Figma News Fridays 2/8/13

Figma news on Friday–Figma News Fridays! A week that began with disappointment for many as Goodsmile Company updated with their usual slew of delay announcements, but the end of the week is charged with excitement as Wonfes approaches! What new figures will we see at Wonfes? Will it be something from my wishlist or something totally unexpected? We won’t know until Sunday, but companies have graciously provided us with teasers in the mean time. So let’s get started!


Labrys Delayed
It’s been a while since we’ve seen Labrys. And it looks like it’ll be even longer until we see her again because Labrys has been delayed from February to April. That’s one long delay!

Mami Tomoe Uniform version Delayed
mami preview page
Mami was scheduled for March, but is now delayed to April. A strange announcement since it’s only February. At least they let us know ahead of time…

Ultimate Madoka Delayed

If you ordered Mami and thought you were off the hook for March, never mind because Ultimate Madoka has been delayed as well. Quite unfortunate in my case since Madoka has now made my March more expensive. Then again, she gave me extra money this month to buy something I’ve had my eye on, so I shouldn’t complain.


Crystal Boy Announced

Ah~ the glorious teasers. At first glance, it may appear that Max Factory is releasing an Academy Award figma, but no, this is Crystal Boy from Space Adventure Cobra! We’ll be seeing the rest of him as Wonfes.

Isshiki Akane Announced

Max Factory’s other teaser comes pixelated to oblivion, but is thankfully still recognizable as Isskiki Akane from Vivired Operation. A pantless pigtailed loli? How could she not get a bunch of figures? We’ll be seeing Akane clearly this Sunday.

And that’s all for this week! I’ll see you again Sunday night for a special Wonderfestival editon of Figma News Fridays!


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