Loot: March 2013

April is almost over, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for March loot!

Since the miscellaneous Sword Art Online merchandise that comprised the majority of goodies in my orders have all come in, my recent loots have been mostly figures. But this month I did still receive two very lovely figmas(coincidentally both in white dresses) one of which has an amazing amount of extras. There’s also one extra little item that I picked up for no good reason.
Here’s everything:
march loot 1
Fate/Extra CCC Virgin White Box with Saber Bride figma, Ultimate Madoka figma, and Mawaru Penguindrum deskmat.
The yen is at an excellent rate, yet I find myself in a situation where saving money is the better thing to do. How unfortunate.

Although this order is fairly small, it ended up costing a little more since Saber Bride was a bundle and Madoka is huge. I even had to split the order into two boxes to avoid having to use EMS.

march loot 2
First to arrive was Ultimate Madoka(who’s Di: stage punch out I’ve now begun using).
Ultimate Madoka is the first of a wave of Madoka figmas scheduled to join my collection. I’m happy to have them all, but have a feeling I will need to rearrange my shelf before long…
You can go here to read Ultimate Madoka’s review.

By the way, these pictures were shot with the help of my Canon 430 EXII speed lite. I’m getting decent results, but still haven’t done anything great with it.

march loot 3
The second package contained Saber Bride.
I’ve waited forever for this figure. I even cancelled it and had time to order again! But now that I have her, I’m quite happy that I decided to order her again.
A review of Saber Bride and all of the limited box goodies will be up soon!

march loot 4
Last is the Mawaru Penguindrum desk mat.
Whenever I finish a show, I like to have at least one piece of merchandise as a memento(usually it’s a figure). I also happen to have a very boring white foldout table functioning as a desk in my bedroom. A few months ago, I saw some desk mats on Amiami and thought it would be nice to get one to make my workspace look a little prettier. Since this was around the time Fate/Zero was airing, I initially planned to get a mat with Irisviel on it, but the one I wanted was already sold out and there weren’t any others I wanted. My next plan was to wait for the Sword Art Online mats so I could add to my Kirito shrine, but I was very disappointed when the mats were all half naked Asuna/Leafa and the only one with Kirito on it made him look weird. After this, I gave up on my desk mat search for a while, but since there was nothing from new animes that I found interesting, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to scour the previously released mats. It was then that I found this one. Usually I prefer full pictures rather than character collages, but Penguindrum was a good show and this mat features cute penguins along with the Takakura siblings who I do not have any figures of. The mat itself is soft, a good size, and was a reasonable price(it was also the last one on amiami), so I’ll keep an eye out for more in the future.

That concludes my March loot! Next month’s will be a similar size, but if everything works out, I’ll have an update on Project DD as well. In the mean time, I’ll get to taking the field shots for Saber Bride’s review!


8 thoughts on “Loot: March 2013

  1. You’re making me want a desk mat now, but I know it’d be a waste of money since I don’t actually have a desk…
    I have yet to punch out Madoka’s di:stage, mostly because I’m scared of ripping it apart by accident.


  2. Same, I would’ve gotten figma saber bride, but I don’t think I (or my mom) would like to see her butt whenever I take photos of her. Other then that she seems like a great figma!


    • Hmm I’ve never thought of doing a video.
      A while back(before I had my blog), I did a room post that included my entire collection at the time. My room is filthy right now, but perhaps when I clean it up, I can do an update on that?


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