Tamaki and the “Witch”

The next part of the Pureneemo saga. This time, Tamaki hears of a mysterious character. But just who are they, and could their presence mean danger for Tamaki’s beloved “Master”? This is also my first doll story with(poorly drawn) special effects!
Before I proceed, I should elaborate on the interactions of the toys that live in the house.
Three groups exist. They are stuffed animals, figures, and dolls. Although the groups have little conflict, they prefer to keep to themselves and rarely interact. It is because of this that I was quite surprised when several ambassadors approached Tamaki with a request.

t 1
Tamaki: Master, I’ve nearly perfected my Fiery Heaven skill! Soon your meals will be piping hot!

t 2
Tamaki: Eh~ Someone’s coming our way!

t 3
Tamaki: Speak you names, intruders! Who dares to come close to my dear Master?
???: Have no fear, we come in peace.

t 4
Ambassadors: Worry not, we are ambassadors who have come on behalf of the other toys. We’ve come to make a request of the acclaimed Caster!
Tamaki: Hmm~ Then state your request!

t 5
Mikuru: T-there have been rumors of a powerful with in the area. Everybody is really worried!
Kirino: Nobody has seen this witch, but multiple witnesses have heard mumbling from her cottage. We fear that she may be casting spells. We came because we heard that you are adept in the field of magic and hoped that you could confront or possibly eliminate this threat.

t 6
Tamaki: Such a user of black magic is a powerful foe–one I have not seen since my past life. The thought of such a fiend near my Master is too much to bear!

t 7
Tamaki: It is decided! I Tamaki: Class A Caster will surely destroy this witch to bring glory to my Master!

t 8
Munch the Monkey: The witch’s cottage is not far from here, good luck!

After a few minutes of searching
t 9
Tamaki: That bear said the cottage was near here… Do you see it yet, Master?

t 10
Tamaki: Ah Master, there it is!

t 11
Tamaki: Witches are bothersome creatures, so we must approach with the greatest caution. Let’s have a peek inside…

t 12
???: Would you like some more tea, Kirito kun?

t 13
Tamaki: She’s talking to no one! Just as I’d feared, this witch is Class A crazy! Were we to challenge her to a duel, her abilities may even rival my own!

t 14
Tamaki: There’s only one thing to do…

t 15
???: Eh! Visitors? Kirito kun and I weren’t expecting anyone, are you here for the tea part–
Tamaki: Silence foul creature! I’ve come to eliminate you!

t 16
Tamaki: Select Skill! Curse: Fiery Heaven!

t 17
???: AAH! My house is on fire!

t 18
Tamaki: Let’s go Master, our work here is done.
???: Oh no! My house! What should I do!

t 19
Tamaki: Now that that witch is gone, nothing will come between us, Master!

t 21
???: Hey! You!
Tamaki: Eh~ Who said that?

t 22
Tamaki: Waah! The witch is back!…and she looks terrible.

t 23
???: Of course I look terrible! You set my house on fire and destroyed everything I won! Kirito kun and I barely escaped with our lives!

t 24
Tamaki: You got what you deserve, witch! Now take your filthy pillow and never come near my Master again.

t 25
???: How dare you say that about Kirito kun! You’re just a mangy fox, and you and your goat are just big bullies!

t 26
Tamaki: Waah! Master, help me!

Until now, I’d been blissfully unaware of the battle scene unfolding. But after hearing the ruckus in the dining room, I rushed over.

t 27
Me: Tamaki! What is going on?
Tamaki: Oh Large One, you’ve saved me from the brutal attacks of this witch!

t 28
Me: She’s not a witch! Her name is Kagura, and she’s just a girl like you. In fact, I’d heard that she just moved in and was planning on introducing you two. But since you’ve already destroyed Kagura’s home, I’d say you at least owe her an apology!
Tamaki: I refuse to apologize to someone who would speak so poorly of my great Master!
Me: Oh? Well since you don’t feel like apologizing, I think something else is in order. Kagura, how would you like to stay with us until you can find another place to live?
t 29
Tamaki: WHAT?!
Kagura: I’d love to!

And that’s how Kagura became a member of the family


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