Figma News Fridays: Wonderfestival 2013 Editon

Figma News Fridays? On a Sunday? That’s right, this is a special edition of Figma News Fridays! As I’m sure many of you know, Wonderfestival was yesterday, and as with every giant figure event, hundreds of new figures were announced. But we’re not here to talk about those figures–we’re looking for figmas, and there sure were a lot of them! In fact we have over thirty new figmas to look at, so let’s get started!

To keep things organized, I’ll be starting with completed figmas(sculpted and painted) and ending with concept figmas(sculpt pending).

spider man
Series: The Amazing Spider Man
Character: Spider Man

We’re kicking things off with a classic character: Spider Man! Figma Spider Man was announced at last year’s Wonderfestival, but hadn’t been seen since, so it’s great to see him already sculpted and painted. I’ve never been into super heroes, so I’ll be passing on him, but I’d like to see his accessories.

Series: Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
Character: Miyako

Joining the Hidamari Sketch figma crew is Miyako who is making her first fully painted debut. She’s awfully cute, but will Miyako have the same disappointingly low number of accessories as Yuno? Only time will tell.

miku lean 2
miku lean
miku sit
Series: Vocaloid
Character: Miku Hatsune

What’s Wonderfestival without Miku? Like Goodsmile Company did with nendoroid Miku, Max Factory has announced an updated version of figma Miku with a brand new sculpt as figma #200! As my main gripe with the previous Miku was her lifeless face, I’m quite excited for this one. Other pictures depict an unpainted Miku sitting and leaning back. I’ll definitely be looking into getting this Miku!

kyoko 3
Series: Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica
Character: Kyoko Sakura

Finally! A figure from my wish list! Kyoko completes the Madoka Magica figma set(hopefully) by appearing in her casual clothing. Thank goodness it’s not a school uniform. It also appears that Kyoko will come equipped with some tasty treats. Another figma I’ll be looking to get my hands on!

Series: Vocaloid
Character: Kaito

After topping the Goodsmile request polls, figma Kaito is finally making his appearance. Kaito is a character that I’ve always thought should have a figma, but never believed would have one. Now that he’s here, I’d say Kaito looks good, although the face seems a little off to me(perhaps they’re trying to avoid the lifeless look?). Kaito is going straight to my wish list, and I can’t wait to see his accessories.

isshiki akane 3
Series: Vividred Operation
Character: Akane Isshiki

Finally a good look at Akane. Although the series doesn’t interest me, Akane is a darn cute figma, and I can’t help but be reminded of the anime version of Nessa from Fractale when I look at her.

isshiki friend
Series: Vividred Operation
Character: Rei Kuroki

The second Vividred Operation figma! She reminds me of Homura Akemi.

Series: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s
Character Hayate Yagami

The second figma of Hayate. She was announced at last year’s Wonderfestival ,and this is the first time we’re seeing her sculpted and painted.

guyver figma
Series: Bio Booster Armor Guyver
Character Guyver I

Seems the figma line is taking a turn towards more classic mechanized character while still keeping a foothold in the ever lucrative moe anime girl division. I don’t mind this as it’s great to see what can be done with the figma series. It’s also great because I can easily pass on all of these figmas.

fate 2nd movie
Series: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s
Character: Fate Testarossa Blaze Form

Yet another Fate figma. I’m amazed there can be so many variations of the same outfit that actually look good.

excelion nanoha
Series: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s
Character: Nanoha Takamachi Excelion Mode

It’s been proven that Fate’s costume is highly versatile, but Nanoha’s is apparently not because this costume bears a strong resemblance to her previous ones. The figma is cute, but it might be difficult to justify purchasing for those who already have the others.

crystal boy
Series: Space Adventure Cobra
Character: Golden Boy

Quite a striking figma. I especially like his transparent underwear.

bruce lee 2
“Character”: Bruce Lee

Our first figma in a while of a real live person!

Series: Berserk
Character: Guts

The third figma of Guts. I like that they all look so different!

armaroid lady
Series: Space Adventure Cobra
Character: Armaroid Lady

A blue lady with no discernible clothing? Looks like she’ll have great articulation!

kilua eeee
Series: HunterXHunter
Character: Killua Zoldyck

Now we’ll be moving on to the sculpted but unpainted prototypes.

strength 3
Series: Black Rock Shooter TV Anime
Character: Strength

A great opportunity for those who missed the OVA version. I’m conflicted since I have the original, but skipped on Deadmaster’s anime version. We’ll have to see how she looks painted.

Series: Dawn of the Dead
Character: Stephen

A character from a Western horror movie? What a surprise! It will be interesting to see how he turns out.

Sawajima Yuuichi
Series: Time Scoop Hunter
Character: Yuuichi Sawajima

Series: The Avengers
Character: Hulk

More Western characters! I wonder how big the Hulk is when compared to figmas from animes…

honda futayo 3
Series: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
Character: Futayo Honda

She looks great! I love those coattails!

El Huracan
Series: Plawres Sanshiro
Character: El Huracan

captain america
Series: The Avengers
Character: Captain America

A Captain America figure designed in Japan and made in China? Awesome.

Series: The Avengers
Character: Thor

The only Avengers figma I’d consider buying. His movie was so cheesy!

iron man
Series: The Avengers
Character: Iron Man

And last but not least, let’s look at the “concept” figmas.

pallet suit
Series: Vividred Operation
Character: Akane Isshiki Pallet Suit

The design for this outfit is much cooler than her standard one, but is it bad that the first thing I thought of was Pallet Town?

Series: Fire Emblem: Kakusei
Character: Marth

All right! Another game character!

racing miku 2013
Series: Goodsmile Racing
Character: Miku Hatsune Racing 2013

Another year, another Racing Miku! I wasn’t able to secure a preorder for last year’s Miku(I’ll get her eventually), but I’d still like to get this one. The new design follows the “Space Princess” trend started by last year’s Racing Miku, and although I like it, I can’t help but miss the cute pit crew look 2010’s Racing Miku had.

Series: The Idolm@aster TV Animation

Looks like I got my wish for more IdolM@aster figmas…sort of. This announcement is for the entire cast of the IdolM@ster anime! It’s not the Cinderella girls like I’d hoped, but this is much better news for fans of the series.

amy    hhhh
Series: Suisei no Gargantia
Character: Amy

Apparently this series hasn’t aired yet, but Amy looks super cute(especially with that chipmunk on her shoulder). I’ll have to check it out!

And that concludes the Wonderfestival 2013 figma coverage! It looks like I wasn’t too successful with my wish list this year. I was especially surprised by the small amount of Sword Art Online merchandise at the event! Regardless there are still a few figmas I’m planning to get like: Kyoko, Miku, and Kaito along with Goodsmile’s scaled Tsukihi Araragi and Phat’s new Caster. So what did you think of Wonderfestival this time? Any figmas you just have to have or are did other figures catch your eye?


2 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays: Wonderfestival 2013 Editon

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  2. The Kaito and Miku look amazing…certainly at the top of the list for me. The new Racing Miku’s design is really lovely, but I’m curious how it’ll look sculpted.


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