February 2013 Loot

It’s that time again…loot! This month was rather slim, so I was able to use Airmail instead of my usual Registered SAL(which is why I got my loot in early March instead of the end of March).
Speaking of March, the weather is finally warming up! Around December, I begin to really miss green grass and flowers, so seeing such a beautiful day today is really perking me up! The upcoming spring also means that I’ll be graduating soon. Yikes!

Anyway, let’s go ahead and see what there is for February.
I like to call this loot “Usagi has no self control” because both of these items were impulse buys.
Since figma Ultimate Madoka was supposed to come out in February, I decided to add the bag to my order(since apparently I can’t stand to ship anything alone), then when Madoka was delayed, I decided to add the Pureneemo so the bag wouldn’t be lonely. What’s wrong with me?

Of course, just because I didn’t plan to buy these things doesn’t mean I don’t like them. Let’s take a closer look at the bag.
After I missed out on most of the Irisviel von Einzbern(I love Iri) Fate/Zero merchandise, I decided to check amiami regularly for SAO stuff in order to have my pick of all things Kirito. Eventually I came across this cute little bag, and just had to have it.
The bag was only seven dollars, and combines my love of tote bags with one of my favorite anime couples in chibi form. I wasn’t planning on using it much, but it actually makes a cute purse, and I find it a great way to add a touch of anime to my wardrobe.

Next is the more expensive of the impulse buys: my second Pureneemo.
I should know by now that “I’ll only get one” is a vow that’s nearly impossible for a collector to maintain…
Well, it wasn’t entirely an impulse buy.
This doll is Alisa SAHRA’S à la mode from the Nostalgic Story Collection. When the doll went up for order in November (I’d had Caster for a very short time), I was really drawn to her limited counterpart which has light pink hair and a white dress. But since I was new to Pureneemos, I decided to forget about her. Of course I never forgot, and although I ended up abandoning my hopes of having the limited version, I did find the standard blonde version on amiami and snatched her up.

One thing I found difficult with Tamaki(my Caster Pureneemo) was that her bright pink hair and tail make her difficult to dress up and photograph in normal situations. What I like about this new doll is that she has a much more neutral appearance which should give me a lot for freedom to dress and style her as I please.

This new doll is named Alisa by default, but to make her more my own, I’ve decided to name her Kagura. Eventually Kagura will work her way into my stories in the Pureneemo Corner…

Someone is having fun. Kagura’s full outfit is a pain to put on, so I have her in her underclothes for now.

Sisters or mortal enemies?

And that’s all for February’s loot! I’ll be writing a review for Kagura, so there will be a lot more pictures of her then. I’m even planning on making some lovely clothes for her!


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