Review: Figma Karen Araragi

*Gasp* A review? That’s right, I’m getting back to conquering my review pile! Writing reviews doesn’t take that long actually(about two hours to type), what holds me up is the pictures! Some reviews have been waiting for months just because I haven’t gotten to do the fun photos at the end yet. Sigh~ Either way, today the pile will be whittled down a little by figma Karen Araragi by Max Factory!

Karen is the justice-seeking younger sister of Koyomi Araragi in the popular “Monogatari” series. She and her sister Tsukihi are known as the Fire Sisters and are lead characters in Nisemonogatari(they appear briefly in Bakemonogatari as well). Like her clothing suggests, Karen is extremely athletic and is even capable of carrying her older brother on her shoulders.

Karen and Tsukihi were announced last Wonderfestival, and although I’m by no means a set completionist, I decided to buy them both just because I knew the series they’re from(it’s hard to explain some purchases…). Now that I’m familiar with the characters, I can say that Tsukihi is my favorite of the sisters, but having Karen isn’t so bad since it’s nice having the whole Araragi family. Quite honestly, a lot of Monogatari figmas make it into my collection because of how thoroughly pleased I was with Arararagi and Hachikuji. That being said, I have no extreme affection for the character, so let’s see if she can win my heart based on aesthetics!

The box is covered in a honeycomb pattern with little bees and puffs of colored smoke. This design is an excellent representation of Karen’s opening from the anime and I love it! I’m sure this design will stick out nicely on a shelf, and just by looking at it I can hear Marshmallow Justice.

Karen herself is wearing her signature tracksuit.

Mustard yellow isn’t a color you see often on figures…I like it!


Karen’s ponytail sculpt portrays the wacky style of Nisemonogatari quite well.

A joint on the ponytail.

Sculpted wrinkles add realistic flair to her shirt.

The stripe on her jacket is applied cleanly.


Her torso and shorts are soft PVC while the sleeves are hard.

The fried egg is Karen and Tsukihi’s symbol. Both have a clear coating on them making them resemble real eggs.

There aren’t many female figmas with shorts, and baggy ones like these are even less common. Karen’s are constructed like Len Kagamine’s– soft PVC draped over an underlying layer which is part of her legs. It gives them the desired bulky look without you having to worry about the plastic distorting.

I’d say Karen’s outfit translated well into figure form with the exception of her…butt. I suppose the diaper butt is standard with figmas in long shorts or pants, but it undeniably diminishes the figure’s attractiveness from behind.

Finally a figma with interesting shoes! Karen is sporting a cool pair of red sneakers with maroon socks.

They even went so far as to add patterns to the bottoms! I love this kind of attention to detail!

Of course no figma is a figma without a generous selection of optional parts! Being the expressive girl she is, Karen comes with three faces:
Standard, winking, and angry.
Karen’s standard face isn’t bland, her cheerful wink expresses her competitive athleticism, and her angry yell adds some much appreciated variety. I suppose the only other face I could’ve wanted would be a guilty blush(for Arararagi of course), but these three work nicely.

To accentuate Karen’s facial variety is a plethora of interchangeable hands.
Fists, open hands, clutching hands
a hand to compliment her wink, hands to allow her to link with Tsukihi, and gripping hands so she can hold whatever you can think of!

In addition to Karen’s standard accessories are her character specific accessories.

First is an alternate pair of feet so she can wear socks instead of shoes.
Had some trouble getting the other shoe off…

The socks are attached by pulling off Karen’s shoes to reveal a peg. The socks then slip onto the peg.

Next is an alternate head which allows Karen to have short hair.
short hair
The back head piece is different, but her bangs are shared with the long haired head.
I prefer Karen’s ponytail…

The final accessory is pretty awesome. It’s an effect part that makes it look like Karen is beating the tar out of her brother.
Sonic Boom!

The effect part consists of three clear pieces of plastic(a long part and two explosions). It connects into Arararagi’s back and will also fit into the backs of other figmas, essentially allowing you to pose any of your figmas getting a beat down.
The parts fit snugly, but I’d advise being careful with them once they’re put together. I dropped mine and noticed cracks afterwards.

All right! Now for the fun part! Let’s see what fun we can have with Karen!

rug 2
Practicing my black and white

rug three

Final Words
Objectively Karen is a solid release. She has decent(although not spectacular, where’s my toothbrush?) accessories, identifiable clothing, and a good sculpt.
Subjectively I’m not wowed by her. Like I mentioned before, Karen is not my favorite character, so I’m not thrilled to own her figma. However I do believe that her playability will increase when paired with her sister Tsukihi–who’s review will be next. Until then, I’d recommend this figma to fans of Karen or the Monogatari series.

By the way, this is my first review of 2013! Woohoo!


8 thoughts on “Review: Figma Karen Araragi

  1. Thanks for your review! I have recently bought some random figures including Hitagi, although I’ve not read or watched Monogatari at all. She impressed me so much I wanted to get Koyomi, and now from reading this review, I want to get the whole Araragi ensemble now.


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  3. I have a question about the picture below “The final accessory is pretty awesome. It’s an effect part that makes it look like Karen is beating the tar out of her brother.”

    For the stand, where do you get the part that holds on to Araragi Koyomi’s right leg? Does it come with the Araragi Koyomi figma or is it sold separatly because I’m thinking of getting Koyomi since I have Karen already?


    • That clip part came with one of my Black Rock Shooter figmas. It’s used to hold the cannon. The official pictures use the same part, but it unfortunately doesn’t come with either Araragi. I used it in that picture to hold up Koyomi, but you could just bend a figma stand and prop him up with it if you don’t have the clip.
      Regardless I’d recommend picking up Koyomi if you’re interested in him. He’s one of my favorite figmas!


      • Thanks to your quick and speedy respond, I personally want to get Koyomi for his facial expression and also to complete the Araragi family XD. I learned a lot from here. Thank you once again.


        • No problem! You happened to catch me while typing another post ^^’
          Facial expressions were my initial reason for getting Koyomi, but I’ve grown to love him even more over time(he’s a great victim)!


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