Figma News Fridays 5/3/13

Welcome again to Figma News Fridays! With Golden Week ongoing in Japan, this week was barren as can be. There are updates on only one figma. So let’s get started!


Cobra Previewed
thurs 2

No official word yet, but since Cobra appears to be almost ready, I suppose his release will be in early May.
And on a side note, I’m hoping Cobra’s Kraft Macaroni hair is due to poor lighting rather than bad shading…

Well the, that’s all for this week! Amiami managed to ship my order before Golden Week started, but I’ve had packages delayed because of it in the past. Is anybody stuck waiting, or are you just hoping for more figma news next week?


4 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 5/3/13

  1. No new figma news makes my wallet happy. I got my Ultimate Madoka this week – I wasn’t as excited about her when I saw pics of those hip-level dress joints but seeing her in real life I think she is definitely worth getting, she’s very sculptural and looks good all 360 degrees around. It’s hard to see that aspect in pictures. Assembly was a challenge.

    I just saw early photos of the 1/8 scale Saber Bride by Gift – something to look forward to, evn tho she’s only in the earliest stages.


    • Haha true. I’m hoping for some updates on May figmas soon though. Really hoping nothing I ordered gets delayed!
      Until Ultimate Madoka, I’d never done so much assembling on a figure! I can only imagine what it’s like with the scaled version O_O.
      Good to see that someone is making a large Saber Bride. Too bad GSC never made her or Saber Extra. She’s painted now actually.


      • Yeah, I wonder why GSC hasn’t done Saber Extra yet. Anyway, I like how Gift’s Saber Bride and Saber Extra are kind of posed at complimentary angles, they’ll make a nice set. Saber Lily is the only Toda Satoshi I own.

        I have the scaled Madoka and thought both were stressful to assemble. Just use equal parts care and force XD
        BTW, I’m glad I have both, I wasn’t impressed when I had the unopened figma box in hand, but the little girl looks so amazingly detailed and lively when she’s unboxed, assembled, and fully up and running.


        • They must not like money XD
          Perhaps it’s for the same reason there isn’t much merchandise of Caster from Fate/Extra. The origin is too obscure…
          Having a happy Ultimate Madoka is a good benefit too since the scale is so fierce.


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