Review: Pureneemo Alisa Nostalgic Story

Today’s review is on something a little different than figures. Let’s take a look at Pureneemo Alisa Nostalgic Story from Azone!

Alisa is one of Azone’s original characters from the SAHRA’S à la mode series. This particular Alisa is dressed in a gothic lolita style costume and was a standard release.

Although I like Pureneemos, I’m very picky with my dolls, and there are subsequently few Pureneemos that truly interest me(it’s probably better that way). Regardless, this doll caught my eye the first time I saw her. This Alisa was released in a standard and limited edition back in October 2012.
Both editions have identical faces, but the limited has an overall lighter color scheme while the standard’s is decidedly darker. Initially I wanted the limited edition(everything I want is limited, does that mean I have bad luck or really good taste?), but since I was not willing to hunt down yet another limited Pureneemo, I tried to forget about her. But after owning Caster for a while, and re-visiting Alisa, I decided that she was just too cute and had to own her. Eventually, I settled for the standard release, and successfully backordered her from amiami.

Alisa comes in the Barbie-esque box typical of dolls her size. The box has a purple pattern with butterflies on the sides and a picture of Alisa on the back.

Alisa herself is packed in a double layered blister with her accessories placed in baggies and taped to the back of the blister.

Also included in the box is two booklets.
The left is specific to the doll and the right is a general Pureneemo care guide.

A page from the left booklet detailing Alisa’s clothing. Other pages have pictures of Alisa in other Azone clothing. It’s basically a “Buy More!” book.

The right booklet is more helpful. It talks about caring for the doll itself along with clothing and hair. The entire booklet is in Japanese which is unfortunate(although expected), but the pictures are fairly easy to understand.

Now let’s look at Alisa! We’ll start with the body!

Alisa has an M sized body.

The face is my favorite thing about her! It has a very sweet innocent look. Her hair is gorgeous as well. It’s gold and very soft.

I think the M size applies to more than her body size… After Caster’s enormous chest, it’s interesting to see this.
By the way, the band over her chest is something I added. It is not included with the doll.

Various joints allow the doll to turn. Because of this she does not look very good without clothes, but since Pureneemos aren’t made to be sexy(at least I don’t think they are), that’s not much of an issue.
Something else to take note of is that she lacks shoulder joints which prevents her from raising her arms. Strangely, I don’t mind it.


The legs can be spread apart, but not very far.

Being accustomed to the amazing pose ability of figmas, I always feel limited when playing with Pureneemos. This is especially noticeable during photo shoots since the doll is limited to basic standing and sitting poses. Still, I’m sure there’s a secret to posing these dolls, and I’ll figure it out eventually!

But what is a doll without clothes? Here are all of the clothes Alisa comes with!
A dress, a bodice, a headband, sleeves, a choker, bloomers, stockings, shoes, and an overskirt

This elaborate ensemble allows for a number of outfits ranging from formal to casual. The booklet supplied features three outfits, so I’ll go over those.

The first outfit
This makes use of all of Alisa’s clothing.

Outfit one takes the longest to put on.

Her lovely hair is very long.

I recall reading online that although Azone’s line of anime-inspired dolls is cute, the original character line has better quality. Could that be true?
For its size, the headband is ridiculously detailed. It is covered in black lace and adorned with a black bow, lovely blue rose, and chain. The rose is made of plastic, but has a wonderful pearly finish that looks great in the light.
To put the headband on Alisa, I found it best to remove her head and slide the headband over her hair. This procedure has the potential to mess up her hair, but I found it much better than leaving the head on.

Speaking of hair, Alisa’s long hair is lovely, but can be a major pain to work with. While dressing and undressing the doll for this review, I had to remove the cardigan I was wearing and brush water through her hair several times because of the static.

The choker is made of a thin strand of lace with a jewel in the middle and metal hooks in the back to secure it. The jewel is a nice touch, but I wish it was a slightly brighter color so it could be seen better. Also important to note is that the choker becomes unhooked very easily. Since it’s such a small piece, I would recommend leaving the choker behind or keeping a very good eye on it if taking Alisa on any outings.

Like the headband, the bodice and sleeves have excellent detail for their size. I’m very impressed.

Her overskirt is made of lovely layered lace(try saying that three times fast!).

The stockings reach her thighs and add some nice texture to her legs. The shoes are made of a combination of fake leather and foam and secure with Velcro. Little blue roses echo the headband and pull the outfit together nicely.
Although the shoes are pretty, they make it very difficult for Alisa to stand. For this reason, I’ll be removing them for outfits two and three.

Next is outfit two!
Outfit two removes the sleeves and overskirt for a cleaner look.



Without the dramatic lace overskirt, Alisa’s sheer skirt is visible.

The final outfit is number three.
Outfit three creates the most casual appearance by removing the bodice and headband.

I was rather surprised to learn that what was previously the skirt doubles as a dress. Once the bodice is removed, the skirt can be pulled up over her chest. It’s a great option!

I would like this option much more though if it was not so tight. Because the skirt also needs to fit around Alisa’s waist, it is very tight on her chest, and I am not able to get the Velcro all the way around her body. It looks great in the front, but not so much from behind.

Her black bloomers slightly peek out from underneath the dress for some added appeal.

After examining Alisa’s clothing, I have to say that the quality is indeed higher than Caster’s. Whereas Caster’s costume was composed of largely the same fabric, Alisa’s employs a number of materials and is marvelously detailed. This is slightly disappointing since Caster was limited and more expensive, but it’s good news for Alisa!

Being a doll, Alisa is not really in need of accessories, but Azone kindly included an extra pair of hands.
These hands are for more exciting occasions I suppose.

Now that we’ve seen Alisa and everything she comes with, let’s take her out for a photo shoot!

One of the fun things about purchasing a doll of a generic character is that you’re free to rename the doll whatever you choose. I chose the name Kagura for my doll.


*Update* Kagura’s original photo shoot was done in the park when my SLR was still VERY new to me. Many of those photos are dated now, so I’m updating them with how Kagura is doing a year later.
Since her arrival, Kagura and Tamaki have become reluctant but undeniable partners in crime. Aside from lying around the house, the two have shared an unusual number of adventures including a camping trip and snow. Here are some photos:

kagura 3
Kagura in one of my first outfits for her. A modded Barbie dress.

k 1

fall portrait

tree 11

tree 21

snowflakes falling

snow sisters

snowy stroll


spring sweetie_edited-1

Final Words
I’m quite happy to have Alisa! Her blond hair is much more neutral than Caster’s, and I’m looking forward to modifying some of my Barbie clothes to fit her better. Even though she is not the version I originally wanted, I don’t regret my purchase at all.


3 thoughts on “Review: Pureneemo Alisa Nostalgic Story

  1. Always wondered: when something’s listed as backordered on amiami, does that usually mean they’re planning on getting it in at some point? The pessimist in me always thinks it means “Discontinued, we just haven’t gotten around updating the page.”

    The faces on the pureneemo are really cute.


    • It means that they currently don’t have the item in stock, but are planning on getting more from the manufacturer. It’s basically a restock. It depends on the item, but the chances of getting something on backorder aren’t bad.


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