Figma News Fridays 4/12/13

Hello, and welcome to Figma News Fridays! With a preorder, official shots, and a newly painted prototype, this week had a lot of variety! I even have something from last Saturday(it went up the day after I posted last weeks FNF), so let’s get started!


Mami Tomoe School Uniform ver. Preview Pictures
mami saturday
Mami proto 2
mami proto 3
mami proto 4
Mami has already been confirmed for release on the 19th, but we now get to see pictures of the final product! The lighting for figma sample pictures is never the best, but she looks good!


Yuuichi Sawajima Painted
yuuichi painted
Unlike most figmas, Yuuichi is not from a currently airing anime, so I don’t think he’s been on many people’s radar. Still, he’s making his first painted appearance, and has been confirmed as an August release.


Kyoko Sakura Casual ver. Preorders Begin
kyoko casual preview page
From the highly popular Madoka Magica comes a new figma of the fiery Kyoko Sakura. But this time, instead of wearing her magical girl costume, Kyoko has donned her casual clothing. Equipped with the food she loves, and three fun faces, Kyoko is ready to help you complete your Madoka Magica figma collection.

Whether it be because I’m trying to conserve money this year, or because I have fallen behind on this year’s animes, my preorder outlook for this year is very scarce. In fact, the last figma I ordered was way back in January.
I couldn’t pass up on Kyoko though! I’ve always loved her casual clothing, and her annoyed face is awesome! A definite preorder for me!


Black Gold Saw anime ver. Preview Pictures
BGS proto 1
BGS proto 2
bgs friday
BGS will be released this month, but we’re not sure when yet. But if these pictures are any indication, we should get a definite date soon.

That’s all for this week! Did you order Kyoko like I did, or do have your eye on one of these figmas yet to be released?
While I was writing this post, my Ultimate Madoka figma came in the mail, so expect a review of her soon!


3 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 4/12/13

  1. O.O Madoka!

    I’m going to be controversial XD and say I don’t like the new Kyoko, just cause of her faces. Except that sidelong-looking one, the mellow face and the grumpy face don’t do it for me. I like her expressions on the Magical Girl Kyoko version figma – more vibrant! I know she had to have three “new” faces here but the happy one looks like a less happy ver. of the original one and the grumpy one is a less angry version of the original one. The Kyoko I love is more exaggerated so I would need original Kyoko to make this new casual dress Kyoko work for me since I would need to use the original faces. And buying two of the same, grrrr. I don’t think I like Kyoko that much.

    Black Gold Saw, completely on the fence with that one. Like you and everyone else, did not like the anime. But the preview pics look good. I have BRSB and her streamlined design is so similar to BGS-TV ver., in terms of the leg armour, bell sleeves and tight outfit, they might make a good fit. Don’t know if BRSB needs to be reduced to fighting TV BGS as opposed to just saving the world and such, maybe she could just stand on BGS and torture her.

    My other GSC news is that they featured the painted version of the Akane Tsunemori nendoroid. I’m doing my happy dance.


    • Nah, I understand what you’re saying. Except in my case, the grumpy face is my favorite while the other two are OK.

      I sold my original BGS, so getting the new one is kind of pointless for me =/.


  2. Kyoko was the first figma I preordered minutes after the preorder was opened, so that was an exciting first!
    Can’t wait to see your Ultimate Madoka review!


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