Figma News Fridays 3/29/13

It’s that time again, Figma News Fridays! The weather this week was absolutely crazy. Monday there were snow flurries, and now on Friday, I’m wearing sandals. But the trees are beginning to bloom, and hopefully the warm weather is here to stay. We have some wonderful blossoms in the figma world as well including one preorder and two releases that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. So let’s get started!

EDIT: Added Henrietta. Thanks to Neil for catching that!


Akane Isshiki Preorders Begin
akane preview page
The first figma from Vividred Operation is here…Akane Isshiki! Akane comes with three faces. Two to express her joy and another for a bad day, but the most exciting accessory is her bike which has been perfectly shrunk down into figma scale. Akane retails for 3810 yen and will be available in August.

My my, Akane, those are some tight shorts. Akane is cute, and her super happy face is adorable, but as with many recent figmas, I do not know her character and will subsequently be passing. I do have to mention that she reminds me of Nessa from the anime version of Fractale though. That bike is pretty neat as well, I believe she’s the first figma to come with a vehicle.

Ultimate Madoka Released
ultimate madoka preview page
Yippee! Mine has been shipped, so my review will be up in a few weeks.

Saber Bride Released
saber bride picture
Finally! I’ve been waiting for this Saber for a year, so I’m really happy to be getting her. I’m also looking forward to those lovely limited edition goodies!


Henrietta Released
henrietta preview

And that wraps up this week! For this next week, I’m on spring break, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish up some of those reviews I have waiting. You also might have noticed that the blog has gotten a little makeover! I’m so happy to have rotating headers again… Anyway, I’ll see you again next Friday for more Figma News Fridays!


7 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 3/29/13

  1. That’s how I’m feeling too – on one hand, giant Figma = cool; on the other, giant Figma = why do I need that? Before I saw the close-ups I was way excited for RAH Homura but then I saw that, she is a Figma, 2.5X scale with fabric clothes and I think your right about the figmas looking better. Pre-order is the time to get her at a semi-reasonable price but I wish I could see her in more detail before I order/if I order. Thanks for your opinion, now I’m probably leaning toward not getting the RAH since I already have the Figma. :/


  2. Madoka!!! Good haul this week for you 😀

    Kind of separate topic: what are your thoughts on Real Action Heroes Homura? Unlike the other RAHs which sort of have their own sculpt, RAH Homura is a 12″ upscale of the Homura figma, Max Factory was involved I think.

    Homura-chan is my favorite figma. But then do I need a RAH Homura too? Even the swivel joints on the hair are identical to the figma, same switch-out parts and accessories. I can’t decide if 1) I like her since she’s a doll version of Homura that sticks with the anime art style, or 2) since she’s an upscale she will be less kawaii than the figma, since the detail is so much better on small-scale Figma Homura. Does this even make sense? I’d love to hear your perspective.


    • Hehe I’m really excited for Saber and Madoka!

      The Madoka RAHs really are just giant figmas, and although having a giant figma is a neat idea, it’s just not for me. I like figmas because they’re small and inexpensive, but the RAHs are big, expensive, and although the sculpts are similar, I still think the figmas look better(with the exception of Link. He’s the only one I think looks better). If they made Kirito, I might consider getting him for my shrine, but other than that I don’t see myself getting a RAH any time soon.
      Sorry, my perspective on these is a little grim. But I’d say, if you think the idea of a giant figma or doll/figure hybrid is cool, why not? It would also be nice to get if you really love the character. I like Madoka, just not enough to get every character all over again and pay three times as much O_O.


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