Tamaki and Cherry Blossoms

Ever since the spring weather finally made its appearance, I’ve been eagerly waiting for flowers to bloom. During the summer, I can become so unbearably humid that the thought of cool weather may be welcome, but around December the cycle begins anew, and I desperately desire warmth.

Living in the South, I’m spared from harsh winters(of course at the expense of extreme summer humidity) in favor of a winter that can only be described as “Blah”. Although evergreens are not uncommon, the majority of the trees and plants that shed their leaves and lie dormant during Autumn retain their boring brown appearance for the duration of winter. When compared to the harsh summers, the winters are definitely cold, but rarely cold enough to warrant any snow. Without snow, we’re left with brown grass, brown trees, grey skies, and short days for months. This is tolerable, but near the end of every year, I become subject to the winter blues. Cold weather impedes my progress and sucks away my creativity. Perhaps there is an entire winter world I have yet to discover, but until then, I just don’t like winter.

Every year, there are three kinds of flowers I notice in my neighborhood(I’m talking about trees). First are the white flowers which look pretty, but smell awful(seriously, they smell like fish food). These white flowers are my first indicator of spring and torture me because in spite of these trees being numerous in the neighborhood, there is not a single one in my yard. Sometimes I can photograph a few branches of the neighbors’ tree that hangs into my yard, but it’s just not the same. Next are the cherry blossoms. We had three cherry saplings, but two died. The one tree that is left is pretty, but most of the branches are too high for me to feel comfortable photographing my figures in them. The final tree to bloom is the best. Not only are the branches low enough for me to reach, it blooms lovely pink flowers and is great for photo shoots. Currently I am waiting for the third tree to bloom, but until then, it feels like a waste to not try something with the cherry blossoms. So instead of looking up, I tried looking down! At the foot of the tree, I noticed some of the fallen blossoms. The simple elegance of the blossoms gave me the idea to try photographing a doll, so I ran inside and grabbed Tamaki.

This is Tamaki’s first serious outdoor photo shoot, and I’m quite happy with how the photos came out. Once I can get around to making her some more clothes(an not just talking about it all the time), she’ll get many more shoots!
I added the mirror from Phat Company’s Caster 1/8 for more variety.

sakura tamaki 1
Didn’t plan on keeping this shot since it’s a little dark, but it had the best composition out of the group, so I brightened it up with Photoshop.

sakura tamaki 2
Tamaki’s bright pink hair can be difficult to work with. I wish it was more peachy.

sakura tamaki 3

sakura tamaki 4

sakura tamaki 5
There was some bird poo just below her. I had to make sure it wasn’t in the shot.

sakura tamaki 6

sakura tamaki 7
A close up

sakura tamaki 9

sakura tamaki 10

That’s all for now! When the third tree blooms, I’ll be sure to get more pictures of Tamaki with flowers. I’m also working on modifying a Barbie dress to fit Kagura(her default outfit is too gloomy for spring).


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