’s time for another review! This time we’ll be looking at figma Mami Tomoe School Uniform version by Max Factory.

Mami Tomoe is the dignified veteran magical girl who rescues Madoka and Sayaka in the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Mami can be recognized by her western influenced yellow costume which emphasizes her bustiness while allowing Mami to utilize her unending arsenal of muskets to slay any witch that comes her way. But rather than her magical girl costume, this figma depicts Mami in her civilian form which is that of a kind and outwardly strong young student.

When it comes to the Madoka Magica girls, I can never seem to choose a favorite. Instead, my affections meander from character to character, and I’ve yet to settle on one. Then again, the girls are so different that it would be a shame to just love one! Mami has proven to be a popular character for her “mamis” and untimely demise(which was pretty awesome). I like Mami for her unique look and level headed(well, most of the time) character. Mami is wrought with dignity and composure which I think that really makes her an admirable character.

Although I did not watch it until after it aired, I truly enjoyed Madoka Magica and couldn’t wait to get my hands on some figures. The magical girl figmas were released in a timely manner and uniform version of Madoka and Homura came soon afterwards, but there was a ghostly pause in the Madoka figma line which made me think that we would never get secondary versions of the remaining three girls. But my fears were alleviated when the movies brought with them news of just what I wanted. After all of this waiting, picking up this figma was an easy decision.

I can finally get back to doing my reviews outdoors!
As with the magical girl version, Mami’s box is yellow and covered with the stars and swirls which remind one of magic. The inside is a complimentary salmon pink which is reminiscent of the titular character Madoka.

Mami herself is wearing Mitakihara Middle School’s uniform which is meant to evoke the image of an upper end private school. Mami’s uniform is personalized by her hairpins, tights, and white shoes.



Mami’s hair is a pale yellow and her bangs are parted to reveal her partially closed eyes which help to communicate her temperate disposition. The hair has no discernible shading which I suppose is ok, but the pale yellow is actually brighter than that of her magical girl counterpart which should be reversed to be more show accurate.

I just noticed this, but Mami’s hairpins resemble traditional Japanese kanzashi. That was probably obvious, but it’s not like you see kanzashi around here…
The hairpins are actually made of soft PVC which is tremendously helpful when changing her face since you need to grip the sides of her head which could potentially damage the pins were they made of hard plastic. Of course this means the pins can’t have a shiny metallic finish, but I’d rather they be dull than broken.

On the back of Mami’s head(*sob*) are her lovely curly blonde pigtails.

Bot pigtails are on a ball joint which allows them to be rotated. They don’t move back much, but can be moved out which helps to make poses more dynamic.

Mami’s bow is painted a deep red which is very appealing against her beige top. It’s also quite obvious that she is the most mature of the girls. I like that her chest was sculpted in a realistic way that suggests she is wearing a layered shirt. So many times you see anime girls who’s shirts might as well be painted on…

On her right hand, Mami wears her soul gem in ring form. A wonderful detail to include!

On the back we see a cute bow on her waist along with the small hole at the base of the neck.

Her skirt reminds me of black bean soup with sour cream. Mmmmmmm
The red detailing looks good too.

Mami’s tights are a purple brown color that is hard to describe…

mami shoes
I’d always noticed Mami’s shoes, but never realized how cute they are until I got this figma. Just look at the buckle and those little bows!

Of course the fun doesn’t stop there! Mami is a figma which means she has her fair share of fun accessories to play with. First up is her interchangeable faces.

Mami comes with three faces:
mami faces
Glancing to the side, happy, and determined

I feel that the magical girl figma’s faces covered Mami’s personality adequately, so these faces are pleasant bonuses to me. I love sideways glances and having a happy face is great. I’d say the most appreciated addition is the determined face which is much better for fighting poses.

Next are several fun pairs of hands!

Mami has five pairs of hands and two special hands.
mami hands
Top row: open, fists, gripping,
Middle: hands to hold a teacup, a hand for her soul gem, hands for transforming
Bottom: gloved teacup hands for use with the magical girl.

Notice that the ring is present even on the extra hands!

Of course, faces and hands are standard items. So let’s see what accessories Mami has that are specific to her character.

First is everybody’s favorite obligatory blue school bag.

Not much to say about the bag other than that it’s blue with metallic buckles and zippers. The bag isn’t exactly exciting, but I do display my Mami with it, so it a nice touch.

Next is Mami’s soul gem which can be used two ways.
The first way utilizes the pegged hand. The soul gem has a small hole at it’s base, so simply plop it onto Mami’s pegged hand for this pose. This duplicates how Mami held her gem while patrolling Mitakihara for witches.

The other way makes use of Mami’s other pair of special hands.
This pose imitates how Mami holds her soul gem before transforming into her magical girl garb. The hands are a single piece which has a peg that plugs into a hole in the side of the soul gem. Mami’s arms are supposed to be fully outstretched for this pose, but since the shoulder joints were not exactly cooperative and I have no desire to break Mami, I bent the arms for a more doable albeit slightly awkward pose.

The inclusion of Mami’s soul gems is a wonderful feature that is sadly absent from the rest of the girls in the line. I’d have loved to have soulgems for each of them and it’s sad that Mami got one when someone who could have really used it *cough Sayaka cough* went without.
I’m happy to have soulgems, but it isn’t all fun and games because these things are microscopic! Thankfully I didn’t have to spend precious time looking for them on the floor like with Kiritsugu’s cigarettes, but they’re still very easy to lose.

Just how tiny are these soul gems? Well, here they are…on a penny.

Mami’s final accessory is something that really should have come with her magical girl form, but I’m glad at least the uniform version has.
A teacup! The teacup fits into Mami’s special hands and is just perfect for her! The cup itself fits quite well while the saucer is less willing.

And inside the cup is actual plastic tea! I’m happy to see a cup with tea in it since the cups included with Aya Kagura Morning Coffee version and Kuroneko were empty which looked a little ridiculous.

Even better is that there are gloved teacup holding hands so that magical girl Mami can partake as well. The hands hold the cup decently(saucer is still loose) but are a tight fit on magical girl Mami. I wasn’t able to fit the peg of the teacup hand all the way into her wrist.
Also note that the faces included with uniform Mami are interchangeable with magical girl Mami and vice versa. This brings even more fun and makes is especially beneficial to have both forms of Mami in your collection.

Now that we’ve seen Mami and all she comes with, let’s take her on a photo excursion!

happy flowers
Happy flowers~

flower pals

l m 1
The new faces also work well on the original Mami figma!

l m 7

l m 8

l m 11

l m 13
Making use of the tea cup!

l m 15

spring lounging
Mami in spring

don't be greedy
Don’t be greedy, Sayaka! Those sweets are for everyone!

a witch is near
Mami’s soul gem is shining. A witch must be near!

witch hunting 2
Witches hide themselves in complex mazes. Good thing Sayaka brought her bat!

witch hunting wee
The witch is very close. Good thing Mami is a veteran fighter!

Game over, Mami.

Final Words
Mami may not have a super cool sculpt or exceptional accessories, but I really like her! Whether it be because she inches my Madoka Magica figma collection closer to completion or because she makes magical girl Mami even better, I had a lot of fun with Mami(as the photos above suggest), and isn’t that what it’s all about?

14 thoughts on “Review: figma Mami Tomoe School Uniform version

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  2. Where did you get all of those sweets and stuff in the Greedy Sayaka picture?
    I wish I had some for my figmas! – x –
    And awesome review! I love seeing reviews where people play around with the poses! xD


    • I got them from my local hobby store. It’s a packet of sweets intended for dollhouses. They’re very inexpensive and other miniature items are available as well. I’m sure any store with a dollhouse section would have something similar!

      Haha My reviews are just elaborate excuses for me to play with things XD


  3. I got a huge anime crush on Mami conparable to yours for Kirito. After reading your reviews, can´t wait to get my hands of both versions of these Figmas.


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  6. OMG do you have Morning Coffee Aya?

    Mami’s tea saucer was VERY unwilling to cooperate with me, and I almost felt like I was going to break it. Then I would pose her and it would fall off of her hand. I kind of wish they had molded a hand with a tea saucer attached. Also I wish Mami’s hand pegs fit in my other figmas so everyone could have a full cup of tea. Not so!

    So is Mami’s school uniform figma more advanced in terms of construction than Madoka and Homura’s uniform figmas? Mami’s uniform seems to be a really soft PVC and doesn’t really restrict her posing at all.

    Anyway love your “A Witch is Near” photo. Love Sayaka in it. Thanks for the review!


    • Yep! She’s my most revealing figure XD(which I suppose is a good thing). That reminds me, I’d like to have a way to showcase my collection on the blog. Hmmm need to think about how to do that…

      Why don’t the pegs fit into your other figmas? Are they the older ones?

      No, the uniforms are made the same way. I don’t see any noticeable differences.

      Thanks! I’m posting Sayaka’s review tonight! ^^


      • Good to know abt the uniforms.

        My figmas aren’t really older but on Homura-chan, Tsubasa Kazanari and BRS2035, Mami’s hand pegs were too wide. I stopped trying after that. It’s a little weird – maybe my particular Mami figma has fat wrists >:S


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