Loot: April 2013

It’s been getting warmer lately, and what better way to bring in the unbearable heat than with plastic? Today we’ll be going over April loot! Yippee!

This month I have two figures and a decent amount of goodies. Two things were even unexpected!

We’ll start with the figures!
Here we have figma Sayaka Miki and Mami Tomoe uniform version. A while back I didn’t think either of these figures would exist, but now they’re both here and ready to be added to my shelf(which I really need to get back to rearranging). Now that these two are here, only Kyoko is left before my Madoka Magica figma collection is complete! Expect reviews later this week!

Moving on to the goodies!
First is my Dollfie Dream head! It’s great to see something happening with this doll. I did a complete post on it earlier this month, so I’ll just link to it rather than saying anything else.

Next is the Chihuahua Wanko earphone jack accessory by Pink Company! When Pink Company’s jacks first came out, they only had cats. Since they were cute, I ordered the beckoning Calico(you can see him in my August 2012 loot) and was happy with him. But cats have never been my thing, so I was even happier when dogs were announced. There’s a great selection of dogs and I went with the Chihuahua in honor of my own little Chihuahua.
They’re even cuter in person!

I love these little guys, but sadly there is a problem.
As you can see, I do not have an iphone. I have an Android, and although the jack fits, it does not go in all the way. This leaves a little part of the jack exposed and very susceptible to bending which actually caused my cat jack to break. Also, since the jack on my phone is on the right rather than left, one of the dogs hangs off the side a bit. For these reasons, I’d advise anyone with a different type of phone to think before getting these.
I don’t regret my purchase, but it’s unfortunate that I have to be so careful with the jack.

Last is something I never thought I’d get!
Sword Art Online Niintengomu straps!
These two were part of a set that was released back in December. Not wanting to pay 4000 yen for the whole set when I only wanted Kirito and Silica, I joined a group order. This was my first group order, and sadly it didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped.
I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say that the person hosting the order did not send them out until May 11th… I seriously thought I’d never see them. I’m not turned off of group orders, but I’ll have to think a lot more about which ones I join in the future.
These two were a pain to get a hold of, but aren’t they cute! There’s an Alfheim set scheduled to come out soon too. I’ll have to at least get the Kirito from that set.

Well, that’s all for this month’s loot! Expect reviews on Mami and Sayaka soon!

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