Figma News Fridays 4/26/13

Behold, the Friday of figmas! Figma News Fridays! This week was both a dream and a nightmare for figma collectors. We saw mostly releases, but there was also a preorder, a color preview, and a surprise announcement. So let’s get started!

Edit: Added another Friday announcement


Bruce Lee’s Accessories Revealed
bruce lee scan
From this month’s Hobby Japan scans, we have Bruce Lee! This is Bruce Lee’s first appearance since Wonderfestival, and his accessories aren’t bad! He’s pictured with two faces and two pairs of nunchucks with an unknown price and release date.

For that amount of accessories, he shouldn’t be too expensive, but considering the “license” and rise in figma costs lately, he may very well be.


Yuuichi Sawajima Preorders Begin
sawajima preview page
From Time Scoop Hunter, comes Yuuichi Sawajima, a time traveling employee of the Time Scoop Company. Yuuichi comes with two faces, a hairpiece depicting his disheveled bangs, and everything he needs to document different time periods! Yuuichi is scheduled for August and will cost you 3619 yen.

This is one of those figmas that seemingly came out of nowhere, but I have to admit he doesn’t look half bad (especially with those bangs). Still, the idea of owning the miniature likeness of a Japanese man I have very little knowledge of is slightly disturbing, so I’ll be passing on him.

Labrys Famitsu Original Color ver Released
labrys recolor
Her hair makes me thirsty for tea…

Pit Released
pit preview page
I just love how annoyed that little pink guy looks.

Dark Pit Released
dark pit preview page
I’m sure Pit and Dark Pit will be a fun pair to play with.

Sayaka Miku Uniform ver. Released
sayaka uniform preview page
Once I get paid, mine will be on the way! I’ll have a review up once she gets here!

Yui Takamura Released
yui takamura preview page
Yui is technically released tomorrow, but I figured it would be better to include it now than next week.

Kurisu Makise White Lab Coat ver. Sculpted
kurisu lab coat sculpt
Yes YES! These are the kinds of figma announcements I love. Random, sculpted, and sorely needed.
The first Kurisu figma came out in 2011, and although it looked good, after watching the show, I felt that the faces didn’t quite capture Kurisu’s personality. Obviously this influx of Steins;Gate merchandise (the apparently forgotten Feyris Nyan Nyan nendoroid resurfaced as well) is due to the movie, and I’m hoping to see even more new figmas. I’d like to see Okabe and Mayuri, but at the very least, we’ll get more Kurisu faces.

Okabe Rintarou Announced
okarin friday
I’ve been hoping for Okarin for a long time, and just when I lost hope, here he is! I expect amazing faces.

That’s all for this week! Do you have any of these figmas on the way or are you as excited about Kurisu and the Mad Scientist as I am?
I’ll see you again next week for more Figma News Fridays!


7 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 4/26/13

  1. I kinda don’t like Sayaka, but that figma is actually pretty adorable. Also, they show four expressions – is one from the magical girl version or does she actually come with four faces?


      • I thought the face where she’s holding the bat with the teapot-looking thing on top looked like a different one (more gentle expression) than the one on the large central image – but no, they’re the same (sassy/sarcastic?) – o.O my bad! Thought they had one of Sayaka’s old faces thrown onto the promo like with Uniform Homura where Max Factory shows Magical Homura on the Uniform ver. promo photos. Anyway, I like this new Sayaka design better than the original.


    • Me too! I have the Kurisu Figma, but I would LOVE more from that series. I just got Sayaka & Mami uniform today. I’ll get a review up soon, but I was pretty disappointed when I say that my uniform Mami’s hair was WAY brighter than my costume on. It looks like they should be reversed. But overall, they are GREAT expressions, and what looks like a perfect paint job (My Homura in uniform has an awful paint job right in the front :<)


      • The hair issue is strange(I guess Sayaka’s hair is ok?), but I’m happy to know that the faces are good. I just paid for my Mami and Sayaka, so they should ship soon. That is, as long as Golden Week doesn’t interfere ^^’


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