Blogging Schedule Summer 2013

Two Madokas

Howdy! Slowly but surely things are calming down. My free time is returning, and I plan to get back to sewing more clothes for Tamaki and Kagura and trying to get that shiny charm in Pokémon White 2, but what I’m sure you all would like to know is what to expect from Never Outgrew Toys now that summer is approaching. So to provide a better outlook, I’ve compiled a little post of what will be happening on the blog. I’ve divided things into Coming Soon(things that will definitely happen and I will do ASAP), Coming Later(things that I will not do ASAP, but will definitely do), and Coming Eventually(things that I’d like to do, but you shouldn’t count on because Usagi is bad at making internet promises). So here we go!

Coming Soon

Figma Sayaka Miki Uniform ver Review
I’ve had Sayaka for a week and haven’t forgotten about her!

Figma Mami Tomoe Review
And who could forget Mami?

Coming Later

Tamaki and the Truce
The exciting conclusion to Tamaki and the Trap

Room Update
A peek at my entire collection and the room I keep it in. My last post of this kind was made way back in February of 2012(before I started blogging) and can be found here on

More Pureneemo Sewing
I really have become fond of sewing for my Pureneemos, so there is surely more to come. Maybe if I get good enough, I can open a shop >_>

More Project DD
Really looking forward to this =_=

More Pokémon Comics
No, I’m not finished with these. I just haven’t been in the mood lately. But now that every Pokémon comic I’ve made has been uploaded to the blog, I might as well make more!

More Comics
Anyone who just started following me may not have known this, but I used to make comics all the time. Sometimes there were several a week. But I just haven’t been making them lately. In fact, the last one I made was six months ago(and the last good one was 10 months ago), but I will change that! I have two written out already and am very excited to get back into making comics.

Coming Eventually

Older Figma Reviews
This blog has accumulated a decent number of figma reviews, and I think it would be beneficial to the blog’s reputation and it’s readers to add even more. There are currently twenty-one figma reviews, but I have many more old figmas in my collection that were obtained before the blog existed and were never reviewed as a result. So over the course of the summer, I will do my best to review some of those older figmas and give them their chance to shine!

Scaled Figure Reviews
I am by no means a scaled figure collector, but there is a section for it on the blog, and that section is severely lacking. Right now there is only Wave’s Saber Alter Beach Queen, but I hope to add Goodsmile Company’s Inori Yuzuriha, Phat Company’s Caster Extra, Alter’s Momohime, and Goodsmile Company’s Nessa.

Resizing and Fixing Buttons
Some of the “buttons” for comics and reviews on the blog are either a weird size or do not properly represent the post they link to. I’ll be fixing those to make the blog more visually appealing.

Facebook and Twitter for Never Outgrew Toys
This is just an idea, but since I’ve moved to Flickr, why not branch out further? This depends on whether or not it would be useful though. I’m not exactly sure what I’d post about on Facebook. ^^’

Well, that’s all for now! I should add that this list does not include regular things like loot posts or reviews on figures I have preordered. I just wanted to provide a better idea of what I’ll be doing on the blog over the summer. Of course this does not mean that I’m not open to suggestions. If there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog, just leave a comment, and I’ll consider it!

8 thoughts on “Blogging Schedule Summer 2013

  1. LOL yes that’s helpful! I wanted to know about the quality “in person” – she looks kind of plasticky in the promo photos, and then in some online photos by owners she looks much better – and it sounds like from what you say she looks pretty good, if not *quite* great, even in the details. Sometimes that’s something you can’t tell until you see an item in person, so if you have no big complaints that’s helpful to know.

    I think it’s funny that some people don’t like the new CCC Caster’s face or bust because that’s really what she looks like in the actual gameplay! The scale is the exact same. I’ve seen those comments and I think some of those people might be comparing new CCC Caster with original Fate/Extra Caster, who is less impossibly busty. I don’t usually like figures with mega-sized breasts but there’s so much playful energy to the entire sculpt and it goes to Caster’s big personality – IMO the breasts seems to work with the rest of the ensemble.

    The transparent look on the new one is intriguing and again makes me feel like you’d almost have to see it. Hopefully those translucent parts work together with the solid/painted parts, I think your Caster has a little transparency to her hair accessories too?

    It’s good that you made a rule about what scaled figures you’re going to get. I don’t have enough room to display a big collection so I try to resist most temptations. But I don’t have a rule, in fact I got Gift Saber Lily to try to set a “classy” tone, since Saber is a classy lady, but now I’m finding I’m drawn to the more moe and magical characters while (underscaled) Saber is back in her box. A rule would have helped here X)

    Sorry for the rambling reply, thank you for the detailed response.


    • She looks much better in real life than in promo pictures. Especially in the face.
      If it helps, here are some pictures I took of her I’ve yet take a picture of her that I’m really proud of. I’ll have to give her another shoot with my new camera.

      I think it’s similar to how people feel about Alter’s Kongiku. Seeing giant boobs like that in an illustration is one thing, but having a sculpture is another. I’ve admittedly never been fond of the bust on Caster’s new outfit, but you can’t really fault the figure for that.

      The first Caster has a transparent bow to suggest sheer material, but it’s uniform in it’s transparency(unlike the gradient transparency on CCC Caster). It’s also not very noticeable. I almost forgot about it XD.

      Scaled figures can be crazy expensive, so if I’m making such a big investment, I better like it ALOT. The problem is that a lot of kimono figures are coming out now! I’m scared XD. And it stinks when you see a figure for an amazing discount but have to resist because of the rule. Max Factory’s Refined Kiritsugu is on sale for around 3000 yen on amiami! Must resist…

      No problem! I’m happy to answer questions. Gives my brain a little workout ;D


      • That second pic you linked to really shows off both the paint and the material, which is what I was wondering about. I’d have no problem getting a figure like that.

        I actually have no idea how far in advance I’d need to preorder something like CCC Caster in advance of her release date, before/in case she sells out. I think I have some time 😀

        You’re right about illustration vs. 3D and I didn’t like Kongiku. I probably would like CCC Caster better with a slightly less-huge chest but what can you do. I like the tiny hat.

        There are several scaled figures I’d like to get coming up, but I’m definitely being selective. Sadly the ones I liked and passed up on haven’t stayed around for a discount.

        You must be looking forward to the yukata Madoka figures that are on the way. I like the FREEing ones, and will probably preorder FREEing Madoka right away. GSC’s Kimono Madoka, not so much.

        If you got Refined Kiritsugu you’d have to get Refined Saber Zero too so would you really be saving that much? And then you’d have two rule-breakers.


        • I think you’ll have some time too. It’s hard to guess how long she’ll be available after release though. …So does this mean you’re planning to get her now?

          I passed on Kongiku because of that monster chest, but now that she’s out, I know I’ll eventually get her for that splendid kimono. It’s just a matter of when since I’m currently not in the position to knock out my wishlist ^^’
          Tiny hats rock. I wish Azone would make a CCC set for Pureneemo Caster. I’d totally get it!

          It’s actually the opposite for me. ^^’ I was watching the yukata set, but now that GSC’s Madoka is up, I’m really looking forward to seeing her painted. I do like FREEing’s set though, it looks a lot better than the Fate ones so far.
          Right now the scaled figures I’m looking out for are: GSC’s Tsukihi Araragi, GSC’s Madoka, and FREEing’s yukata Saber Alter. I’ll most likely wait for the release on all of them.

          Eh, I’d pass on Refined Saber since the figma is enough for me.
          Maybe if there was a Kirito figure, I’d get Kiritsugu and start a dudes in black coats collection(I kind of have a thing for black coats), but I’ve about lost hope in a Kirito.


          • Yukata Mami has a little hat too, or is it a mask worn up to the side?, but it’s shaped like Charlotte. I can’t wait for all of those girls – reward for holding off and not buying all those Banpresto Madoka series figures that keep appearing. I usually like GSC a lot so maybe when I see more of their Madoka I’ll be more favorable toward her. Tsukihi Araragi is amazing.

            I’m going to wait a little before I preorder Caster but all signs point to yes. She’s top of my list of favorite upcoming. The only figure I knew I would get when I saw it this year is GSC Princess of Crystal (like everyone else I like the Alter’s overall sculpt better, but I am such a Himari fan that the Alter-ed face on that figure kept me away). I thought I would definitely preorder Thanatos Eros Cosplay Ayase but with a month to go I haven’t. Sometimes my enthusiasm wanes. Only dude in a black coat I can think of that I’m looking forward to is that Devil Summoner scale figure by Megahouse.


            • It’s a mask. They’re really common at Japanese festivals…on children XD. I got burned on GSC’s Inori and scaled figures splurges for me, so I’ll have to wait for release. Tsukihi IS amazing! I wish they’d paint her already~

              Princess of the Crystal is super awesome~ I sort of wish I’d gotten a scale instead of the figma. My figma falls apart all the time =_=. I do prefer Alter’s version, but I do see where your coming from with the face. I wonder why there wasn’t a Himari nendoroid. She’s certainly cute enough!


  2. No suggestions, just wanted to say that I’d love to hear your thoughts on Phat’s Caster, since the new CCC one is up for preorder and you do pretty thorough reviews. There are figures I like b/c of the character and then there are figures that are superbly done – how would you rate your Phat Caster? How is the finishing, up to standards? And are you going to get CCC Caster? (I LOVE her sculpt!)

    Congratulations on graduation 😀


    • Oh ok! If you’d like, I can get started on a full review with pictures(which will give you a better idea of her quality) tomorrow, but it won’t be up for a few days.

      But in the mean time, I can write out what I think of her! As a caveat I’ll start off by saying that I’ve only ever had five scaled figures(sold two), so I’m not as familiar with standards and quality as I am with figmas. I initially became interested in Caster because of her outfit. My first scaled figure was GSC’s Nessa and one of my grails is Max Factory’s Kureha Touka, so Caster’s kimono inspired look is well suited to my preferences. Since then, I’ve played Fate/Extra and come to love Caster as a character(why else would I blow my savings on that Purneemo?). Knowing Caster, I’d say that the figure represents her quite well since she’s bouncy and happy. The figure really shows off her playful side. Her finish is decent. There is pearly white paint on her tassels, the gold details are metallic, and she has a real mirror. She has basic shading in the folds of clothing and hair, but nothing amazing. I’d say Nessa’s hair is better shaded. Overall, I wouldn’t rate her as don’t buy it bad, but she’s not amazing either. For instance, I bought Momohime without knowing who she is just because the figure is awesome. Not sure if I’d do the same for Caster. If you love her design(which is still executed well) or character, she’s worth it, but I wouldn’t buy her as an example of the ingenuity of the figure industry. In spite of this, I love my Caster and wouldn’t dream of selling her and if another company came out with a Caster in her blue outfit, I would buy it and keep both.

      As for CCC Caster, I am not getting her. I have no issues with the sculpt(some aren’t too keen on her marble boobs and grin) and like that the new figure conveys some of her mischievous nature. One reason I’m not getting her is because she is not in a kimono type outfit which goes against my scaled collection rules(gotta keep myself in line somehow). I had considered breaking my rule since she’s one of my favorite characters, but when I saw the transparent look, I didn’t think she would look good next to the first Caster, and decided to pass. So I don’t think the new one looks bad, but I’m afraid the transparency will be jarring next to the first Caster. I could be wrong, so do remember that it would take a super awesome figure of a character I adore to get me to break my rule.

      I hope that was helpful! Please tell me if there’s anything you’d like me to elaborate on! ^^


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