Figma News Fridays 2/22/13

Hello, and welcome to Figma News Fridays! Last week I was too sick to write a very elaborate post. Now I feel that better(not 100%, but better), it looks like everyone else in the house has caught the sick bug too! I blame this dreary weather. Please come soon, spring!
At least there are figures to keep things cheery! This week lacked new preorders, but there were some of the usual release announcements along with some new information of figures we saw at Wonderfestival and glorious scans. So let’s get started!


Aegis The Ultimate Ver. Release Date Announced
aegis preview page
Aegis was first meant to be released in December 2012, but was delayed. Her new release date is February 2nd.


Kuroyukihime Accel Assault ver. Released
kuroyuki accel
I meant to order this Kuroyuki, but decided against it since I couldn’t justify the exclusive prices for a figure that I only kind of wanted(although if a certain little piggy was included, I’d change my mind). Besides I have a feeling her price will go down on Mandarake and Amiami preowned.


Nanoha Sacred Mode ver. Released
sacred nanoha preview page


Miyako’s Previewed
miyako scan
Scans! I almost forgot about them! Of course these aren’t super interesting since Wonderfestival wasn’t long ago, but we are getting ideas of what will be going up for order soon. This is Miyako from Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb, and I don’t see much. Hopefully this is just a sample, because the Hidamari figma line is looking rather disappointing. She’s currently scheduled for May.

Fate Testarossa Blaze Form Previewed
fate friday
We’re also getting a look at Fate’s Blaze form. I really do love that white cape on her! Seems she’s planned as July release.

Nanoha Takamachi Excelion Mode and Hayate Yagami Previewed
nanoha friday
Nanoha, her fantastic weapon, and cute face(seriously, that’s the cutest Nanoha face I’ve ever seen) are the main attraction here, but Hayate has her own little corner. Nanoha is scheduled for July and Hayate is labeled for August.

That concludes this week’s Figma News Fridays! I’ll be back next Friday with more figma news!


4 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 2/22/13

  1. Kuroyukihime looks really good! Not an Accel fan but tempted.

    Unrelated question: I’m looking to add a BRS figma to my collection and can’t decide on one (I don’t like Insane mainly cuz of her weird headpiece, which is good since she’s hard to find anyway) – what are the pros and cons of the diff versions? I’ve checked out photos but its hard to tell how good they are in person. Any thoughts?


    • Ooh! That’s a good question!
      Of the BRS figmas released, I have the OVA, game, and anime versions(never got BRSB because I don’t like her outfit, so I can’t tell you anything about that one.)

      OVA BRS is simple classic Black Rock Shooter. She’s in her signature outfit from the music video and has a very straightforward design. Her cannon is a cannon and her jacket is a plain old jacket. Nothing super fancy there. Articulation is great, she also comes with chains(very useful for re-creating the BRS atmosphere), three faces, and the OVA DVD. Another neat thing is the blue gradient in her hair. Parts to be careful with would be her long pigtail(I was always afraid it would get snagged on something and break) and her chest joint which I never had problems with but remember a number of people having theirs break. Her glossy finish is also susceptible to dust/ fingerprints. Another issue is that the cannon is very heavy and a separate stand(which is included) is needed to make it stand upright. I imagine this one is the least expensive.

      Next is BRS 2035 who is based on the PSP game’s design. This on has a more sci-fi futuristic look to it and adds new details to the basic costume. Her hair is not only pointier, but has a fuller sculpt(although the blue gradient OVA BRS had is toned down). She also has a more mature look with a tad bit more emotion and pretty cool eyes. Details like a dog tag, different scars, a new belt, funky shoes, and of course the giant jet things on her back contribute to the figure’s futuristic feel. The figure also employs a combination of matte and glossy finishes which I think provide a better contrast. The figure’s definitive feature is definitely the jets which can either be super cool or super annoying. I didn’t play with mine much, so I tend to find the jets more annoying, especially since I loved the black coattails of the original. The jets look really neat though and are able to be posed at her back. She has two faces(lacks the closed eye face of the original) and no chains, but has a sword and cannon.

      Last is anime BRS who is the newest release. This one returns to the classic BRS design by bringing back the coattails and full gloss finish, but adds some details to sophisticate it. She has a new belt, platform shoes, “V” shapes coattails, and what I call “sleeveception”. She also comes with a shorter cannon which expands and looks awesome. Of the three BRS figmas, her cannon is my favorite, and I was able to get the best poses out of it. Her most definitive feature is the hood which I love because it makes her look instantly cool(here’s a picture of mine I’d say this BRS is the coolest). Downsides would be the return of the glossy coat which is very susceptible to dust and the uninteresting faces(one is looking straight forward and the other is looking to the side. Both look cool, but are kind of boring). She also has a lot of soft PVC. The front of the hood and sides of the jacket are made of soft PVC which looks a little dull next to the glossy plastic. I’ve also noticed the jacket sides lifting up a little bit.

      Of the three, I think OVA BRS and anime BRS are the most comparable with game BRS being in a different category. OVA BRS is great if you want the simplicity of the original along with some of the great bonuses(DVD, chains, and third face) it came with. Game BRS is great if you like her unique design. And anime BRS is a neat update of the original that adds the hood and expandable gun at the expense of the chains and closed eye face. I like them all for their own reasons, but think that anime BRS is the most interesting and has the best extras(mainly the hood).

      I hope that was helpful! Please tell me if you have any other questions! =)


      • Wow, very helpful! Thanks for so much thought and detail.

        Good points about the extras, weapons, finish (glossy v. matte). I’m not a BRS purist so the design doesn’t have to be classic; but knowing that TV BRS has the best cannon is a good sell.

        Is Game BRS smaller than TV BRS? I’m almost wanting that one but not sure if she’ll play well with upcoming TV Black Gold Saw if the scale is different. And then there are those coattails – you’re right, def selling point for TV version, and Game has no coattails! her sweatshirt just kinda ends. I used to think she would look good posed without her jet-pack but apparently her lack of coattails make that look less appealing.

        Well I have a lot to think about. Of course some would say get them all. 🙂

        That’s a fabulous picture you linked to BTW, you got skillz.


        • No problem, I’m happy to help =)

          Nope, all the BRSs are about the same size.
          The lack of coattails is my main gripe with game BRS. The mecha look is cool and all, but I like black coats too much.
          Haha I would say that there are enough differences between Game BRS and TV BRS to justify getting both. Mine are next to each other on the shelf, and I keep TV BRS in her hoodie to differentiate.

          Thank you! That picture is part of a review I’ve been working on…since August. orz I really need to get back on track with these things =_=


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