Figma News Fridays 3/8/13

I knew I was forgetting something…well, better late than never, right?
This week was another uneventful one with only one preorder. We did get to see some samples of another figma being released this month though, so let’s get started!


Miyako Preorders Begin
miyako preview page
The second Hidamari Sketch character to join the figma world is Miyako. Included with Miyako is not only two cheerful faces, but a bowl of rice to make her even happier. Pose Miyako with Yuno for even more joy! Miyako retails for 3048 and will be released in July.

As expected, Miyako’s sculpt is great, but her accessories(and Yuno’s) are very disappointing. A bowl of rice, that’s it? The bowl isn’t even comically large like the nendoroid’s…


Ultimate Madoka Kaname Previewed
Near a figure’s release, we usually get a preview of the sample product along with a confirmation for the release date. Madoka’s preview photos are present, but her exact release date strangely isn’t. Regardless, I doubt that’s a bad sign since we’re still getting preview pictures.



Madoka looks great! I can’t wait to review her!

And that’s all for this week. Do you have Miyako preordered, or are you(like me) waiting for Madoka?


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