Tamaki’s Yukata

From the time that I preordered my beloved Tamaki to the when I finally got her, I had a lot to think about. One thing was why on earth I was buying a doll, and the other was what I wanted her to wear. After poring over Azone’s promotional shots, and considering Caster’s backstory, I decided that I wanted her to dress in a traditional Japanese style. This would call for one of my favorite clothing items: kimonos!

Somehow figure collecting has helped me develop a fascination for kimonos and outfits inspired by them. I believe this love was awoken by Fractale’s bubbly Nessa(too bad the show didn’t live up to the hype. I’d have like more Nessa figures), but wherever it came from, this fascination has greatly influenced my scaled figure collection(my rule is that they all need to be in something resembling a kimono) and myself to the point that I actually purchased a yukata to wear to conventions.

Since Caster’s default costume is reminiscent of a kimono, I knew that retaining that Japanese vibe would be ideal for keeping her in character. The problem was that not only were the majority of Azone’s Pureneemo kimonos sold out, they cost around $30 each. Considering my collection, this may be a shock, but I am painfully frugal. Figures are pretty much the only thing I buy, and spending $30 on clothes that aren’t even for myself is out of the question. My solution to this problem was to make clothes for Tamaki instead! I’d almost given up hope on finding a suitable kimono pattern when a user on figure.fm posted a Dollfie Dream kimono that they’d made. They graciously mentioned where the pattern was from, and using a copy machine, I was able to shrink the pattern to Pureneemo size.

So now Tamaki finally has her very own yukata! I ended up making a yukata since they’re very casual and I don’t have the proper fabric to replicate a fancier type of kimono.

I have to give credit to my mom for actually sewing this one together, but I made the obi(had to use an obi pattern different from the one supplied for a more authentic look) and will be sewing Tamaki’s next yukata.

007 (2)
I wanted to make a white yukata first so that it could serve as underclothes for any future colorful yukata to avoid staining.

008 (2)
The only white fabric we had was super cheap and kept falling apart, so I ended up going with this predominately white floral pattern.

010 (2)
Tamaki’s yukata is put on just like a real one. This makes it a little hard to keep on, but I’m still happy with it.

011 (2)
I made several other obi, but this blue one works best. In case anyone is interested, the kimono pattern is from Undead Threads. The only modifications I made were to the obi(used my own pattern) and making the entire kimono longer so there could be a fold at her waist.

Now that Tamaki finally has a new outfit, a photo shoot is in order!

067 (2)
Fox in a tree~

075 (2)

131 (2)
The hills are alive~

136 (2)
The azaleas match her hair!

azalea tamaki
What I really like about having dolls is that all you have to do is change the outfit for a whole new look! I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of doll photography this summer when I run out of figure ideas.

pink tree tamaki
I’d never been too keen on sewing, but making things for Tamaki is very fulfilling. I’m already in the midst of creating a new outfit for Kagura

tama pansies 1
So many flowers >///<

tama pansies 2
These photo shoots make me very eager to complete my DD!

tama pansies 3
This yukata is long, but I’ll be making her some knee length ones as well.

tamaki tree

tree tamaki

So, what do you think of Tamaki’s new look? I already can’t wait to make another yukata, but poor Kagura has been neglected long enough, so next will be a spring dress for her.


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