Project DD: The Head

Ah~ It’s finally time for something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: an update of Project DD!

For anyone who does not know, Project DD is the name of my project to build a custom Dollfie Dream.

The initial post was made two months ago, and although I intended to purchase the first piece that month, things just kept getting in the way.

Even now, this didn’t go quite as planned. You may recall that I wanted to buy the eyes and wig before the head. This is because at the time of writing, I did not realize that Volks International and Volks USA do not keep all items in stock regularly. After seeing that both stores were indeed out of the head I wanted(Volks International actually had every head except that one), and seeing that the head was released a few years ago, I panicked. Online searches turned up empty and watching and Mandarake for preowned heads only provided prepainted models that were beyond my price range and unnecessary to me since I will be commissioning a face up. All the while, Volk’s will be restocked filler loomed over me. Resigning to my fate, and having no idea when this supposed restock would occur, I undertook the obsessive task of regularly checking both Volks stores in hopes of having the opportunity to obtain my beloved head. Thankfully this madness didn’t last for long. Soon enough, I saw what I had been waiting for. With the Add to Cart option now available, I placed the order. Of course this had to happen around the time of Dollpa and Golden Week, so after a week and a half of waiting for the order to ship and the comparatively short two days it spent in transit(thanks EMS!), the first piece of my precious doll is finally in my hands.
The head I wanted so much is the DDH-06. The customizability of Dollfies is amazing. In fact, to a newbie like me, it can be quite overwhelming. Still, since the sculpt is the bones of any doll(or figure for that matter), I wanted the perfect head to reflect my doll’s personality.
My character who this doll will be based off of (and who’s name will be kept a secret until I have more of her) is kind and motherly. I found the large eyes and gentle face of the DDH-06 to be perfect for representing her, and almost every time I find a picture of a Dollfie Dream I love, it’s the DDH-06. I just love this head.

On a separate note, the little box the head came in is so cute!

The head is made of a very soft vinyl. Feeling it’s softness, I now see why so many doll owners are plagued by stains.
The skin color is normal and as you can see, there is no face up. I’ll be scrounging together leftover cash from my wig and eye budget to commission a faceup, and am hoping to have enough for it in two months(should be easy since I don’t have many preorders).

For whatever reason, her ears intrigue me. They’re reasonably thick, and I’ve even seen people pierce them before. I’ll definitely have to do that so she can wear earrings!

http://head back
I also like the font the copyright info is written in. Makes something mundane a little exciting.

The head cap is made of an even softer vinyl. This soft cap is supposed to make removal easier than with the traditional hard cap, but it’s still rather snug. I actually broke a nail while trying to get it off!

shiro head
Although I have been perusing Dollfie Dream photos for quite some time, there is one thing I had yet to fully comprehend about them. That is just how small these dolls are. Even though I’d seen pictures of DDs with Pureneemos and even people, their size just didn’t hit home until I held the head in my hands. To provide a better perspective, I put Shiro next to the head. Notice how even a 1/12 scale figma towers above it.

While opening the box, my head was flooded with thoughts. Among the typical remarks of how cute the tiny box is, how pleased I was with the expedient shipping, and curiosity with regard to the smell of new vinyl, I couldn’t help but think “Did I seriously pay 5000 yen for this?”. And the answer is yes, yes I did. Am I disappointed with my purchase? No. Am I precariously perched on the slope of am alarmingly expensive and addictive hobby? You bet!

Armed with my new perspective regarding the size of these dolls, I am slightly irked by some of the prices I’m facing to finish my project. This by no means means I want to quit, but seeing how small she’ll be, I’m at a loss as to why doll stores charge so much for shipping. $20 to ship a doll wig? Ouch! Anyone know of any Twin Snow or Dollmore group orders in the works?

This picture is nightmare material

…Am I bored? Who plays with a disembodied doll head? XD
It’ll be a little longer before she starts to look like anything, but I’m happy to have part of my girl with me! Next will be the wig which is an orangey brown.

And while I’m at it, I might as well make a personal announcement: I’ll be graduating from high school soon! It’s been quite a ride, and knowing it’ll be over is a bittersweet thought. With a graduation speech in the works and a mere two weeks left, I suppose this is finally starting to feel real. I’ll be going to college, but not right away, so it looks like the blog will be very active in the summer!
Anyway, yesterday in preparation for the graduation party, we bought the little graduation dog you see above. I thought he and his hat were cute, and when my mom said he’s meant to be signed by guests to the party, I just had to have him. My dad has named him Lester Bagdonovich, and I’ll probably post a picture of Lester after the party when he’s been signed.

paki lester
Well, that’s my Project DD update! I hope to have another next month where I’ll be posting some pictures of my girl in her wig!


5 thoughts on “Project DD: The Head

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  4. Oh, congrats on your first dolly head! Out of curiosity, whom were you planning on doing her face-up? I’m so excited to see her when she’s all done, I bet she’s going to look amazing!
    Again, congrats on getting so close to graduating! I’m excited myself to be a Sophomore this coming year^^ Good luck with your speech!


    • I’m hoping to have Bellatrix do it. Her commission thread is fairly new and I like how she paints lashes ^^

      Hehe have fun as a sophomore! My class was crazy that year XD


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