Figma News Fridays 5/17/13

Hello again, everyone! I’m back from my little break! Next week is my last week of school, but I enjoy blogging too much to stay away any longer. I even finished my graduation speech! Huzzah!
Anyway, this week jam packed with figma news. So let’s get started!


Cobra Release Date Announced
cobra preivew pic
Ready your wallets, Cobra fans, Cobra will be out on the 18th, also known as tomorrow!

Dead Master TV Anime Ver. Release Date Announced
Deadmaster preivew page
Deadmaster will be released on the 30th

Yuno Release Date Announced
Yuno preview page
Yuno’s date is the 25th

Sonico Release Date Announced
Sonico Preview page
After a bizarre delay last month (her release had already been announced), Sonico is back and will finally be out on the 22nd.

Kirito Delayed
kirito preview page
WHY?! Out of all of the figmas this month, they just had to delay the only one I wanted. This was supposed to be Kirito month… At least I still have the nendoroid. Kirito is now listed for June(hopefully Asuna won’t be delayed, and they’ll come out together!)

Rei Kuroki Preorders Begin
Rei Kuroki Preview Page
The newest character to join the Vividred Operation figma line is Rei Kuroki! Rei comes equipped with her bow and arrow, a gun, and three expressive faces. She retails for 3810 yen and will join your collection in October.

Homura two Rei isn’t bad. Her design is very basic, but I do like the variety in her faces. But 3810 yen for that? Are you ok, Max Factory? A pass for me.


Kaito Preorders Begin
Kaito preview
From the depths of cyberspace and the top of Goodsmile Company’s Request poll comes the ice cream-loving male Vocaloid, Kaito! Kaito comes with three faces to express his vibrant personality, a flowing version 3 scarf, and his beloved ice cream. He retails for 3810 yen and will be available in September.

Kaito is a figma that has been severely wanted by fans for a long time. Admittedly, Kaito isn’t my favorite male Vocaloid(Len is), but his faces pleasantly surprised me(I especially like the singing one. It looks like he’s fist bumping) and he is a male figma that I know, so why not? I preordered him!

Well, that’s all for this week! Did you find either of this week’s preorders interesting, or are you just happy about the releases we have to look forward to?


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