Kagura’s Pink Dress

After putting so much time into making a new outfit for Tamaki, it seemed like a shame to leave Kagura with only her default clothing. Thankfully Kagura’s clothes don’t require nearly as much effort.

A week or two after getting Tamaki, I ventured into the attic in hopes of finding something for her to wear. And since I had a good number of Barbie dolls as a kid, there was still a decent selection of clothing remaining. Of course Barbies and Pureneemos are very different dolls, so the clothes did not fit particularly well. It was at this time that I also confirmed that modern clothing doesn’t really suit Tamaki. Somewhat disappointed, I tucked the clothes away.

Then Kagura joined the family. One of my reasons for getting Kagura was her neutral appearance. Whereas Tamaki’s bright pink hair and fox ears limit her to a particular look, Kagura’s gentle face and long blonde hair provide many more possibilities. To my delight, the Barbie clothes were also compatible with Kagura (in spite of her noticeable smaller bust), and with a little cutting and fitting, Kagura had a brand new look!

My first victim subject was a pink spring dress(I figured it was fitting for this time of year).
kagura 7
The dress was given to me years ago by a friend who thought it was ugly. Although neither of us were very girly, I liked the dress, and gladly took it.

kagura 8
As much as I like the dress, I did have some difficulty adapting it into a complete outfit. I’d hoped for a more casual look, but ended up with something more along the lines of what my mom refers to as “Old Lady English Garden”.

kagura 9
The pearls and shawl create more of a mature look than I’d like for Kagura, but this IS my first try, so I’ll just have to be happy with it.
Eventually I’d like to buy some doll sized sun hats at the hobby store. Perhaps that will liven up her look.
I should also get more shoes ^^’

kagura 10
The dress originally had a belt tied around the waist which I removed when I fitted it, and although I initially didn’t care for the headband that came with Kagura, I ended up making the belt into one. The flower was sewn on afterwards. I think it came out quite nice.

kagura 11
The shawl is just ribbon. I hope to do better things with it in the future.

The weather is really warming up, and flowers are beginning to fade, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful outside. Time for Kagura’s photo shoot!

kagura 3
I styled her hair with some water. Unfortunately it doesn’t stay that way for long without hair spray. Azone spray is sold out everywhere, so I’ll have to get it from Volks.

kagura 2
In hind sight, I probably should have made the dress shorter.

kagura 1
Need to work on my posing ^^’

kagura 4

kagura 5
Pureneemo eyes can be tricky since sometimes light reflects off of them creating a weird look.

kagura 6

kagura 13

kagura 14

kagura 15
Thought I’d try some black and white. I keep meaning to do an all BW shoot with one of my Pureneemos, but now with the Dollfie on the way, I’ll just wait for her.

kagura 17

kagura 18

kagura 19
Not exactly pleased with the colors in this one.

kagura 21

kagura 22
I love these tiny flowers!

Seems that I’ve really grown fond of sewing for my dolls! Saving money by making kimonos for Tamaki is great, and I’m also happy to know that I can easily alter Barbie outfits to fit Kagura. My sewing hobby is in its infancy now, but with time, my hope is that Tamaki and Kagura can have unique and quality clothing! This also applies to my soon-to-be Dollfie!


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