Tamaki’s Rainy Day

Tamaki and “Master” find a way to have fun on a rainy day.
In spite of the recent good weather, today is one of the ugliest days I’ve seen in a while. The cold forces me to wear a sweater even inside the house, and the darkness makes me feel sluggish and unmotivated. I should see how Tamaki is coping.

I head into the living room and find “Master” with Tamaki who is sitting in her usual chair. The excess of scarves and blankets prove that they’re cold too. Tamaki is passing the time by playing with her…NEW LAPTOP?!
With a mixture of curiosity and fear, I ask the question
Me: Cast–er, Tamaki, where did you get that laptop?

Tamaki: Hmmm~ why it was a gift from my dear Master! Who else would shower me with such elaborate gifts of affection?

I should have known. The love in Tamaki’s eyes when she gazes at the laptop proves that it could only be from “Master”

I’ll have to watch out for him…

Tamaki: For what reason have you sought my company, Large One?
Me: Oh, it’s such a dreary day that I was wondering if you were bored.

Tamaki: Although I am forever grateful for Master’s gift, it is true that my vulpine senses have dulled. Perhaps some movement would do me good…

Me: Maybe you can find something in the toy box to play with, then.
Tamaki: Oh! I will act on your suggestion, Large One! But first I should change into my casual wear.

All she did was take off her socks… Note to self: get new clothes for Tamaki.

Tamaki: Let’s inspect our treasure, Master!

Tamaki: Look, Master! Hat’s for both of us!

Tamaki can’t wear hats

Tamaki: With these we’ll have a kingdom! Master will be emperor and I’ll be his empress!

Emperor Master, I like the sound of that

Tamaki: Hehe!

Tamaki: Master, surely this dragon could lift the earth into Heaven! Just look at his abs!

Tamaki: A-a baby Master? Oh Master, you said I was the only one…

Tamaki: I have little interest in dolls…

Tamaki: Oh Master! I heard you like these!

Tamaki: Look, Master, we can even race! I’ll assure your victory every time!

After a long day of playing, Tamaki was tired out
Me: Did you have fun today, Tamaki?
Tamaki: Why yes I did, Large One. Although my foxy muscles are sore after such an active day…
Me: Then why don’t you take a bath? I’m sure it will make you feel better.
Tamaki: That’s an excellent idea, Large One!

Later, in the bath…
Tamaki: I’m so glad we were able to play together, Master! Our lives are so perfect since it’s just the two of us.

Just the two of us…


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