Four Years of Cameras

February marked my third year being a part of this hobby! I remember back in September of 2009 when I bought a rather iffy figure of Edward Elric for twenty dollars at a convention. Although I didn’t invest myself into collecting until a few months later, who’d have known that in three years, I’d own over fifty figures and have spent much much more than twenty dollars…

As funny as it sounds, figure collecting has influenced my life a lot. Not only have figures kept me connected to Japanese culture by introducing me to new music, animes, places, and people, they’ve profoundly increased my interest in photography(which I imagine is the development I will remember even when my figures are long gone).

On that note, I’d like to use this post to look back at my photography along with the different cameras I’ve had. There will even be a little surprise at the end!

Year:Early 2010
Camera: Nintendo DSi
Let’s start with how this all began. Like I said, all I had at the time was a low quality Edward Elric figure, but that was not all I had that was low quality. My beginning camera was none other than a Nintendo DSi. Being a relatively new photographer, the DSi actually suited my needs quite well. Looking back, the photos were grainy and lacked depth, but this little taste of figure photography was what I needed to peak my interest. This was even before I knew about MFC, so all of my pictures were posted to Facebook and DeviantArt, and I’ll always be grateful to those who supported me at that time.

Although I took quite a few pictures of my first three figmas with the DSi, a good deal of them were later deleted from my galleries by me in shame, so I don’t have many left. All that I can find now is this picture of my original Ed figure
This is a good example of my bizarre sense of humor, but I swear there was some better stuff XD.

Year: Later 2010
Camera: Sony Cybershot
Things got a little better with my first real camera. It was an old Sony point and shoot that belonged to my Grandpa which I found somewhere in the house. As nobody was using the camera, I eagerly adopted it for use in my new hobby.

This camera generated better pictures than the DSi and allowed me to document some of my earliest experiences with figures.
This is still one of my favorite pictures.

Most photos taken with this camera are of Tsukasa, Itsuki, Saber, and Len because they were my first four figmas.

True Love

Monkey See Monkey Do
An example of some of the kooky pictures I took back then. I miss that.

Konata and Lilies
Cosplay Konata was my fifth figma and first purchase from Mandarake. I no longer have her though.

Creature of the Black Lagoon
This was my first Picture of the Day on MFC!

This camera was significantly better than the DSi(duh), but a good deal of sharpening and brightening was required. I used this camera for about four months.

Year: 2010-2012
Camera: Olympus SP800UZ

My third camera was a birthday present from my dad. This camera was much better than the Canon and the pictures it took were miles ahead of anything I’d been able to do before. Of course it was a point and shoot, so extra features were limited, but this camera really helped me to improve my skills and ability to judge photo quality. Perhaps my favorite thing about this camera was its macro lens. It had two settings called “Macro” and “Super Macro” which were astonishingly good.

scrambled eggs


wheat warrior

wild kyubey appeared

glistening symphony

I used this camera for a long time, but like the others, it did have its problems. It functioned quite poorly in low light situations and did not work well for photographing anything that moves. The lack of manual settings also limited me severely once I’d mastered the camera. For the last year actually, I’ve been pretty much trapped in a position where I can not advance with my photography.

The solution?

Year: 2013
Camera: Canon Rebel t3i

A brand new camera! This is my first SLR! It has a few automatic functions, but the rest is totally manual. Even the automatic functions are more custom than anything the Olympus allowed.
Although I’ve been taking pictures for years now, using a SLR is a bit of a shock. Having full control over every aspect of a picture is an amazing feeling, but also daunting for a newbie(which is what I suppose I am now).
I’m still trying to get a hang of it, but here are some pictures I have so far:

Still need to work on adjusting the functions properly so the pictures aren’t grainy. Being able to choose the point of focus is great though.

Photos in the window are finally possible!

This camera is awesome! The only problem is that since its an SLR, everything for it is expensive. Since it only came with the default lens, I’m without the miraculous macro capabilities of my old camera. Unfortunately, I’ll have to shell out $300 for a macro lens. Of course I’ll be buying one, but in the mean time, I’ll have to do without. Either way, I’m very happy with this camera, and am looking forward to what it will let me achieve!

And that brings my list of cameras to a close for now. From the DSi to the t3i, I’ve come quite a long way, and my many thanks to all of you who support me! I would not have come this far without you! Stay tuned for February’s loot along with the fifty million reviews I still need to finish…


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