Review: figma Kuroyukihime

Today I’ll be reviewing figma Kuroyukihime by Max Factory!

Kuroyukihime comes from the anime Accel World which tells the story of several middle schoolers’ experience playing a virtual reality game called Brain Burst. Kuroyukihime is the oldest and most powerful of the group and is the mentor(and later girlfriend) of the protagonist, Arita Haruyuki. The show takes place in futuristic Japan in a world a bit more advanced than that of Sword Art Online(same writer). This particular figma depicts the avatar Kuroyukihime uses to log onto her school network. There is a figma of Kuroyukihime’s game avatar, Black Lotus, but as I am not a fan of figures without human faces(weird huh?), I do not plan on getting her.

Accel World is one of the few recent animes I’ve watched. I actually ended up watching it because of the figma announcement, and although the premise is interesting, the show lacks the pizzazz needed to become one of my favorites(especially when you compare it with gems like Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita which aired around the same time). I feel Accel World suffered from a lot of the same flaws as Sword Art Online(like I said, same writer), most notably the needlessly infuriating villain who ruined the second arc for me. Also unfortunate is that Kuroyukihime was not seen more often– especially since so many of the show’s promotional images feature her. Still, Kuroyukihime is a uniquely attractive character, and possesses the same visual appeal as a figma. For that reason, I decided to add her to my collection.

Kuroyukihime comes in the “doublewide” figma box which indicates that her accessories are either very large or she has a lot of them. The box is decorated with pink butterflies and carries a futuristic vibe while still remaining girly.

By the way, this is my first review photographed using my new camera! But I’m still getting acquainted with it and do not have a macro lens yet, so please bear with me.

Kuroyukihime has an excellent sense of presence for a figma. Her billowing gown, pale skin, and impressive wings contribute to her rather striking appearance.

The colors also work together nicely. The black and various shades of purple and pink provide noteworthy contrast.

Kuroyukihime is most revealing in the back(in more ways than one). I’ll elaborate on this further as we look at the details of her costume.

Perched atop Kuroyukihime’s head is a frilly lolita headband and a pair of ahoge. The ahoge are obviously meant to contribute to her lepidopteron theme by mimicking butterfly antennae, but after seeing someone liken them to cockroach antennae, I can’t help but think of them that way. I also like her eyes. They’re somewhere in between red and brown, and stand out very well against her pale skin.

Her dress is quite nice. The sleeves and top of the bodice utilize opaque plastic which creates a mystical feeling that I don’t think could have been achieved with normal plastic. The same goes for the frills along her skirt which are made of a purple transparent plastic. The metallic butterfly appliques also add some charm although they slightly remind me of those edible gold painted shapes bakers put on fancy cakes.

In order to better resemble real butterfly wings, Kuroyukihime’s wings are also constructed with opaque plastic. They look quite nice with light shining through them. When the weather warms up, I should remember to take Kuroyukihime out for some sunrise photos!

The pink details and wing membranes were applied by machine, so they are perfect!

Behind Kuroyukihime, we see where her wings attach to the figma stand.

The wings don’t actually come attached to the figure. They are a separate piece that is packaged behind the blister containing Kuroyukihime.
The lower wings plug into the upper wings through a little peg. To prevent the wings from being loose, the peg is made bigger than the hole. Unfortunately this makes it difficult to assemble the wings, and if(like me) you are not strong enough to push the peg in all the way, the lower wing will pop out often.
Once assembled, the wings plug into Kuroyukihime’s back(where the stand usually goes). But as you can see in the picture above, there is no need to worry because the wings also have a hole for the figma stand.

The wings are lovely, but are heavy enough to pull Kuroyukihime back a little bit. It’s not enough to mess up the figma, but it is enough to make her appear awkwardly slouched in some poses.

Of course, the wing can be taken off. Removing the gives you better access to Kuroyukihime’s back.
Her hair is jointed and can be posed. I’m not a fan of the way the sculpted it(looks like a pitchfork), but it couldn’t be avoided because of her wings.

Looking at her lower back reveals some nice sculpting on the dress and what appears to be the cloth version of a tramp stamp.

Moving down, we have more of the dress and ruffles.
But perhaps the most noticeable thing is the giant seam line that traverses the entire backside of the dress. Why is there a giant seam?

Because the skirt can be removed! Pulling on the seams reveals several pegs which hold the skirt in place. The skirt then can be completely taken off.

Underneath her skirt, Kuroyukihime has a pair of hard plastic underwear which has little notches on the side. The notches plug into corresponding places inside the skirt which help to keep it on her body. These notches are helpful , but distracting. With this in mind, Max Factory included standard soft PVC underwear so that Kuroyukihime can be displayed without the skirt.
With these new underwear on, and without the skirt, Kuroyukihime looks like this:
Suddenly things got risqué XD

I should add that she never actually looks like this in the anime.

The black and white contrast is nice, but quite honestly she looks like some kind of bondage slave without the skirt.

Bondage Kuroyuki isn’t too different from normal Kuroyuki. My only problem is with the black underwear which are prone to sliding during photoshoots and exposing the figma’s leg attachments which looks strange.

kuroyuki shoes
Without the skirt, her shoes are more visible! The straps are painted very well and look quite nice. They even have a little silver butterfly!

Another benefit of removing the skirt is that is allows Kuroyukihime to be insanely pose able. Now she’s a bondage ballerina!

But what is a figma without accessories?

Kuroyukihime has four pair of hands
kuro hands
Open, relaxed, fists, and hands for holding whatever you can think of!

She also has three faces
kuro faces
Default, peaceful, and embarrassed

The faces express a good range of emotion, but I do find the embarrassed face to be a little unfit for her costume. I would’ve preferred a tsundere face with this outfit.

In addition to the standard figma accessories are character specific accessories.

First is a parasol
The parasol has more purple frills to compliment her dress

and some neat little vines on the handle.

I like the parasol, but it is very heavy for the figma. Having Kuroyukihime hold it in a way that looks natural is a chore.

Since it would be strange to have a parasol out all the time, a closed version is also included
This is what I would display Kuroyukihime with on my shelf, but as soon as I tried to put it in her hand…
The handle broke!
I can always glue the handle back on, but this is a shame. I wasn’t being rough with it at all…

Kuroyukihime’s final accessory is definitely my favorite!
Haruyuki’s avatar!
As I mentioned earlier, this figma represents Kuroyukihime’s school avatar. Well, this pig is the avatar of Arita Haruyuki…the protagonist.

Before meeting Kuroyukihime, Haruyuki was subject to endless bullying. In one instance, his cool avatar was taken and replaced with this pig.

I love the pig, he’s pink and adorable! He has a little curly tail and even comes with his own stand(which is good because he can’t stand by himself).

But I don’t know why you would want to keep Haruyuki on his stand because where he really belongs is in the arms of Kuroyukihime!

Now that we’ve seen everything Kuroyukihime comes with, let’s take her out for a photo shoot!



window sheer

haruyuki flower

haruyuki grass

Final Thoughts
As a figma collector, I am very happy to have Kuroyukihime. As a regular figure collector…not so much. Although a great advancement is the figma line, Kuroyukihime has very low pose ability, and like figma Princess of the Crystal, is extremely cumbersome. Pretty as she is, if it were not for Haruyuki, I would consider selling her. The quality is great, but just because a character can be made into a figma does not mean they should. If you want a neat figma, I’d say go ahead and get her, but if you just want a good figure of Kuroyukihime, I think a nice scale like or Kotobukiya’s or Goodsmile Company’s would suffice.

6 thoughts on “Review: figma Kuroyukihime

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    • I did at first since I like having all versions of a character, but decided not to preorder because she didn’t have much to offer. I was going to pick her up secondhand, but considering that I literally forgot that version existed until you brought her up, I don’t think I’ll be getting her.

      So, no, probably not.


  2. I never watched accel world, but I’m still a fan of kuroyukihime. I’m not sure if I should buy this figure or not. The review was completely fantastic, too. Is she an insanely fragile figma?


    • Accel World was ok. I liked it a lot until they got to the second arc and introduced a character whose whole purpose was just to be hated. He made for some awkward drama that messed up the feel of the show for me.

      I wouldn’t call her fragile…just fiddly. The skirt means she doesn’t have a wide range of poses(unless you remove it of course), and pieces like the wings are susceptible to falling off. Nothing breaks, it just fiddles XD


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